Only 3 months, the gap between "Happy Family" is so big.

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Only 3 months, the gap between "Happy Family" is so big.

2022-01-26 00:04:21 36 ℃

There is no banquet in the world, there is no longer lasting program.

The "Happy Camp" stopped, the dissolution of the happy family, but also in accordance with this law.

Who can I expect, "Happy Camp", but become a "photo mirror" of a happy family member.

On October 9, 2021, "Happy Camp" announced that the upgrade revision, the last phase of the program stayed on September 25, 2021. This evergreen vine program accompanied by the audience, completely crafted, and the happy family also did not expect as the program's stop.

From the announcement of the revision, it has been three months. However, in just three months, the gap between the five members of the happy family is slowly pulled out.

From the respective development of these three months, he has almost no change, and there is no "Happy Camp" to host the new show "Hello Saturday".

Other evenings, such as the New Year's Eve, Hunan Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala, he is always presided over, still is that teacher who leads a group of young hosts to accompany the audience.

Respected, there are many resources, the name of the "Happy Camp" is quite small. Although the broadcast of "Hello Saturday" brings a certain dispute, the ratings and discussion is not as "happy book", but the viewing of this program has been tallback.

There is a trend of rising, there is a hope to continue to do it, and if you can accompany the audience more than 20 years like "Happy Camp", wait and see.

In addition to He Wei, Xie Na's impact is also small.

With the super high visibility, as well as the influence, there is more than one million fan, even if she left the "Happy Camp" stage, she also has many variety show and party to participate, at all.

Therefore, after the program stopped, she participated in the "Fourth Season of the Show Show", and also joined the Hunan Satellite TV New Year's concert, and singed to the new song "Small Kite" in the scene.

Whether it is exposure, or a resource chance, Xie Na has no affected because of the "Happy Camp".

Not only the influence, but also more attention, after the release of her new song "Small Kite", directly accepted the new Asian new song list, after a red female singer's addiction.

Although she can continue to remain in a fixed program, she hosted the important party of Hunan Satellite TV, but she did not lack the stage.

After the "Happy Camp" was broadcast, she joined the Spring Festival Gala in Oriental TV.

Non-exposure, no chance, visible, Xie Na's popularity, and her influence. It can also be seen that "Happy Base Camp" is quite small impact on He Wei or Xie Na.

Today, the happy family has been dissolved for three months, and the members who have been all busy, but even if the show is scattered, He Wei and Xie Na friend are still there.

After "Happy Camp", they once again connected their hands to partner. "Friends, please listen to the" second season, tacit understanding is not full of discord. He Wei still takes care of Xie Na like a big brother, helping her to fly the box, help her round, listen to each other's voice.

In the show, Xie Na is sentenced to have a mild postpartial depression after the second child, and it is very depressed, often crying because of a little thing.

Until the top of the home, Zhang Jie was injured in the stage accident. She realized that she couldn't be so frustrated, so I slowly walked out the shadow.

As a friend, listening to her story, just like private chat is very warm. Similarly, He Wei also said his distress in the show.

He said not to praise, but it is precisely because he loves to praise his friends, and let the audience feel fake, this leads to everyone's later conversation becomes careful, and I am afraid to bring trouble to my friends, giving yourself unnecessary Make complaints.

He Wei tells his distress, in fact, it is also a question of netizens to question his "old good people". He once used it because Ouyang Na will play by the netizens, and Ouyang Na is also labeled.

Xie Na and He Wei spent the thing that he had encountered, this picture is very warm, as if it returns to "Happy Family", cry together, laugh together.

The "Happy Camp" stopped, the dissolution of the happy family did not affect the friendship and tacit understanding of Xie Na and He Wei. "Friends, please listen to the two" friends, please listen to it "again, still warm and cheerful.

But someone is happy, "Happy Base Camp" is broadcast, Wu Hao, Du Haitao, Li Weijia's three people's exposure is greatly reduced, and the gap between He Wei Xie Na gradually opened.

Since the "Happy Base Camp", Wu Hao has only participated in two programs, one is a superb plan for the detective college, one is the Hunan Satellite TV New Year's party, and sang a song with Jike Yiyi at the party.

Since then, she rarely appears in the show, and the dynamic content of the social account will stay in New Year's Day.

Compared to Wu Hao, Du Haitao also belongs to the "semi-hidden" state.

His work stays in the host 2021 Hunan Satellite TV "Mid-Autumn Night", which is the "Happy Camp" announced before rectification.

After rectification, he rarely appeared in the public's field of view, the program is quite small, the exposure is small, and even almost unsolved with girlfriend Shen Meng Chen.

After "Happy Base Camp" directly into a new program "Hello Saturday", Du Haitao bubbles in personal social accounts. But it is just to promote the programs of Hunan Satellite TV, "We will go forward", and this program is not his.

Of course, to say "stealth", Wu Hao and Du Haitao are more than Li Weijia. Since the "Happy Base Camp", he did not publicly appeared, the "Bull's full brother" was only recorded before, and he himself seems to be "disappeared", and the personal social account is also in the stop state. .

In just three months, He Wei's work has not been affected. Xie Na is still an old, and the two can continue to work together after rectification.

But Wu Hao, Du Haitao, Li Weijia, who lost the focus of the work after losing the "Happy Camp", and did not know how to adjust themselves for a moment, how to put it into another new job.

Only three months, the gap between the happy family is so big, and these three months are also proved that the platform is importance to the artists.

As Guo Degang said, the platform is an accelerator that allows a person to be famous, and take less. Nowadays, there is a lot of drinks, Du Haitao, Li Weijia, lost the "iron rice bowl", just like lost a summary tool.

Who can think of the "Happy Base Camp", can become a happy family member of the "beautiful mirror"? People with fever have fans in the event of the opportunity and the stage, and some people will greatly reduce exposure as the program is broadcast, thus fades out of the audience's field of view.

But this can not blame the show, but the monster is too much for their own dispute.

Just like Du Haitao, these years can give yourself trouble, not to give Korean idols, is the endorsement of online investment platform, and even the hot pot restaurant is not operated without obtaining the food business license.

A negative news of a time, let him fall in the audience 's image.

Why is Li Weijia, a "semi-hidden"?

After receiving the gift wind wave, there is a problem with the milk tea store that is exposed and is blocked by multiple joys, and the influence is bad.

Although Wu Hao did not have so much negative news, but because of the weak people who did not coordinate singing running in the "Happy Camp", the image of the audience was in the heart of the audience.

All in all, after the "relying on the mountain" disappeared, several happy families.

He Wei and Xie Na have again cooperated with tacit understanding, and the remaining three hosts also need to re-find new work to increase exposure. Without "Happy Base Camp", the eagle of wings was broken.