Yang Zihan took a photo of his father and daughter, and 19 -year -old Yang Hai Run had both talents. He looked like a biological mother Tao Hong

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Yang Zihan took a photo of his father and daughter, and 19 -year -old Yang Hai Run had both talents. He looked like a biological mother Tao Hong

2022-05-14 12:06:39 16 ℃

Yang Zi, president and actor of the 46 -year -old Juli Group, has been married to Huang Shengyi, a 7 -year -old "Star Girl" in 2007, and the two have survived a period of public opinion disputes and finally ushered in a happy and sweet life! Since entering the wealthy family for 15 years, Huang Shengyi gave birth to two sons for her husband Yang Zi, namely the eldest son Andy and the young son Yang Anlin (Anlin).

In fact, in addition to the two sons under Yang Zi, there is also a big daughter named Yang Hairun and 19 years old. It is her ex -wife Tao Hong (non -actor Tao Hong). At more than two o'clock in the morning on May 13th, Yang Zi rarely shared a set of recent photos of his daughter on his personal short video platform, and wrote the text, "My daughter gave my bracelets, I hope my daughter will always smile and make an irreplaceable replacement. "Good person"!

It is learned from Yang Zi's copy, presumably "Father's Day" is approaching. Yang Hailun, who is studying abroad, deliberately voted for his delicious gifts for his father. diarrhea! After receiving the gift of filial piety, Yang Zi sent a post to blessings, and also showed a group of Yang Hairun's childhood photos of his childhood and the current recent photos.

Yang Hairun, who has not appeared for a long time, has already become a big girl in an instant, and she has been stunned. In the recent photos, I saw 19 -year -old Nizi's facial features and exquisite atmosphere, wearing large earrings, and her hair was naturally feminine in front of her shoulders; Yang Hairun had a lot of femininity in the Hong Kong wind filter. The charm of beautiful Hong Kong stars, thousands of styles!

Compared with Yang Hailun's recent photos with her "strong woman mother" Tao Hong, she found that both the mother and daughter's facial features and temperament and charm are exactly the same. Tao Hong (45 years old), who is 1 year old, has already entered the ranks of middle -aged women, but she is well -maintained and has surgery. She has no appearance of "Star Girl" Huang Shengyi at all. She has no sense of age!

Yang Hairun, who was born on July 19, 2002, was about to usher in 20 years of age. After her parents' marriage broke, she and her mother Tao Hong settled in Canada to live in Canada, and rarely returned to visit relatives! Although Yang Zi and her daughter Yang Hairun separated from the two places all year round, the relationship between the father and daughter was not different. As early as four years ago (2018), the love girl successfully passed the Harvard University preparatory class.

In fact, Yang Hairun not only had a deep relationship with his father Yang's father and daughter, but also had a harmonious relationship with his stepmother Huang Shengyi. The latter learned that his stepdom was admitted to the Harvard preparatory class, and also inspired the two sons to call "learning from sister"! In addition, Yang Zi talked about the recent situation of her daughter Yang Hairun in the interview program. It broke the news that "loved girls had won the gold medal at the Vancouver Music Festival four times." The little girl had both appearances!

It is worth mentioning that Yang Hairun's mother Tao Hong, who graduated from Fudan University, is currently a huge custrous executive. She still work with her ex -husband Yang Zi under the same roof to control sales and import and export business. After divorcing Yang Zi, Tao Hong has always put time and energy on her career and daughter, and there is no new peach blossoms in the emotion. She is still a devout Buddhist who is in the world. For charity! (Picture source network, infringement must be deleted)