"Puppet Kings" Zhou Runfa's arrogant history: Can the big name really do whatever you want?

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"Puppet Kings" Zhou Runfa's arrogant history: Can the big name really do whatever you want?

2022-05-14 12:05:58 11 ℃

In 2010, a Hong Kong star suddenly told the media that he and his wife would donate 5.6 billion yuan in property after his death. At that time, his remarks immediately attracted the external discussions.

The title of "Entertainment Circle Charity King" and "the first person in the Hong Kong Circle Charity" and so on, like bamboo shoots after the rain, these are just the media's evaluation of him.

This person is not someone else. It is the old Hong Kong artist Zhou Runfa. As a character in the Hong Kong film industry, he can also be called "Double Monday" with Jackie Chan and Zhou Xingchi in the last century. It can be imagined how much influence is.

In just five years, at the scene of the "Macau Storm" film conference, a reporter mentioned that when the donation was mentioned, Zhou Runfa denied it, saying that he had no money, and the money was not me. He said 40 years later.

What is shocking is that "Uranus" Zhou Runfa is so unbelievable, and it is his own commitment, but someone who knows him will know that this is just the corner of the iceberg of his past.


On May 18, 1955, Zhou Runfa was born in a rural family in South Lama Island, Hong Kong.

Zhou Runfa, like most Hong Kong artists, was born in an ordinary family. Unlike them, his family was very poor. Only his father went to work and supported his family.

Although Zhou Runfa's father was a crew member, he was okay, but he couldn't bear the gambling. Every time he paid, Zhou's father could only receive a two -digit salary.

When he was 13 years old, his father accumulated hardships and could no longer work. Zhou Runfa had to work while working to maintain family expenses.

Because there was no money to continue to school, after studying in the third grade, Zhou Runfa chose to enter the society, waiters, receptionists, and salespersons.

It may be that at that time, Zhou Runfa, who was at the bottom of the society, vowed that he must have a better life than others in the future. The importance of money was buried in the minds of Zhou Runfa.


At that time, if you want to get rid of poverty by one for your own strength, there are only two options. One is to immigrate to foreign countries, and the other is to find an opportunity to be an actor.

There is no doubt that Zhou Runfa has no money to go abroad. Naturally, he chose to be an actor. So in 1973, the elder brother who was just an adult went to TVB for an interview.

Unexpectedly, because of his handsome face, he stood out directly and became a TVB training class artist. After a brief training for a year, Chow Yun Fat graduated from the training class and got the opportunity to perform TV series.

What everyone didn't expect was that from the moment Zhou Runfa stepped into the film and television industry, a king -level figure was born.

If there are the most influential TV series in Hong Kong, "Shanghai Beach" must have its place.

This TV series starring Zhou Runfa and Zhao Yazhi in 1980 was broadcast in Hong Kong and the Mainland once it was broadcast.

The plot and character shape, acting skills, and even music of this drama have also become an eternal classic. At the time, Chow Yun Fat also rely on this drama.

After the TV drama actor is on fire, he will have the opportunity to appear in the movie, and Chow Yun Fat is no exception. In 1981, he starred in the film "Law Enforcement" with Wu Mengda and Li Xiuxian.

In fact, before this movie, he has already appeared in some movies, but it is tepid. It was not until this film that his film career signs a trace of improvement.


If "Gambling God" is the most important movie of Chow Yun Fat, then "Heroes" should be his fame.

In 1986, this film directed by Wu Yusen was born. At the time, it was well received by the release. Chow Yun -fat's acting skills were generally improved in the film.

The box office and word of mouth of this film were also very successful at the time. In addition to the movie itself, Chow Yun Fat naturally benefited the most.

Since then, Zhou Runfa's movie has become more and more popular, and the box office has risen straight.

By the 1990s, with the "Gambling God" series and "Prison Storm", he had already sat up with Jackie Chan and Zhou Xingchi, and was even called "Double Monday" by the outside world. It was a proper box office guarantee.

It may be the success of the second and three careers, which made Zhou Runfa completely "change" since then, and he began to bully the female star.


If Zhong Chuhong's psychological tolerance is too poor, will she become the second Lan Jieying?

In 1989, Zhong Chuhong, who was popular in Hong Kong's film industry at that time, was asked by the host Huang Zhan in "No Defense Tonight". At that time, he was filming with Fa Tsai. Several people said that they would close QJ.

Regarding this past, Zhong Chuhong's face obviously changed. She didn't want to say more. She couldn't bear Huang Zhan's life -threatening section, and she had to take off.

