Xie Na has been depressed in the second feta, Zhang Jie fell from the lift, Xie Na suddenly awake

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Xie Na has been depressed in the second feta, Zhang Jie fell from the lift, Xie Na suddenly awake

2022-01-25 18:02:31 32 ℃

Preface: Mango TV Reality Show "Friends, please listen to 2" on January 25, 2022, Xie Na talked about "postpartum depression" in the show. Xie Na said that after the birth of the second child, I was frustrated in the past, and I got depression.

Xie Na lives a child without depression, and the second child is depressed. Xie Na feels that he is a happy person, and he is not willing to face this. Until Zhang Jie was accidentally awake after the concert was accidentally injured due to the accidental failure of the lift, Xie Na was suddenly awake, and she started to adjust her mentality, and slowly got out of depression.

Zhang Jie was injured, it was indeed very horrible. It was on October 16 last year, Zhang Jie held a concert in Suzhou. The concert has just begun, there are netizens exposed a video of "Zhang Jie from the lifting platform". Non-famous entertainment people Wu Qingmeng pointed out: in the video, the lifting platform suddenly landed, Zhang Jie felt, and the visual inspection should land at least one meter.

After Zhang Jie fell, he immediately stood up and continued to sing this song. I thought Zhang Jie didn't have a big thing, but later found: Zhang Jie's right hand is bleeding. It seems that Zhang Jie fell this very serious, but because he usually fitness, it was a child, so that the audience missed a big thing.

After sang this song, Zhang Jie simply handled the wound in the background and then opened the entire concert. It is more than 3 hours to say that Zhang Jie is hurt and sing again, and finally go to the hospital for examination. Xie Na and 2 children were also on the scene, they were definitely scared, and several senior singers were died because of the stage accident.

The next day, Xie Na was said that the twin daughter saw Zhang Jie's concert for the first time. After the concert, Xie Na accompanied Zhang Jie to the hospital sewing needle, Zhang Jie said in the first sentence: "Jumping is not very stunned?" Xie Na said: "At that time, you should be suspended, everyone will understand you." Zhang Jie Say: "Waiting for two years, I don't want to suspend."

Before Zhang Jie was injured, Xie Na has always rely on Zhang Jie, and believes that there is Zhang Jiede. After Zhang Jie was injured, Xie Na realized that he couldn't go so much, to stand up and face life, can't put the burden of life in Zhang Jie, so her depression is slow.

Xie Na got a depression, and it should be related to the "Happy Camp". The last phase of "Happy Camp" was broadcast on October 2 last year. This program was temporarily canceled on October 9. Xie Na will definitely know the news: "Happy Camp" is to be rectified. Therefore, Xie Na is equivalent to being hit by doubles: there is both postpartum depression, and there is a risk of unemployment.

Discussion: Do you think of postpartum depression and unemployment risk, which one is bigger to Xie Na?