Yunnan's hottest 2 net red!Handsome men singing all over the network ... Beauty network celebrities sell more than 3,000 tons of goods

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Yunnan's hottest 2 net red!Handsome men singing all over the network ... Beauty network celebrities sell more than 3,000 tons of goods

2022-05-14 12:05:45 12 ℃

Men's net red singing fire throughout the network ...

"I am from Yunnan, Yunnan Nu River"

I am from Yunnan

Yunnan Nujiang

Nujiang Lishui Market

Lushui City Liuku

Liuguyu Tuban



Many netizens are rap by "I am from Yunnan"

"Single loop"

(Be careful !!!)

never expected

Legendary Nu River, where human and god live together

I will sing because of such magical rap

Rush on the hot search of major social platforms

Too too!

Why did such a "soil -flavored" song suddenly fire? On the evening of the 12th, a reporter from Metropolitan Times and the original video of the video interacted with wheat on the Kuaishou platform.

Two years of release of 24 short videos

Nearly 4 million sucking powder

The video comes from the video works called "Yunnan 傈僳 —— -Cai". The song melody was simply brainwashed, and the singer's elegant yellow hair introduced the dialect of the Nujiang Mo people with a sound voice. Such a simple song made netizens very "top", and many netizens adapted the lyrics to introduce their own language.

The guy in the video is Cai Jinfa, a native of Nujiangzhou, Yunnan. Now he work with his younger brother Cai Jinhai in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province to work in the construction site.

"We are from Nujiang Liuku, which is quite fun there." Facing reporters, the two brothers were slightly shy. When the reporter asked how he was at home, the brothers were a bit low. "Mom and Dad are good in their bodies, but we work outside and we are particularly concerned about them." Said Cai Jinhai.

Urban Times reporter and Cai's brother Lianmai interactive video screenshot

The two brothers said that they were from Lanping County, Nujiang, and began shooting short videos in 2020. In two years, a total of 24 works were released, with a total of nearly 400,000 powder suction. Facing the sudden fire, the brothers were a little overwhelmed. "Thank you very much for your likes. When we heard this song when we worked in Liugu, we thought about imitating. We are not the original author, but we just have a line of mouth. I did not expect that this video has suddenly become hot recently. In the future, we will continue Video that brings you a good. "

"I'm in Yunnan" complete lyrics

I am from Yunnan

Yunnan Nujiang

Nujiang Lishui Market

Lushui City Liuku

Liuguyu Tuban

The Dai people called this

The crow is called Ainan (Sound)

The frog is called Oba (sound)

Husband is called rubbing (sound)

Wife is called rubbing (sound)

Coriander is called wild boots (sound)

Sweet potato is called Ameng (sound)

Tiger is called Lama (sound)

Cucumber is called Abu (sound)

Pumpkin is called Ap (Sound)

Egg is called Jefe (sound)

"I am from Yunnan" Original

Only 18 years old

According to Lishui City Rong Media, the original "I am a Yunnan" short video original name is the Chaxiong Army, an authentic Lishui Mo, who is only 18 years old.

When it comes to the background music of "I'm in Yunnan", the Chaxiong army said that this was created in 2020. At that time, after the release of Douyin's short video, he had "lowered" for a while.

The Chaxiong army said: "After the day was sent that day, more than 2,000 people used my original sound the next morning."

When asked about the motivation of the creative, the Chaxiong Army introduced that according to the rhythm of some popular songs on the Internet, he changed the lyrics to the contents of his hometown and nation, and sang it. In addition to simply fun, he also wanted to promote his hometown to the outside world with short videos.

"Because I was born here, I compiled such songs to promote the Nujiang River, let people outside listen to the language of our nation, and look at the tourist attractions of the Nujiang River."

For his own works, the villagers were used for short video background music, and the Chaxiong Army himself did not expect it.

Netizens in more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and cities across the country

Adapted various dialects versions

After the video of "I'm in Yunnan" burst, it caused netizens from all over the country to imitate. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 20 provinces in Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Sichuan, Gansu, Shanxi, Hebei, Guangdong, Hubei, Hunan, Shandong, Hubei, Henan, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Fujian, etc. More than 50 cities in the city and Taiwan participated in the national "top score" war. Netizens from all over the world showed their own skills and faced the guys in this place.

In recent years, the short video platform can be described as rising, and countless netizens shared daily and new things on the platform. This "I am from Yunnan" introduced the Nujiang to netizens across the country with a simple melody. The resonance of netizens, everyone introduced their hometown in the same way.

