Orange Evening News / Song Zhiya released the apology video; the grandchildren, Li Quchi, announced the marriage;

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Orange Evening News / Song Zhiya released the apology video; the grandchildren, Li Quchi, announced the marriage;

2022-01-26 00:05:12 51 ℃

The police informed "When the mother of the mother" drama group caused the death facts to death.

Two months,

"Muse" event finally has a result ...

Last year, netizens questioned "The Mother" 32nd episode 32,

Suspectedly there is a true cat poisoned dead fragment ↓

Bring a comparison video for this crew,

The blood of the cat mouth is edible plasma + syrup.

And the picture of the cat "struggles",

It is the premise that the staff will not be injured.

Use the rope traction of the leg to achieve the effect of struggle.

A static screenshot in the dynamic picture in the drama,

To show the effect of kitten death.

But the question is still not reduced,

The final crew chose to report.

On January 24, Zhejiang Dongyang City Public Security Bureau issued a notification ▼

Notification is a police investigation,

The crew is not established by the fact that the death of cat death is not established.

The suspect involved is arrested according to law.

晙 晙 晙 Yoshi diagnosed new crown

According to Korean media reports,

Ikon- 晙 晙 and treasure-yoshi infected new crown ▼

Its company YG Entertainment means that it is negative in the PCR inspection of the 22nd. There is a slight cold symptom in 24 days, followed by review, 25 days of confirmed infection. "

And for Treasure-Yoshi, which is preparing to return on February 15,

YG Entertainment, "Yoshi confirmed the positive results of new crown PCR detection today, and it is expected to be treated with home isolation and at home."

Both people have vaccinated new crown virus vaccines.

Current health is in good health.

I hope two as soon as possible! !

Song Zhiya release an apology video

On the 25th, Song Zhiya released an apology video ▼ to the fake style

The previous item is because it is good to buy,

But I gradually became vanity.

I am very sorry, I regret it.

I hope to stop the accusation of my family.

Will transfer all accounts into non-public states,

And continue to reflect.

What do you think about Song Zhiya's apology?

Grandland, Li Quchi, marriage

Today, the grandchildren announced that it will marry the caliper slide. ▼

The wedding of the two will be held somewhere in Seoul on May 13.

However, it is held by new crown instead of public.

It is understood that the grandchildren made a relationship with Li Quchi in December last year.

In addition, the grandchildren also convey their good news from the fans through INS.

She said in hand writing "" I have a person who wants to spend a lifetime. I will become the most authentic appearance with him, and I will laugh with him. May I will tell me with this in May. What people get married. "

Once the one who was married by her mother, the grandchildren,

Today, you have to enter the marriage hall ~

Congratulations to Ou Ni! ! Be happy ~

The title of "there is you in this life" is here.

It's really worth you!

This is the legendary "soil to the extreme,"? "

"The wife is kissed to be proud, and there is still a woman" ↓

"The wife is crying and less is soft." ↓

"Whether it is cold, wife, is being taken" ↓

"Find the child to find a child is a biological"

Laugh does not live home! ! !

What is the title of how many romance novels? !

It is true that the drama is revealed by the dog's blood love atmosphere.

However, it is really going to the dog.

I was taken in the lack of Liao! !

Table Network Spring Festival Evening

Come to a button Get √cctv network Spring Festival Evening wonderful program ↓

Fully fits the "Youth Exactly When igniting the New" Slogan ~

Sitting at 8 o'clock tonight, CCTV Xiaowei Spring is late! ! !

Film and television drama

芯 马展 鸿 双 黑 好 好 带 ▼ ▼

After being learned to know Ma Shihong,

Proactive requirements help Ma Shihong,

Good guys, this revenge squad is formally set up! !

And this relationship is also upgraded from the couple to a partner?

However, the wave operation in the two is really strong,

Killing is not too strong! ! !

But ... always feelings will not be so simple

I really want to know what the purpose of the crack is?

Sitting together, "Family Glory" is updated! ! !

Cui Xiongzhen is in love daily sweet ▼

Don't take orange! !

Cat cat dog is true! !

The difference between the two people should not be too comfortable ~

Work together on the sofa,

have a meal together,

Painting together,

Watch TV together,

SOS these interactions is the love of the little couple! ! !

Full screen pink bubble! ! !

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