Blannie has a problem with the spirit, and 12 indecent photos were issued in a day. Netizens: Hurry up and cure it

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Blannie has a problem with the spirit, and 12 indecent photos were issued in a day. Netizens: Hurry up and cure it

2022-05-14 12:06:45 17 ℃

European and American "pop superstar" Britney was affectionately called "little sweet" by fans. In the early years, her reputation was higher than well -known singers such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

However, her real life was not sweet at all. After being imprisoned by her father for more than ten years, she finally couldn't bear it. She sued her father to court. Now, she finally ended this perverted life like normal people.

It may be long -term suppression that after making Britney regain freedom, he also completely released himself. He sent 12 indecent photos in a day in a row, which could not help but doubt that Britney was suspicious.

Britney announced the good news of pregnancy last month.

The previous photos were normal, but she suddenly showed 6 photos taken before pregnancy. She did not wear clothes in these photos, and stood naked in front of the camera.

Just cover your chest with your hands and make the lower body, and publish it to the social platform. Such a photo scale is too large. As a public figure, it has a certain influence internationally and will naturally be concerned.

Moreover, such indecent photos are too late to delete. Britney sent it to the social platform and was extremely proud. She was also happy that she looked 10 years old.

After seeing these photos, netizens vomited directly: Hurry up quickly, how can normal people take their own indecent photos, and take the initiative to take the initiative to take such photos.

Others said that I finally understood why Britney's father was supervised by her. At that time, she was still a normal person. As soon as she got away from her father's palm, Britney completely let go of herself and dare to do anything.

But Bronni saw the netizens' vomiting, not only did not converge, but also showed 6 same indecent photos to resist the voice of netizens. This day, 12 indecent photos were taken. This is really courageous, but everyone is everyone, but everyone But don't have this courage.

In fact, before that, Britney also took the same photos. At that time, she was on her side and hugged her dog to cover it. The dog was very large, and she just blocked the bottom, only to give the exposed hips.

It may be that the response of the last time was good, so that Britney had the courage to continue to take indecent photos. But no matter how, she was a public figure. Such behaviors were simply discrediting herself and disappointing fans.

Even if the experience of the past is not good, but the imprisonment has been lifted, you can do what you want to do. You should live well. Why do you need to destroy yourself?

It seems that it is likely to have a mental problem to do such a thing. Hurry up and treat it. In this regard, what else do you have, welcome to leave a message to discuss.