Henan version

Douyin ID: actor horse

I am from Henan

Henan Shangqiu

Shangqiu Puyang

Shangqiu dialect is the case

Hot hoe is called slippery (sound)

The fool is called stupid DEI (sound)

The boy is called Little DEI (Sound)

The girl is called Xiao Ni DEI (Sound)

The couple is called two DEI (sound)

Fujian version

Douyin ID: yellow and green light yellow

I am from Fujian

Zhangzhou, Fujian

Zhangzhou Longhai City

Longhai City Han nationality

Fujian people called this

Dad's name is Lin Bei (sound)

Mom is Lin Mu (sound)

Grandpa is Grandpa (sound)

Grandma named Grandma (sound)

Hebei Edition

Douyin ID: Sun Rui

I am from Hebei

Tangshan, Hebei

Tangshan Yutian County

Tangshan said this

Rice is called Gan Fen (Sound)

The frog is called toad

The sow is called the old (sound)

The sparrow is called Jiaqiao (sound)

The sun is called the sun (sound)

Soap is called 咦) (sound) hate called Ying Ying (sound)

It's ugly called 做 做

Yesterday was called Lieya (Sound)

Gecko is called Evil Ruzi (Sound)

Taiwan version

Douyin ID: Lao Niu and Nencao

I am from Taiwan

Taoyuan, Taiwan

Taiwan dialect should be so shrinking (sound)

Mom is called Ma Ma (Yin)

Dad is called a pull -up (sound)

Grandpa is called Gong

Grandma is called Grandma

Eating is called 呷) (sound)

Sleeping is called a sleepy (sound)

"Yunnan Xiaohua"

After 95, the girl was inspired by friends to bring goods to her hometown

The "post -95s" girl Ma Lingmin, Yongping County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, who was born deep in Dashan, is currently a "with the anchor with the goods". The phrase "Hello everyone, I am a small flower in Yunnan, take you to find the most original ecological flower in Yunnan", help farmers sell Yunnan agricultural products to sell all over the country ...

Ma Lingmin live broadcast site

Five years ago, "Yunnan Xiaohua" Ma Lingmin was still engaged in preschool education in Kunming, and was the "little horse teacher" that children liked. She is optimistic, positive and hard -working, the whole person is full of positive energy, and she often shoots small videos to record life when she is free.

The optimistic attitude of Ma Lingmin was infected with an optimistic attitude. Some friends suggested that she became a "new farmer" and sold agricultural products in her hometown by broadcasting. Ma Lingmin, who grew in Dashan, knew the influence of agricultural products on a family, so she decided to do something for her hometown. In July 2018, Ma Lingmin began to bring goods with "Yunnan Xiaohua" as the net name and started a business with friends.

Go to the mountains and go to the village

The video of "Yunnan Xiaohua" is hot

From "Mr. Pony" to "Yunnan Xiaohua", you need to look up at the starry sky and be down -to -earth. Selling sales without a good thing to the whole country means that they must go to the mountains and go to the village. During this period, the short video of "Fried Roses" shot by the team was hot. With hundreds of thousands of playbacks and more than 50,000 fans. The success this time inspired Ma Lingmin and her team.

Subsequently, "Yunnan Little Flower" released a series of "all things can be cut" series of videos, and also searched for niche specialties in the countryside, attracting tens of thousands of netizens to watch.

Ma Lingmin live broadcast site

I ca n’t find a big road up the mountain, and I have to crawl away every step; to the live broadcast until midnight, there is no moon, no fingers do not see the five fingers, and a group of people use their mobile phones to explore the mountain in the weak light; Run ... they overcome difficulties and insist on bringing goods to their hometown.

They often encounter danger. With honey in Xishuangbanna, Ma Lingmin's trousers were not tightened. More than 10 bees drilled in, and the thighs and calves were stuck in a lot of bags. There was a nearly 30 cm long cricket climbing into the bed, and then they did not dare to take off their clothes to sleep when they entered the mountain ...

A total of more than 3,000 tons of agricultural products sold in hometown

"I hope more young people will see us"

Ma Lingmin surrendered his answer: there are more than 16 million fans on the entire network, nearly 1,000 short videos were shot, more than 500 live broadcasts, more than 40 villages and towns, walking for tens of thousands of kilometers, selling local Wo mandarin , Pomegranate, Orange, Lozen, chestnuts, walnuts, honey, bacteria and other agricultural products, so far selling more than 3,000 tons of agricultural products, bringing good things in the mountains of Yunnan, out of the mountains and selling all over the country!