In the three lives, Bai Qian and Feng Jiu have disappeared for hundreds of years. Why did Qingqiu ignore it?

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In the three lives, Bai Qian and Feng Jiu have disappeared for hundreds of years. Why did Qingqiu ignore it?

2022-05-14 18:16:22 12 ℃

In the three lives, Bai Qian and Feng Jiu have disappeared for hundreds of years. Why did Qingqiu ignore it?

Bai Qian and Bai Fengjiu in "Three Miles and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms" are all high -gloss protagonists in the play. They have been born in Qingqiu Emperor Ji since they were young, and finally they were all the princes of Qingqiu. The two aunts have deep friendship since childhood, and their temperament is extremely similar. Aunt Bai Qian is the oldest daughter of the old fox emperor. Bai Fengjiu is also the only child of the grandson.

It stands to reason that such a distinguished position will be loved by many, but the love robberies that they have experienced in order to rise are all kinds of painfulness. Moreover, they have disappeared for hundreds of years in the second generation, and Qingqiu has not sent someone to find it vigorously. What is this?

After Bai Qian personally sealed the Emperor Yindong's bell, he was beaten by Qing Cang to become an ordinary mortal, and later he met with Prince Ye Hua and met each other in the world. After being brought into the heavenly court, he was even more humiliated. Under the intimidation of Su Jin, he jumped with hate and jumped into Xianxiantai, and fainted in the ten miles of peach forests. Under the treatment of the couple and the fox couple, she was out of danger and retrieved a life. In the middle, she almost disappeared for three hundred years. Bai Qian was grievanced as a mortal vegetarian. And Bai Fengjiu also hid over the world after turning around with Emperor Donghua and ran away for hundreds of years. Among them, it has experienced a lot of hardships.

In fact, Qingqiu's sitting attention is the manifestation of the family style. Qingqiu has advocated that the child must be loose, has his own personality, and will not be accustomed to any child. He will only throw them outside and let them grow. Bai Qian and the fourth brother are so, as well as Bai Fengjiu. Therefore, when the children of the Qingqiu Bai family grow up, they all have a small and open -minded temperament.

In this way, it is not a big deal for Qingqiu for hundreds of years of disappearance of Bai Qian and Baifeng September 1 for hundreds of years. The hundreds of years of the fairy are just a few months. If you do n’t go through some reality, you will not mature, and you can really experience the hardships of the world.

Moreover, the Qingqiu Bai family is a noble nine -tailed fox gods. Their nine tails of them are magic weapons. They will have a strong self -healing and repair ability. Generally, they will not be killed by fatal blows. Therefore, the Fox Emperor and his wife will not worry about the safety of the children, at most the injury. If you are injured, you will treat them well and do good afterwards after returning.

Such an unrealized educational concept is very practical. In the kind of complex environment with many four -seas and earth -shame fairy monsters, children must be beaten if they want to grow up. Seeing the world outside and seeing the sinister world, it is also good for your rise. In this environment, children who grow up in this environment have strong psychological tolerance, and they are not afraid of being bullied.