What is Ren Jialun's blood type?"Extreme Challenge" is exposed, and fans call it an ideal type

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What is Ren Jialun's blood type?"Extreme Challenge" is exposed, and fans call it an ideal type

2022-05-14 18:16:12 11 ℃

Many people are curious about what kind of blood type he likes. For example, like Ren Jialun has reached a degree of traffic stars, his words and deeds will receive everyone's attention. In this "Extreme Challenge", his fighting spirit with everyone accidentally exposed what blood type he was. And this time he was on the same stage with Deng Lun, and the two people had a lot of expectations on the same stage.

What blood type is he? In this show, he not only relieved his embarrassment with his wit, but also resolved a lot of difficulties with his wit. What blood type is Ren Jialun, but what is more curious, on the one hand, he wants to know more about him, and on the other hand, he can infer what kind of person he is through his blood type. Regardless of whether there is a blood type to judge, we can know that Ren Jialun is a sense of justice.

He revealed "Extreme Challenge". In this event, he revealed that he was O -type blood. This type O blood was relatively small in the country and was regarded as scarce type. And type O blood is called universal hole, which can help others when others need blood. The Lei Jiayin routine on the side is type A, and it is mentioned that the two are very good. And also proposed that he and Ren Jialun are the AO type. The set of such a set has not been fooled by Ren Jialun, and always maintains a rational heart.

Fans responded with soil love words. After borrowing fans to know Ren Jialun's blood type, they used "Ren Jialun's own ideal type" to express the picture. This kind of earth -schrimonic words have said similar to Song Huiqiao in the previous "Descendants of the Sun".

Fans' seeking "You are my ideal type" "His blood type is the same as me." Fans are also a type of soil flavor and love words. There is a set of earthen love words. Take this blood type, you can see what type of blood type of Ren Jialun, and also know that his blood type is a type of universal blood. Every comment on fans will attract everyone's attention, not to mention he is a male god.

In my opinion, Ren Jialun did not want to expose his blood type, and it was not a bad thing to expose blood type. In this extreme challenge, Ren Jialun not only challenged himself, but also allowed fans to know him better. After knowing Ren Jialun's blood type, everyone was very excited and felt that his blood was a type of universal blood.

In general, the reason why Ren Jialun can become a male god is not only because he is unique, but also because he is very confident. In this variety show, he can naturally do himself. He especially likes to participate in this type of variety shows, which can give him a lot of satisfaction. At the same time, he can also make money to support his family when he participates in this variety show. He likes to do such things like this. So he has now become a male god, and has been recognized by many seniors and fans. On this road of the entertainment industry, he is not struggling alone, and there is something behind fans to support it. I wonder if you are concerned about Ren Jialun's variety show? If you have seen this variety show, you can leave your own views in the comment area.