The third day of the heat was launched, the screen brushed the screen and laughed out of the abdominal muscles.

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The third day of the heat was launched, the screen brushed the screen and laughed out of the abdominal muscles.

2022-05-14 18:16:14 16 ℃

When it comes to domestic comedy films, the audience will think of the happy twist team led by Shen Teng, "Charlotte Trouble", "Shy Iron Fist", and "The Richest Man of West Rainbow City" have achieved excellent box office results. Many of the burdens in it now seem to make people laugh.

In addition to the happy twist team, another branch of the domestic comedy is Jia Ling's team. After the release of "Hello, Li Huanying" in 2021, he won 5.4 billion box office. The "Chinatown Detective 3" released during the same period also helped Jia Ling. Become the highest female director in the world.

And Jia Ling also has a gold medal partner Xu Juncong. Whether it is Jia Ling's sketch or the movie, he can find him. This year, Xu Juncong also partnered with the top -running boy Yi Xi Qianxi to star in "Miracle · Stupid Child". The scene was successful.

At present, Xu Juncong has a new movie. The online movie "Tongshan Past of the Blacks under the Light" was launched on iQiyi to broadcast. In just 3 days, he rushed to the third place on the platform heat list. Miao's "Qi Tian Da Sheng" cannot be suppressed, so why is this movie so horizontal?

The replica "Let the bullets fly", laugh at the whole process

"The Past of the Tongshan of the Blacks under the Light" tells that during the Beiyang period, the psorians were overbearing, and the bandit "North Dog" (Li Chengru) pretended to be the handsome of Xuanwu and guarded the safety of the people of Tongshan Town.

And another bandit "White Tiger" (Xu Juncong) wanted to touch the fish in muddy water, he was pretending to be a northern dog, but was caught in prison for three years by the real North dog. After grabbing the news, I came to Tongshan to save people, but stirred up in this chaos.

The film is benchmarking "Let the Bullets Fly", whether it is a line or a narrative method. The story is very ironic, and a large number of "Jiang Wen" dialogue adds a lot of laughter to the heavy atmosphere. Life.

For example, when Baihu posted a north dog, it was found that South Cat was puzzled. But the white tiger said frankly that "the northern dog is famous, there is face in the rivers and lakes, and the tiger is not as good as a dog." But he did not expect that the dog was caught in jail for a day, and his fame was not enjoyed.

Putting a good tiger did not do it, but to be a dog for fame, the greedy snake swallowed, and in the end, it would only end with both hands. This wave of metaphors really worthy of repeated taste.

And when the fake North Dog and the real north dog are facing each other, the scene is even more funny. First, the brothers on both sides were paired one by one, but found that the white tiger was a woman. The South Cat could only let the white tiger play. Know.

The white tiger flying out with a long knife is really like that. The actions of all kinds of fighting are dazzling, and even shouted: "Try me!"

Good guy, a fierce operation is like a tiger, but it was solved by the North dog as soon as the shot. It was called the "face" scene. The barrage was completely defensive. Essence

Not only that, the film also has a pattern and feelings. As a bandit, the northern dog is righteous, pretending to be the masses of Xuanwu, and finally the brothers died. He was seriously injured.

But the Patsuma Marshal is just a famous. As long as the righteousness is still there, Tongshan will always have a new basalt to guard. The northern dog is a bandit and a hero. The little people can be frank in the troubled times. After reading it, I only feel enthusiastic.

Xu Juncong's funny ability is full, Li Chengru's acting skills burst

"Tongshan Past of the Light" is quite attentive in the casting, and the actor and the character are highly consistent. Let's talk about Xu Juncong first. In the blockbusters of "Hello, Li Huanying" and "Miracle · Stupid Child", although they are all supporting roles, he stands there when he comes with laughter.

This time in the new movie, the white tiger played by Xu Juncong can be said to be funny, and the broken mouth is nothing to do. When it was questioned by South Cat, when he was pretending to be a North Dog, he directly output a large line of lines in one breath, and he could feel him across the screen. The anxiety was corrupted, the exaggerated but unpretentious expression was inexplicable, and he could see that Xu Juncong's funny ability was full.

The old drama bone Li Chengru has a wealth of experience. In the "Six Groups of the Children", Zeng Keqiang, who is not revealed, left a deep impression on the audience.

The northern dog he played was calm, not angry, and was dismantled by the Xia staff. Instead, he did not change his face. There is no doubt about acting.

It is worth mentioning that there is also Yu Entai's joining in the movie. Lu Xiucai Lu Qinghou played in "Wulin Wai Biography" has long been a memories of a generation. There are also colorful performances in the big screen movies.

And this time in "The Past of the Tongshan in the Blacks under the Light", Yu Ensai played the South Cat as a righteousness. In order to help the northern dog lead the north, he also paid his own life. The liberation of the dead brothers is about to see, and the infectious acting skills can be seen in tears.

All in all, although "Tongshan Past of the Blacks under the Light" is an online movie, the texture is online, and the theme is not cliché. The use of black humor to the extreme can make people laugh. Big masterpiece.

In addition, the actor is also the extra points of the entire drama, especially Xu Juncong, which is not much. Every time he appears, it makes people look open. The strength cannot be underestimated. So what do you think of this movie?