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Inside the male lead, the female lead

2022-05-14 12:06:34 16 ℃

I started watching the "Daming Dynasty 1566" that I started at noon the day before yesterday.

The meaning is still all ... too strong.

I brushed it at 1.5 and 2 times at first, but then I couldn't keep up with my head, and slowly looked at it with a speed of 1 times ...

This magic drama must be recommended to everyone. The officialdom, workplace, and people's hearts are outrageous.

Last time I said that I was watching this drama, many people recommended me to watch some of the UP master's commentary on station B. I found a lot of things that had been found.

Regarding self -media.

In fact, it is not difficult to do self -media. You do n’t need you to do anything. As long as you can, you can watch the drama. If you can see the potential meaning behind a frame, you can do it.

There are a lot of specifically explained the UP owner of this TV series, and they are all big V with tens of thousands of powder.

I suddenly thought of the scene in a TV series: Yan Song wrote to Hu Zongxian and told him that the pirates had to be, but they could not be fully bleed.

The meaning behind it is that as long as the pirates are in one day, you can have the value and significance of one day. If you will not fall, Yan Song will not die.

This sentence uses Fan Ye's words: cunning rabbits die, walking dog cooking; flying birds, good bow hiding.

In the workplace, if you are the head of a project, you have to solve some problems in the project. Some problems left, you have to keep it slowly and consume it slowly. As long as the problem is, you are safe.

I emphasize my identity here, and it is necessary to be eligible for the project to plan like this. Generally, there are not many more engineers and managers, and one less.

So why do you sometimes be solved first, or even wait until the small becomes bigger and light ...

At this point, you can understand it, and you do n’t understand if you do n’t understand.

Most people can't afford to play this thing. I must be tender.

Then exaggerate the dog, this is the key task today.

The lamp of the study was broken.

I said, spending 80 yuan to ask for the property or on -site workers on 58 to help repair it; if you don't spend 200 yuan, buy a new light for installation on Taobao.

Dogs said, no, just buy a lamp with 40 yuan on Taobao, we change it ourselves.

I am not convinced, but I ca n’t stun the dog.

On the first night, the ladder climbed the table and removed the bad lights before. The dog went on Taobao to place an order.

Wait for express delivery the next day and the third day.

On the fourth day, that is, yesterday, the express arrived.

In the afternoon, I would like to try it out first, and found a big problem. The lanterns that I was removed by me couldn't go back. Previously, the master installed the lights and drilled with the screws. I had a small screwdriver on my hand. There was any ability to twist the screws into the concrete floor surface.

After a try, I failed, and then I was a little man, and in WeChat, I was ridiculed to the dog who was still at work:

The special meow's disassembling light took an hour, and it took another few hours to install the lights. The time cost was one hundred;

Tell you that you can't do it. Professional things have to be given to the professional. What kind of lively do we make up;

Obviously things that can be solved by up to 200 yuan, I have to do it myself, which makes me unable to work and study for 3 days. I can only watch the drama;

I have a neck pain, back pain, hand pain, and I have fallen several times in the pretending of this breaking stuff, as evil ...

The dog didn't return anything, so she said she came.

Then she came back, raised the ladder, I helped it on the side, got it for about 20 minutes, and it was okay ...

Ann ... Okay ....

She stabbed the screws back to the previous hole ... This method is theoretically feasible, because it is a threaded screw, as long as the original hole is found, it is really screwing back. The room was not light and too dark, and after a long time, I couldn't find it. Later, I had to give up.

The dog is clever, first get a needle line positioning, then quickly find the original hole, and then draw the line of the line of the line.

Hmm ... it's done.

Dogs are quite comforting people. "This thing really needs two people to do it. One person can't see it. Today, you have half of your credit contribution."

Half ... I have half of me on the military chapter.

Well, that's it, I recognize, our family is now the male lead, the female lead, when I think about how to have a child, then everything is reasonable.

This Saturday, everyone will take a good rest, we will see tomorrow.