No wonder the "Director" fire!The actor's education is more ruthless than the other, Bai Bing is even more surprising

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No wonder the "Director" fire!The actor's education is more ruthless than the other, Bai Bing is even more surprising

2022-05-14 12:06:14 19 ℃

"Please call me director" is one of the most popular star dramas in May. I did not expect that Oriental TV temporarily came up with the urban romance drama that could be filled in the file. Come and praise.

During the golden period, he won the viewing championship. What Beijing and Hunan Satellite TV stands through the side, and no one expected that Lin Xinxin and Tan Songyun can bring unusual response.

This drama is really a real fire. Few people can come out of "Please call me the director" in a few people. Still "Lu Jiming" upper body.

Two people have a serious and funny one by one, one seriously engaged in their careers. There is really a different sense of contrast to appear in the same frame. The acting skills are also among the characters. The audience will not play throughout the process.

And other characters are also very suitable, such as Bai Yueguang Han Yimeng, former secret love male god Su Weiran, and female boss quartz, etc., do not know that their education is more severe than one. This time, let's see it. Watch the academic degree of the actor "Please call me".

1. "Both dogs are restless" CP has its own Qianqian

The names of the CP are sweet. Tan Songyun and Lin updated the update. When they heard a laughed, they laughed. In fact, the name was the highest in the comment area when the two people were broadcast live.

And also received the high recognition of the two starring actors, good guys, even the CP name is so funny, these two people really have no one.

Although Lin Xinxin has a unique temperament outside the play, he can make a piece with netizens. However, in the final analysis, he also graduated from the drama film and television performance, and was a proper small fresh meat when he first debuted.

For the first time, he had the name in front of the public. He was the fourteenth master in "Step by Step". He was unruly and handsome. From the original words of Ruo Xi to the end, the role did attract a large number of fans.

In the "Chu Qiao Biography", which has a popular ratings, Yu Wenxuan, played by Lin Xinhuan, is still unforgettable. He has a good wisdom and high -strength martial arts, and he has a broad mind.

Finally, he pushed Chu Qiao in the water, but he sank into the bottom of the lake.

Nowadays, the upper body of Battle is difficult to hide the breath of "two goods". Lu Yiming's opening article has a clear workplace "PUA". Essence

Otherwise, there is no effect on changing personal performances, especially the one or two sentences that come out of the cold and Buyin seem to be played on the spot, but they can make the audience happy.

Tan Songyun graduated from the Department of Performance Department. Although it looks like Lin update, it seems that the two people are only two years behind, so there is no sense of contradiction in interaction.

The starting point of her debut is also relatively high. Director Zheng Xiaolong is fancy. She plays Chun Guiren in "Zhen Huan Biography". She is innocent, lively and cute. Although she hurriedly offline, she impressed people.

Before, she has always met the audience with a cute and student -like image. For example, Geng Geng in "The Best Us" and Li Jiao in "The name of the family", although she was 30 years old when she played the character behind But the girl is still full of feeling.

From "Jinxin Like Jade", it can be seen that she began to seek the road of transformation, and cooperated with Zhong Hanliang to hold the personality of the high emotional quotient.

Ning Meng played by Tan Songyun in "Please call me" is a little secretary who has been destroyed by the boss. Three years later, he could not bear to start to start to his dream.

However, Ning Meng can let the audience feel the sadness of the worker. After all, she has just entered the workplace for just three years. When she encounters a problem, she will be helpless and grieved to cry alone.

But more often, she is full of energy. She has the cute and gentle side of women, as well as the spirit of the people who are not convinced or lost, and the emotions are very natural. It is indeed a science class.

2. The auxiliary CP is so good, and the degree of education cannot be underestimated

In addition to Tan Songyun and Lin Xinxin, the other CPs are also very good, and they are magical. For example, Lu Jiming's two Xiaoyu Sitian and Zeng Yuhang, the two also added a lot of colors to the entire drama.

Zeng Yuhang's actor Su Xin and Tan Songyun also graduated from Nortel for alumni. He has always been very low -key and never hype. He only plays his role quietly as he is as public as in the play.

Su Xin's debut is the drama version of "The Year of the Hurry". Song Yu's unwillingness Fang An fennel caused her to become pregnant. He painted the scum man to the fullest. He once made the audience want to drill into the screen and play. Essence

His drama was not too much, but he performed Zeng Yuhang more brilliantly. As Lu Jiming's brothers, he was very upright, and his attitude towards Xiaoning Meng did not wear colored glasses.

As long as he appears, there will always be laughter, and even with two girls resist Lu Jiming, it is simply laughing No .

With the development of the plot, Xu Sitian gradually risen from the beginning of being evaluated as the pretentiousness.

The role of Wang Xiuzhu graduated from the military art. She was able to control all kinds of gorgeous costumes in the play, and she was very eye -catching.

