What is Lin Yilian's lyrics of "ask"?For the feelings, women are most likely to be deep

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What is Lin Yilian's lyrics of "ask"?For the feelings, women are most likely to be deep

2022-01-26 00:05:42 46 ℃

"Ask" is a music work that Li Zongsheng's words, composers, and Lin Yilian in 2006.

This is a woman's self-analysis and a touching touch. Li Zongsheng's word, can always resonate, the lyrics are not long, but a word, the woman treats love is really deeply expressed.

Lin Yilian's sing is very emotional, do not need to be torn with the heart of the lungs, but put the inner fine and slowly, like it is self-satisfied, but it is like a answer.

The following is Lin Yilian, "ask" lyrics:

Who makes you heart, who makes you heartache, who will make you occasionally want to hold her in his arms.

Who cares about your dream, who said that your mind will understand, who is touched by you.

If a woman is always waiting to arrive at night, there is no regret to pay youth, she will be true to you.

Whether a woman, never ask more, she is best forever, people who love her.

A brief analysis of songs: The whole song is a "woman" as a "woman", and the sweetness in love is sweet. The people who have a heart, it is also a person who is heartbroken, love is very wonderful, it makes you joy, let you worry.

When you enter this feelings, can you get the response?

When you have no regrets, how much is it.

Just a woman is easy to go, always sleep, finally getting more and more deep: this is to pure to really feelings, is also a kind of helplessness.

Emotional things, can't force, those who have no points, weaving into a memories.

I thought of Xue Zhiqian's "", the people who have paid out, talking about the experience, abandoning unfortunately, food and tasteless.

But a lot of this situation, let you help.

For love, women are the easiest to love, cherish a feeling.