The magical objects in the foreign body, which one do you want to have most

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The magical objects in the foreign body, which one do you want to have most

2022-05-14 18:17:07 7 ℃

The scoring of the online drama "Foreign Body" flew up and received unanimous praise from the audience. There were a lot of magical objects in it. Which one do you want to have most?


An ordinary old photo has the ability to lock people in, and several people have rely on this photo to danger. However, the photo can only lock one person and cannot consume items.


The key has the ability to shuttle through the space. Open the door with the key. This door becomes any door and can reach the place you want to go, except for the door.

vanishing cream

Snow ointment is the item used by Mu Xiaoshu in the league. It can change the appearance and even change the clothes, but the time limit is only three minutes.


The camera is a three -legged object. As long as you take a picture, it is equivalent to keeping a backup. Even if the place where the photo is taken is severely damaged, you can use the camera to take it back to restore the scene back.


The finger is an aggressive object that can be taken from the air. Originally in the hands of the three -legged Wu, Lu Ping, who was later won by Wu Yi Gao Qiang, was even more powerful.


The mirror can be connected to the mirror space, moved in the reality and the mirror world. It was originally in the hands of a painter who loves art to crazy, and was later taken back by Shi Jian and others.

Eight -tone box

The octagonal box has the ability to control spiritual control, which can affect the thoughts of others. When you hear the sound of the octagonal box, you will fall into confusion. He is controlled by the holder. It was originally Xu Liang and was recovered by Shi Jian and others.


The bracelet is owned by Uncle Lu Ping and can make the avatars, but almost all the objects will be limited. The more avatars, the worse the strength will become.


Ruyi is a three -legged object. The ability is to track people. It is the GPS of the Republic of China. Mu Xiaoyun is grasped by Ruyi. And Ruyi can also be used to find other objects.


Mu Xiaoyun has been wearing this vest, which can exempt the damage. It seems to have a second life, and the bomb in his forehead can be safe and sound. It is also with the vest that Mu Xiaoyun dares to play with the Russian turntable with peace of mind.

Silver needle

The silver needle is in Shi Jian's old classmate Yang Song's hands. The ability is to divert damage. Yang Song, who was originally Chinese medicine, was pierced into the acupuncture point to make others dumb.


Walnuts can control metals, a bit like Magnetic King. Alliance second leader Wu Jiandong's objects.

Fish pendant

Fish pendant has the ability to control water and has been worn on "mermaid" Chang Yong'er. Chang Yong'er has fish gills behind her ear. It can only survive in the water. It cannot be more than half an hour on the ground. It can only live on the ground to live normally on the ground with the water control ability of fish -shaped pendants.


The alliance leader Chang Qing's objects can make other objects do not work. Shi Jian wants to use walnuts to deal with her. Because of the existence of glasses, walnuts have lost their effects, but glasses are invalid for the pocket watch of controlling time.


The very important objects in the alliance can hear various sounds. The user has a hearing beyond ordinary people, so the radio has been in her hands to obtain information for the alliance.

desk lamp

Lighting the lights can blur the actual objects and achieve the function of penetrating the wall.

Huarong Road

Huarong Road is a three -legged object that can create an air wall. Move the wooden blocks of Huarong Road. The air wall will also move to achieve various functions such as attack, defense, and sleepy people.


The wood was found by He Chuan in the juvenile class. He has the ability to predict the future. He Chuan rely on it to reach the pinnacle of life, but he also predicts the death of his daughter, so he wants to find all objects to destroy it.

Pocket watch

The object of the pocket watch can stop the time, the user can restore the consciousness of being still, and the glasses are invalid.

Bubble pipe

The objects held by the young lady of Zhiwei, blowing out the bubbles can trap people inside. Once they are trapped, the objects of the trapped person will lose their ability, but the bubbles also have time limit.


The lamp rope is owned by the secretary of the three -legged boss. It can only be used in the dense room and connected to the lights to allow the two spaces in the dense room to switch.


The most single dog. I want to know what my girlfriend is thinking. Zhiwei can read the thoughts of others, and you can read the memory after taking the upgraded version of the medicine. It's just that you need to use eyeball objects, you need to buckle your eyes, the price is a bit high.


The opposite ability to the fish -shaped pendant can control the fire. The future predicted by He Chuan is that someone fights his daughter with smoke.


Earrings can eliminate friction, just like giving an opponent a pair of skates, making the opponent unable to stand at all.

He Chuan also has objects that can be used to exchange positions with insects, and there is also an object that can be used to attach, but there is no explanation of what objects are in the play.

All the objects were disassembled from the wooden kite. There were 72 pieces in total. As long as the 7 main objects were found, the wooden kite framework could be formed to destroy all the objects. People in objects will die, and He Chuan has gathered 6, including time ability, space ability, etc., proper protagonist templates.

There are other main objects that appear, crutches, pens, etc. do not know their abilities.

Mujie was originally the Mo family's things. As the leader of the Mo family, Lu Ping's Master was resurrected, but it became a stone powder. I don't know if it was cut or the screenwriter dug a pit.

At the end, the Coruster Breakthrough plan obtained by Mu Xiaoyun is more like an experiment to create a variant. Shi Jian, Chang Yong'er, Yueyue, Cao Wenzhao and others are all experimental objects.The experiment seems to be the ability to turn objects into an adult body. The five stages of the experiment are transforming the X gene.

Xiaoqiang's awakening, in the end, the appearance of uncle Qiang and the principal of the juvenile class, has been emphasizing not much time, in order to lead to the second season.

The Mao cheating team has always been good at digging pits and plot reversal. I look forward to solving the mystery in the second season and bringing more fantasy objects.

What do you want most of these capabilities?