She once played the Princess of the East China Sea Miao Qing in "Three Miles and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms". The woman rescued Tian Sun Abi by mistake. She met like this with Ye Hua, and she fell in love with no drug. he. Even in order to marry him, he turned into a maid to approach Yehua, and tried his best to show his beauty. It was very infatuated but just a princess who was destined to love but can't.

In addition to this pair of CPs, of course, there are also female girlfriends who sprinkled sugar at the beginning. The first half of her and her husband only appeared in the mobile phone screen with Ning Meng video. It was very loving, and the two experienced long love long -distance running.

Through the updated plot audience, the audience has understood that He Yueluan is a big scumbag, and it is not a general flower. In the original book, he not only has Primary Three and Fourth, but also has a child, but even finally abandoned You Qi who cannot give birth.

The actor Qu Gao is actually 15 years old. He graduated from the Department of Performance of the Chinese Opera. Liu Enjia, who plays You Qi, also graduated from the Chinese opera. Essence

Not to mention the future development, but from the front, it is still very good. After all, as a friend of Ning Meng for so many years, the end of the original book is too tragic.

3. Three Chinese drama bones and one who graduated from military art

To say that the "three generals" are the most pleasing to Qiu Junlin. His various mean methods made Ning Meng feel the "sinister" of the workplace after the transfer.

President Qiu's face and behind were definitely two faces. At first, he thought he fully supported Ning Meng's work. Later, he understood that as long as he was not optimistic, he was thrown to the heroine, so that people would be a scapegoat.

And when he was with the other two directors, he even gave bold remarks: If Xiao Ning Meng's face and figure were better, maybe he would have to change the name (the boss).

Don't respect women, don't say, Mingli secretly wears small shoes, and even puts on the contract, but fortunately, he can work under the quartz.

The actor Yuan Man graduated from the Department of Military Theater. He has officially entered the entertainment industry for 21 years, and he was born in the anti -Japanese drama. In the "Bright Sword" with a well -known word of mouth, he plays traitor Zhu Ziming, and he also hates The audience is itchy.

Another "General" Ren Pengfei audience in "Call Me" is more familiar. The director appreciated Ning Meng in the workplace, and he was upright, and every move was full of laughter.

When Lu Jiming changed his dress style, he pretended to bend over and picked up his pen. He saw the wave dot socks of Lu President Lu, and he directly controlled him to link. This is to laugh.

Zhang Lei, who graduated from the Chinese opera, is a "resident guest" in youth romance movies, and they are all appeared as "Director". , Old Time "Teaching Director and so on.

His role seems to be an unimportant role, but removed thinks something less, it can be regarded as a gold supporting role.

Li Hongtao, who starred in Lu Jiming's father, is a well -known actor. He has graduated from the actor of the Chinese Opera Performing Department or the actor of the Beijing People's Art Theater. He can easily interpret various types of roles.

For example, the boss of the Bai family in the drama "The Gate of the Mansion", Liu Shirong, the second uncle in the rural theme "Ma Xiangyang Going to the Countryside", "The Warm Taste", "The City of Ideal", and "Breakst" and so on.

Lu Tianxing's role is not much, but every time he appeared, he could feel his majesty. The audience could instantly understand why the father and son relationship of the male lead was so rigid, and the subsequent hints of the future bankruptcy.

In addition to them, Gong Beiyi, the player of quartz, also graduated from Chinese opera. She is the setting of the most in the workplace female elite. It is simple and generous but can highlight her aura.

Although there are quite a city, the leader of Ning Meng's workplace is just the right negotiations and smooth treatment methods, which makes President Shi shine.

4. Han Yimeng left frankly after revealing his heart, and the white moonlight of the green tea is really fragrant

As soon as Han Yimeng was online, he put a huge pressure on Ning Meng. Lu Jingsing was aggressive and the biggest owner of Lao Tzu, but at the airport, the heroine saw that he and Han Yimeng embraced affectionately.

The former Bai Yueguang returned high -profile return, and even Han Yimeng's posture had a sense of crisis of the emotional line of the male and female owners.

Fortunately, Han Yimeng is not like the vicious female second in other romance dramas. She is not a pure white lotus on the surface. I have to say that Bing Bing is really gentle. The kind of beauty is not amazing. The mature charm after years.

Although Han Yimeng showed that she wanted to be with Lu Jiming, when she found that Ning Meng seemed to enter his heart unconsciously, she chose to let go wisely, came back generously, and left cleanly, and left cleanly and left cleanly. Who can not love such a school sister.

The actors with a lot of dramas are from the science class. What is surprising is that Bai Bing graduated from Northwest University of Political Science and Law and ranked in the top five political and legal universities. Essence

No wonder Bai Bing showed the intellectual and elegance to fascinated a large number of fans. After establishing a family, it seemed to fade out of the audience's attention. Now it is still so beautiful.

No wonder "Please call me the director" can be so hot, the actor's education is more fierce than one, otherwise the netizens in front of the screen will not be deeply entered. I don't know which actor's performance in the play?