After stabilizing his emotions, Zhong Chuhong said that he was only 19 years old and went abroad to shoot the movie "The Story of Hu Yue".

Because Zhong Chuhong was too beautiful when he was young, she could become a pearl in the eyes of men. In the room, a group of people looked at her.

The things that Zhong Chuhong said next made people seemed to be creepy now. I really don't know how she faced these things at the time.

After saying some jokes, they walked towards Zhong Chuhong one by one, especially Zhou Runfa, pushed her down on the sofa. According to the host before, Chow Yun Fat also said that she wanted QJ.

Zhong Chuhong later cried for a long time. If she failed to carry this blow at the time, there would be no Zhong Chuhong who was red all over the sky in the future. It was just that it was not expected that, except for Zhong Chuhong, even Maggie Cheung said that Zhou Runfa was the worst actor she had collaborated.

It is also on this show "No Defense Tonight". This show was very popular in Hong Kong at that time. It was focused on reporting the privacy and gossip of celebrities. Most of the content was a real event for celebrities orally.

Because of the explosiveness, many viewers especially like to watch this show.

Zhang Manyu said in the show that when he and Zhou Runfa were filming a movie at that time, the director had already stopped, and Zhou Runfa still kissed Maggie Cheung's mouth and refused to relax.

Moderator Huang Zhan believes that it may be that Fa Zai's acting is too much, but Zhang Manyu did not admit this statement. She still insisted that Zhou Runfa was lascivious, and he couldn't push him at the time.


If who is the worst of the female celebrities who have been bullied by Zhou Runfa, Nelizhi said first, no one dares to say a second.

He once even loved the woman who was in love with the gambling king, and even at the time he wanted to recruit Li Zhi as his aunt, but he was facing Zhou Runfa's fists in the movie.

In 1988, Li Zhi and Zhou Runfa collaborated on the movie "Tiger out". In this movie, there was a drama of Zhou Runfa's violent Li Zhi. According to the outside world, the play was originally not available.

This unrelated and even unrequited drama with the plot was imposed in, and had to doubt that it was Zhou Runfa's own request to add it.

In this play, Li Zhi was a real person, and Zhou Runfa was still smashed many times. Even the glass was true. At that time, Li Zhi was seriously injured in his body.

As early as 1987, Zhou Runfa had rectified Li Zhi at the Thousand Star Charity Concert. At that time, because Li Zhi was in the past, it caused Zhou Runfa to be displeased. Sumped past.

How big should a female artist be humiliated in public?

Afterwards, Li Zhi almost was forced to withdraw from the entertainment industry in Hong Kong because of this incident. It is said that because of the persuasion of Leslie Cheung, she slowly walked out of the shadow of this incident.

I don't know if Zhou Runfa is aimed at the mainland female artist, or if he is a king, he can do whatever he wants.

At the 2001 Hong Kong Golden Awards Awards Ceremony, when Chow Yun Fat and Mei Yanfang hosted the show, Mei Yanfang asked him how to view the female artist in the Mainland.

Zhou Runfa only spoke obedient, listened to teachings, and was willing to do anything! At that time, the celebrities on the scene were aggressive, and Zhou Runfa quickly added: for example, to pick up the tire.

In the short few sentences, Zhang Ziyi's face was lost. Throughout Zhou Runfa's actions before, his remarks were not a joke, but really couldn't get used to the mainland female artists.

The brother who laughed at others starred in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" in 2007. He plays a Chinese pirate in the film. The role itself is not a problem, but he looks like F Manzhou.

In the face of money, the elder brother who has always been accustomed to others is rare. I really don't know what sacrifices can be done in order to enter Hollywood.


A few years ago, the reporter again at the scene of a movie conference. When asked Zhou Runfa about the donation, Fa Ge said that I am still there, and I will talk about it 40 years later.

I do n’t know if Brother Fa wanted to transfer the topic, or completely did not recognize the account. In the final analysis, he faced the donations he said a few years ago.

At the beginning, countless netizens supported what he did. Until now, there are very few people who choose to believe him, and even some netizens call Zhou Runfa as the "hypocritical king".

I said it countless times with naked donations, but in fact, when Fat Brother faced something that needed donations, he had never donated it once, which could not help but be incredible.

Zhou Runfa is a big name, and the outside world has also reported that his film's film pay has reached 40 million yuan. Whether it is his worth or status, he is first -class.

But what he did and the former arrogance and arrogance had to make people angry. Can you know whether to be a big name and what he wants, but the elder brother told us with his own experience that this is okay.

The drama and character are not equal. No matter what acting skills and people are present in the movie, it is just a movie. In reality, how is it really like a person.