Drug abuse, jail, homosexuality, she changed herself from a good girl to a bad girl who was bored with everyone

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Drug abuse, jail, homosexuality, she changed herself from a good girl to a bad girl who was bored with everyone

2022-05-14 18:16:32 19 ℃

Family affection, no matter how long the distance is over, no matter how long it is separated from the outside, it will not be alienated because of the outside.

This is the perception that I have recently revisited the touching American film "Born". Every time I watch it, I am moved by the kind of blood that is expressed in the water. Whenever we, loved ones will always be unable to give up.

The plot is about a little sister who has never seen each other because of her parents' divorce. Because of a summer camp event, they were surprised to find the interest of the two. The photos of being divided into two halves have confirmed each other's relationships. Through their efforts, they let parents break the mirror and reunite, and always live a touching story together.

Once the film was released at that time, it was well received. In fact, the story was not so new. The performance of the small protagonist in the play was the key to everyone's love. Lindsay Luohan, who decorates two corners, has become a hot child star with her talent. People are looking forward to her blooming the world after growing up. However, will people's expectations become reality?

Linchelhan was born in New York in 1986. When she was three years old, she became a hot advertising child star, taking photos and advertisements for toy anti -fighting city, Pizza Hut, etc. These are the best in the children's field. industry.

In 1998, Disney began to prepare for the filming of "Born Better". As soon as the news came out, it caused unprecedented sensation in the United States. Numerous parents knew that if they could become the starring actors, they successfully opened the door of the entertainment industry. After all, Disney's appeal will never be ignored. Among them, it includes the parents of Lindsay Rohan and the parent of Scarlett Johnson, the role of "Black Widow".

It's just that the performance of Lindseo Luohan in the end impressed the director and producer. Although Scarlett Johnson finally made his debut with "Horse", he was compared with Lindsay Luohan for ten years. It was also suppressed for ten years.

If Lindsi Luo Han can walk on the road of performing arts correctly, even if she has no outstanding works later, she can also have her own place in Hollywood with "Born", "Bad Girl" and "Black Save". However, however There is no if there is no in the world, Lindsay Luo Han finally became the "bad girl" in people's eyes!

There are two types of child stars. One can go all the way, through their own efforts and good resources, and eventually become a generation of superstars; there is also a child star, who is famous at an early age, but the huge reservation field in the entertainment industry has also lost his direction. As a cash cow, they also let their psychology began to be morbidized. Lindsay Rohan is this kind of child star.

At the beginning, Lindsay Rohan was indeed a little girl that people loved. At that time, she was innocent and lively, loved, and people also expect her to become the future American sweetheart or the top star of Hollywood. After such capital, after "Born to Birth", another "Bad Girl" made her set off the "Luo Han" style in the world. At that time, there was only one person who could compare with her. Her name was- -"Little Sweet" Britney.

At that time, their youth was young, and the youth made them vibrant, and they were also sought after by the world because of the exquisite Rongyan. Britney's pursuit includes Prince Harry in the United Kingdom, and Lindsay Rohan has never been a lack of rich second generation. If life is just like the first sight, how beautiful it should be, however, everyone will grow up, and they will face this difficult world.

I do n’t know when it started. When Lindsay Luo Han appeared in front of the world, he was always mentally stunned. The keen reporter quickly started to sneak shots of her. The final result was already in the hearts of the world. This one Genius girl finally bought the old road of most of the American child stars -puppet medicine.

As early as 2007, she was arrested by the police twice for driving and sucking powder twice after drinking, but at that time, she was executed for three years. Her bodyguard later said that during that time, he needed countless times from the bar. Take home, and then test her nose every morning, and I have determined whether she is still alive. In court, she cried and said to the judge that she would change her before. Because of her sincerity, the judge moved the heart of the national daughter.

However, she was caught by the police again and again, and she had exploded 10 drug use experience, but no one could really know the specific number of times. The number of times can be made into a pair of Jiugongge, which also caused the people to be disappointed with her, but they still believed that she would get lost and continue to give her a chance.

At this time, Lindsay Luohan acknowledged his homosexuality, which caused unprecedented sensation at the time that the United States, which was open at the time, and from then on, Lindsay Luo Han completely started his downhill road.

The picture here is not Linkocomya's same sex, but the stills of "Bad Girl" stills

There were two best girlfriends in Lindsay Luohan. Their names were Paris Hilton and Britney Spels, but slowly, Lincher Han began to have countless in order to take advantage of her cheap Men and a group of the same addicts. It is said that the best "poisonous friend" of Lindseo Luo Han is Paris Hilton. It's just that the lady circle is just the entertainment method of the Miss Hilton family, but it is all of Lindsay Rohan. However, the Lindsay Rohan at that time had long been obsessed with the anesthesia world and could not extricate himself.

In the end, Lindsay Luohan's same -sex relationship ended with her girlfriend's house. In the second year, she was revealed by the media with a second -generation Russian rich in Russia, but this relationship gave Lindsay Luohan only The endless domestic violence was almost stripped of clothes on the beach. The former national daughter became today's situation, which is really embarrassing! The first film reward of Lindsai Luo Han was 3.5 million US dollars. By 2013, her film remuneration was 3,200 US dollars. Scarlett Johnson is a natural difference.

In fact, Lindsi Luohan's popularity in China is not too great. Her brilliant career period has not yet begun to introduce foreign films on a large scale, but domestic people still know this girl, and the source of those who knows even all the source of understanding all the sources of understanding. It is about her negative scandal. The appearance of Lindseo Luohan has also become the reason why she can't explode in the country. Although she blonds her blonde and her body is hot, her freckles are the original sin that the Chinese cannot accept.

In 2014, the "bad girl" came to China for the first time. The enthusiastic Chinese fans used their love to support the declining Lindsay Luohan. This warm Chinese journey also made Lincai Luohan grateful for this oriental place since then. In fact, we never regretted her. Sometimes I think that if she grows up in China, maybe she will not be in contact with those powder, and she will not get drunk but is accustomed to it. Maybe she will also experience rebellion, but will there be a better ending? We don't know, because life is not if.

Today, she has long been away from the Hollywood Fame, and opened a bar named after her name in London, England.

Some media have photographed her now. The face that has been destroyed by alcohol and drugs has begun to bloom with a smile. Maybe leaving Hollywood is the best redemption to her.

I hope this "bad girl" can find her true happiness. In fact, I have never walked through her for a long time. The only girl who was once known in history that was comparable to Bo Ji Xiaosi left me not only completely sinful sin , Numerous smiles will always stay in my memory forever until forever.

I hope her for the rest of her life can spend it in happiness. After all, she is only 36 years old, and there are countless time to prove: I, Lindsay Luohan, not a bad girl!