The entertainment industry may usher in a change, Li Xiang's birthday Li Lanjuan stir up a smokeless war war

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The entertainment industry may usher in a change, Li Xiang's birthday Li Lanjuan stir up a smokeless war war

2022-05-14 18:16:47 9 ℃

The entertainment industry may usher in a change, Li Xiang's birthday Li Lanjuan stir up a smokeless war!

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Hello everyone, in view of these two days, some words about Professor Li Lanjuan can be said to have set off a network enthusiasm. However, on the 44th birthday of Li Xiang, netizens commented on the pan. The words are formatted. Li Xiang himself poses "this is a warless war." The entertainment industry may be ushered in the inflection point to face changes. Today we will come and talk about it!

The epidemic was still spreading. Recently, Li Xiang's birthday, but the comment area appeared. Let's take a look!

Netizens are surprisingly cited the words that Professor Li Lanjuan said, "After the epidemic is over, the state should re -examine and guide the correct life values ​​of young people ...", probably, the state must pay for money, high salary, and give it to be able to give it to be able to be given in the same way. On the occasion of the country, the frontline personnel such as scientists and medicalists who protect the country!

Netizens also said that at the critical moment, scientists need to protect us |!

Of course, in this warless war, Li Xiang represents one aspect, that is, star, netizens' surprising tacit understanding, Li Lanjuan's words are amazing. In the end, Li Xiang closed the comment!

However, Li Xiang also donated in this epidemic. At first, I did not see Li Xiang's movement. After that, under the so -called "moral kidnapping" of the Internet, we really saw Li Xiang's name. In the list!

However, Li Xiang, who had always said the price, finally stopped advertising the price!

However, she spent 100,000 yuan for her daughter Wang Shiling! This makes netizens very dissatisfied!

From Li Xiang's birthday, to Sun Yan and Deng Chao's "forced donation" to Li Lanjuan's words, in fact, to the comments of netizens, this epidemic has already provoked a war in the entertainment industry and the people!

Think about the current entertainment industry. These star revenue revenue is less than millions to hundreds of millions. Their income can be described as coming so fast and so quickly!

When did scientists appear? Almost all stars are in front! And with the differences between coffee positions and generations, they still have reasons to refuse to make filming when they fail to meet their own film pay!

However, holding such a high film, their acting skills, what do they contribute to the circle? The famous actor, who once played his father in "Family with Children", said that the actor is holding a high film, but does not act, will he not hurt his conscience? Don't you feel lost?

If donations are a moral kidnapping, then you hold tens of millions of payments. Such acting skills are blasphemy and insult to the film and television industry.

However, even if it is such a high pay, when the country is in danger, when the donation is urged, it becomes the so -called "moral abduction". If this is a moral kidnapping, then your so -called acting skills are really in it, that is really in it in Desertiveness to the film and television industry!

Lu Han once said that when people are red, they have no time to polish their acting skills. There is an endless notice every day. Isn't it? They make money quickly, but their acting skills cannot keep up!

It can be said that their actions are not worthy of their income!

You are forced to donate!

However, their income has been publicly transparent. After comparison of donations, netizens have objections. After a few words, they have become "moral abduction" and "forced donations". Very glorious and proud, because our monthly salary is thousands of thousands, there are not 100,000 a year, so I am proud, but the stars, if you dare to donate a month of money, it is estimated that there are no "moral kidnapping". Intersection Many people say that they are not used to the money that is too rich, yes, money, trouble you to do things that can support your own position!

Huang Xiaoming Baby and his wife, after donating 200,000, added 800,000, and then donated the edible oil and egg dryer!

Sun Yan and Deng Chao were scolded and scolded after 30, and then found that they also donated the news of a variety of materials!

Xiao Zhan was scolded at the beginning, and then the ventilator materials reached the front line!

Han Hong, who had done the event, was invited to the scene at a certain event site at the time of the event. As a result, there was no star in the donation session. This is reality. Han Hong sent a lot on the spot. If you do n’t donate when you donate, do you ca n’t spend it yourself, do you keep buying a coffin? ”? Later, in an interview, Han Hong said that "Chinese stars are not a star at all, and foreign big -name stars are very caring."

Therefore, a epidemic directly exposed the face of the stars! Rather than saying that this is a warless war, it is better to say that the current entertainment industry really needs to change. What do you think?