Yang Zi Kaishi "Solu" short video, netizens leave a message: wife, little monkey's emotional intelligence is particularly high

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Yang Zi Kaishi "Solu" short video, netizens leave a message: wife, little monkey's emotional intelligence is particularly high

2022-05-14 12:06:28 18 ℃

On May 13, actress Yang Zi posted a paragraph video on social media and wrote the text: I think this time I followed the shoot.

In the video, Yang Zi dyed a brown -yellow hair, the hairstyle of the air bangs, and the wool roll bangs is simply the gospel of lazy people. She was wearing a pair of glittering earrings, and the cherry -colored lipstick looked fair skin and looked good. Her mouth -shaped sang Eason Chan's "The Dallest", and it was also accompanied by the child's voice, cute to explosive. It seemed that she was in a good mood.

It's too hard to get off work at this point. Exquisite girls are best to live, and they can see that Yang Zi attaches great importance to the ritual of life.

He said that Yang Zi was 29 years old, and he really couldn't see it at all. I don't know if it was "eating preservatives."

Netizens commented under the video to call his wife, and this time netizens are not easy to bring. In the end, Yang Zi will marry who will not say that you will be too much to call his wife directly. Yang Zi belongs to everyone.

In the past, Yang Zi was particularly busy in filming and always delayed the class. The teacher gave her a small stove. Although the academic performance is average, the emotional intelligence of the little monkey is quite high.

Yang Zi was ridiculed who Xiao Zhan and Li Xian liked. Yang Zi replied, "Everyone is a good buddy, both like them, and adults do not make choices."

Yang Zi was accused of "Wangfu" physique. Yang Zi replied: "No, I just cooperate with very good actors."

I have to say that Yang Zi's answer has resolved some crisis well. In the entertainment industry, it has been mistaken for his own future.

"Children" has a solid foundation in Yang Zi's acting career. Fifteen years ago, a "family has children" swept the country.

For fans, Yang Zi began with personality, respecting talents, in line with face value, and has been kind for a long time, and finally character.

The loyal and honest personality can be loved by most people. The face value, temperament, and figure are quite satisfactory, but there are acting blessings, which can be said to be a beautiful watch.

Yang Zi is a love acting, acting seriously, closer to ordinary audiences. Yang Zi is very grounded and does not set up a star's shelf. She is more kind to fans, even if she is the least friendly report, she has not said that she has played big names, and there is no shelf with big -name stars. Getting along well with friends, especially with his old partner Zhang Yishan, they have a very iron relationship.

I hope Yang Zi can find those who love her in the future.