Chen Pis taking his son to a new year video!Push your child out of the door, a pair of shoes on the foot

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Chen Pis taking his son to a new year video!Push your child out of the door, a pair of shoes on the foot

2022-01-26 00:04:29 24 ℃

Recently, Chen Pus released a new year's video of his son on a personal social platform, and his own way of playing and playing, don't smirking a happy New Year. " In the video, the father and son dressed up very festive, and finally, the expression movement of the audience sent a blessing like a copy paste, the two people were very love.

Chen Pis wore a light blue Tang, with a big red scarf on his neck, and he stood in the door early waiting for his son to go home. Chen Pus saw Chen Dupu and greeted the enthusiasm of his face and smiled.

Chen Pus saw Chen Dai's empty hand came in and reached out to meet his son's hand and stopped in half, and his face was slightly difficult to ask Chen Dai. Leaving, Chen Duyu quickly called him to explain his own empty-handed reasons.

Chen Daiyu listed the new year shellally brought, and the total price was "250 yuan" and said "Two Fiveth, turn you". At this time, Chen Peis roar "You is enough for two hundred and five", but also put his son to help the hand on his arm.

Chen Pis finally did not hold back the "anger", and the ribbon said to the door. Chen Dawei is not willing to shouting Dad looking forward to Chen Pus to open the net, put his son, Chen Pus is still just now Everything is angry, and when I turned, my eyes also flashed faintly angry.

It is worth noting that Chen Pus is particularly good, and after the son took out a box of yoghurt, he made him into the door. At this time, Chen Dai, began to ask Dad to ask him to want to eat a series of food, he learned that Chen Pus didn't do it. Directly to grab your dad's mobile phone, the two instantly play in your living room.

However, it is clear that this is only a segment of Chen Pus, and the two often publish works on the individual social platform. Although every paragraph is daily trivial matter, but there is a warmth between the children, the two is naturally interesting, and the map is also the daily life of most of the father and son in life. If this is the reason why they have a successful success. .

Chen Dai is a famous drama actor. His success is also inseparable from the strong support of his father and teachings from a small. Chen Dupu was warned by his father. This is something that every father will do for the son, which can also feel the love of Chen Pes to his son.

Chen Dupu did not live up to Chen Pus's hope. After studying abroad, he followed his father to start his own performance career. In 2014, he could bounce the play of the drama. Subsequently, it was even more than 200 consecutive drama, and even photographed micro movies. Sure enough, he didn't have a dog.

Nowadays, Chen Dai will accompany his father at home. The two will shoot a variety of small shorts to bring laughter to the audience. Every time Chen Pus is a look of happiness. I wish Chen Pus to be healthy, and I hope that Chen Dai's career has more on the first floor.