Zeng promised to send Guo Wei's house, which is also known as Guo Wei as a rebellious. Why is the contrast of Beihai so big?

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Zeng promised to send Guo Wei's house, which is also known as Guo Wei as a rebellious. Why is the contrast of Beihai so big?

2022-05-14 12:06:24 17 ℃

A wrong change of life made everyone know the Xu Min family. Xu Min's cousin Xu Yidong unexpectedly became popular because he looked like Guo Wei. At that time, everyone thought he was Guo Wei's relatives. Later Xu Min is a grandfather. Because it was Guo Wei's relationship, everyone cordially called him "Beihai." At first, Beihai's uncle and Guo Wei walked very close. Last Dragon Boat Festival, he went to Guo Wei's house to the door. After returning to Beihai, he promised to send Guo Wei's house. At that time, everyone felt that he and Xu Min's family were as close as the family, but the recent speech of Beihai's uncle was surprising.

Xu Yidong operated his own electronic factory in Beihai. After the wrong change of life, Xu Yidong used the wrong change incident to start selling electronics online. At that time Said sales on the Internet, Xu Min's fans immediately snapped up when they saw such words. Even if the product did not produce, it was snapped up by fans. Beihai's wife also changed the net name to Beihai Aunt to sell Beihai specialty.

At first, Beihai ’s uncle Guo Wei was able to come to Beihai to develop, but Guo Weishan said that the aunt Beihai even publicly shouted on the Internet. Guo Wei“ there is a house and a job when they come to Beihai. ”Guo Wei did not respond to the aunt’ s shouting, let alone take it seriously. Now Guo Wei's wife Tian Jing has become an Internet celebrity, and her live broadcast has a certain scale. There are so -called red right and wrong! Beihai Xun recently said with an anchor that Tian Jing and his family only cared about making money and did not help find the truth. Beihai Xun also said that Tian Jing's fans often came to attack him on the live broadcast room. This passage was later made public.

The dismissal anchor Platinum accused Tian Jing of the video shooting on the phone. He also said that Tian Jing had earned 20 million. Xu's mother naturally wanted to maintain her son and daughter -in -law and relatives, saying that Tian Jing did not earn so much. Moreover, Tian Jing's money is reasonable and legal, and there is no reason to be attacked. The Tian family never said anything online. When the two mentioned Beihai's uncle, Xu Min said that "Beihai's uncle did not also make money. On the phone, Xu Yidong also said that Guo Wei was a rebellious.

The explanation of Kaizi said that Beihai's explanation was a moment of anger. At that time, what he said to Xu Min was "this rebellion, you don't care about me to discipline you." Beihai also said that Xu Min had a poor attitude towards him in order to maintain Guo Wei. "You can be in your own home, but you can't do it in me." This internal contradiction of the family was publicized under the challenge of the anchor.

What is the contrast of Beihai? From the beginning to the end, Guo Wei did nothing wrong. He never said online, and he didn't say anyone. Her honest he seemed to have nothing to do with the name of Kaizi, but now everyone is broadcasting. It was not so purely contradictory of affection. In retrospect, the aunt Beihai had only wanted to give Guo Wei's house in the past. It was only a wise move to choose not to go to Beihai at that time. In fact, no one can reliable except for biological parents in this world.

It was the same root, why is it too anxious to fry! The public contradiction between Beihai and Xu Min is unwilling to see, and I hope that such farces will not appear.