Jackie Chan's daughter has changed again, suspected to be forced to fight for family members, and the marriage frequently has a red light

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Jackie Chan's daughter has changed again, suspected to be forced to fight for family members, and the marriage frequently has a red light

2022-05-14 18:16:23 13 ℃

On March 18, some netizens revealed the news of the marriage of Jackie Chan's daughter Wu Zhuolin and the same -sex wife. This time, Wu Zhuolin's wife Andi once again emptied social accounts, as if two people had no intersection.

I thought this was a unilateral thing of his wife. I did not expect that after the wife's social account was empty, Xiaolong Girl Wu Zhuolin also deleted the dynamic dynamic of her love. Seeing this, netizens felt that their feelings had problems.

In fact, since they got married, the marriage has been on the red light. Some time ago, Andi's post has aroused the onlookers of netizens. At that time, she called on the social platform: My old photos were pretended to be straight, and those photos made me feel very disgusting.

This series of fierce words will inevitably make the public guess their marriage changes and many people feel sad. Although this marriage was not optimistic about the public, when Wu Zhuolin chose, everyone chose to bless.

At that time, Wu Zhuolin was looking forward to marriage. She even described her marriage with the happiest day in her life, and said that love can make changes and win.

In order to be able to be together, Wu Zhuolin did not consider her mother Wu Qili's views on her marriage, but only said that she was "trying to build my life and family."

Although Andi is called an Internet celebrity by the media, she has always been unemployed at the age of 31. After being with Wu Zhuolin, her life source depends on Wu Zhuolin, who is 20 years old.

If you think that Wu Zhuolin has a good job and has the ability to maintain their lives, then it is very wrong. After marriage, Wu Zhuolin has never worked and has nothing to do with it all day long. When living with his wife in Canada, some media also took pictures of two people picking up trash. Later, witnesses confirmed that Wu Zhuolin did not go to pick up garbage but went to the supermarket to shop.

Because they were unsuccessful, they couldn't go down in Canada and had to return to Hong Kong. If two people were looking for a job with peace of mind, then life was not like this, but they were used to their respect.

Wu Zhuolin was impoverished and could not even pay the rent. She was ruthlessly rushed out by the landlord. Her behaviors made countless netizens call the Xiaolong girl too uncomfortable.

You might say that this is the same, is Wu Qili, a mother, does not care about it? In fact, Wu Qili was in charge. Of course, Wu Qili was opposed to Wu Zhuolin's marriage.

She once publicly expressed her disgusting to Andi, saying that she had broken Wu Zhuolin, and she was with Wu Zhuolin for money. We think Wu Qili is not worrying, but Wu Qili is not qualified.

Although her mother, she never fulfilled her mother.

Compared with the other half of the unreliable part, Wu Qili, a mother, is the culprit that caused Wu Zhuolin's life out of control and difficulty returning. Since Wu Qili's mother, the three generations of women Wu family have always lived in a vicious circle of one generation of abuse. Each generation has vent a negative emotions that fail their feelings to live on their daughters, and then make another copy of themselves. Essence

Therefore, all the disasters of Wu Zhuolin rose from her. In childhood, she was blamed and scolded, and she was exposed by her mother under the media lens. Although Wu Zhuolin was under the name of the "Little Dragon Girl", she was under pressure. If the children grew up with love, Wu Zhuolin could endure the blame to grow up.

Because of her unqualified mother, she has her daughter now. Although she loves her daughter very much, no matter what her daughter has done, Wu Qili is the person who is the least qualified to blame her, because what causes you to plant fruit.

It is because of not getting love that Wu Zhuolin is particularly eager to love and the care of others. Instead of saying that Andi is her girlfriend, it is better to say that she is her mother, because Andi makes her feel love. This kind of love is also what she is particularly desperate for her particular desire. Essence

Wu Zhuolin originally felt that he had found love, but he did not expect that all his feelings would change. Regardless of your family or love, he couldn't control it many times.

For various reasons, many couples in reality have too much time to become loved ones, and they will become strangers first. Even if they can reach the end, there are not many people who finally move towards the first.

At the beginning of a relationship, everyone wants to end from one time, not only Wu Zhuolin, everyone is the same. Although there is such a relationship, the chance is too small, and the relationship will change with various aspects.

If you believe that feelings will continue, then there must be someone who loves you around you, let you feel at ease, and let you realize the value of this relationship.

There is no difference between the feelings in the world. If you feel happy, then it is worthy of recognition. But if it is not reliable, it will only make yourself fall into the pain of marriage and unable to extricate yourself.

Wu Zhuolin longed for marriage and family and new life. To put it bluntly, she longed for love. In order to get love, she chose to escape the suffocating mother to go to the elderly girlfriend. In order to escape the original ecological family, she chose to get married. This is really sad.

There are many such people in life. They feel that marriage is a way out and a life -saving straw. In fact, it is really not. This will not only get redemption, but also cause themselves to fall into another pain.

As in a saying, getting married in order to get rid of an old life, the result will only fall into a worse new life. There are many ways to rescue self -rescue, but it does not include an explanation of itself to an unreliable object.

In the end, I would like to bless Wu Zhuolin. May she know what she wants soon and don't continue like this, otherwise it will always be herself who will be injured.