Chen Xiaochun is a play that is encountered!8-year-old Jasper straight down his father's shoulder, was turned by his parents

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Chen Xiaochun is a play that is encountered!8-year-old Jasper straight down his father's shoulder, was turned by his parents

2022-01-26 00:04:43 31 ℃

Recently, some netizens have encountered Chen Xiaochun to play a child in Global Studios. I saw Jasper in a black down jacket with a parent with parents. It is worth noting that it should be a big red circle in a bright silver down jacket, and wear a pair of white boots, this body is very bright.

In the blink of an eye, the three came to a staff member who played Transformers, and saw the 8-year-old Jasper height against Chen Xiaochun's shoulder. Since the staff's clothing looks a little dangerous, Chen Xiaochun took hands to pull the Jasper hat, but Jasper did not move, and should take the next to the Jasper's hat and hugged him into his arms.

I saw that when I exchanged the staff of the transformer, Chen Xiaomun was in a game with the transformed King Kong, and Jasper hands held a boxing of the staff and shakes his hand. It is very polite to make a good year, and the same action should be made in the distance. Then the three turned to the rear, worship, with a brilliant smile on his face, look very happy.

In this regard, there are many netizens commented that "the teacher's tutor is really very good. I have been pulling Xiao Xiao, I don't want to be too close to NPC. I didn't because it was a star." I thought it was afraid of the paw. I hurt Jasper? "" I looked at the hands and waved. "It seems that everyone is very concerned about the education of Jasper's education.

Not long ago, netizens took out photos of Jasper in Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. In the photo, Jasper wears a black down jacket with blue sports pants, carrying a book, a man standing in the same place. It is not difficult to see that he is not difficult to see the eyes of Chen Xiaochun and should pick him with him, and the well-behaved appearance is very pleasant.

It should be made in the near future, Jasper's video of the Swimming pool is also added. Jasper, Jasper, a cool black sunglasses stationed in the pool, and changed the image of "small bell peppers" in the past. However, he lies in the chair to raise his hands happy to play in the chair, or you will sleep in love.

It should also get a four-port cartoon to celebrate the festival. In the past year, she took the big head of her family in the picture full of oranges and fish, and the new year is more than a year. Four people different expressions and status are unveiled in the same painting and even a full warm, and the family atmosphere also infects a netizen.

It is a "model couple" in the entertainment circle for more than a decade in the feelings of the entertainment circle. Their two sons are well-behaved, and a family of four is also very interesting everyday, and bless them to live in a happy life.