In the past 20 years, the ten -year drama of "most healing people's hearts", the last two surpassing "The World"

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In the past 20 years, the ten -year drama of "most healing people's hearts", the last two surpassing "The World"

2022-05-14 18:16:33 13 ℃

It's almost half in 2022, but there is no domestic drama as a hot drama as "The World".

"The World" has been completed for a while, but the characters in the inside still stay in our hearts. Whenever they think of, they will have throbbing and feelings.

This drama writes the epic of a contemporary Chinese people, allowing the audience to see the changes of the times and the change of personal destiny.

For Yu Yu, the significance of "The World" is not only in the grand pattern and vision, but also to be cured by it.

In this complicated world, we all need love and redemption like the children of the Zhou family, and we also need to be as contented and brave as Zheng Juan.

In the past two decades, there are not many dramas of "healing people's hearts", but the girls still find ten, and the last two have surpassed "The World".

The first part: "Flying to the Sky" (score 8.1)

Starring: Zhang Yi, Yin Tao

"Although the feather hair is light and cheap, it can fly to the sky with gusts!"

At first glance, the name of this drama is very rustic, but in fact, it is very meaningful.

Since ancient times, Zhejiang Yiwu people have the business strategy of "chicken feathers to change sugar". In the play, Chen Jianghe's father, Chen Jinshui, is the leader of the "Sugar Gang". He often brings a village man in this way to make a living in this way.

Chen Jianghe was picked up from the snow from the snow. The nickname was "chicken hair".

Because of the accidental burning warehouse, Chen Jianghe left Chenjiazhuang in order to escape, and opened the road of making a living.

Since childhood, he has been dazzling about the business of "chicken hair change". He has also embarked on his father's old way. From a small business that is not guaranteed to make a large -scale international enterprise all the way.

Looking at it, the drama traction through the business structure of China's business through business entrepreneurship. Looking at it, it is precisely a cure story written to the underlying characters.

1. Striving hard, will eventually reach your dream.

Chen Jianghe and the heroine Luo Yuzhu were rolling up at the bottom society.

They are helpless, and they are normal, but they have never given up their struggle.

In order to make a living, they got up early and greedy, running around, suffering from cold eyes, scolding, worldly vision and life suffering, making them more frustrated and brave.

Starting from changing sugar in chicken hair, we later built factories, opened companies, and engaged in brands. This shows their keen smell for opportunities and the spirit of bold innovation.

2. Love can redeem everything.

The most touching thing in the play is the love of Chen Jianghe and Luo Yuzhu.

When the two met at the micro, they warmed each other when they were the most embarrassed.

Their love is pure and noble is not to ask for any return, just as Luo Yuzhu said, "I only live in Chen Jianghe in my life."

All kinds of misunderstandings, many obstructions, could not dismantle them, even if Luo Yuzhu got married and had a child, Chen Jianghe had no mustard, and he found her for eight years.

Luo Yuzhu is sharp and strong, and lacks a sense of security in her heart. Chen Jianghe gave her the most solid home, and she would have a bright future.

The two of them supported each other in their lives, shared with each other, and they were old and old.

Part 2: "Love Full Courtyard" (score 8.0)

Starring: He Bing, Hao Lei

"Destiny is destiny, the fate of the country, and the fate of personal."

This drama is the first TV drama work of the director Liu Jiacheng as an independent producer. There are not many publicity and no traffic actors. Each actor is carefully selected by him.

As a work of Jingwei Er theme, Liu Jiacheng not only valued the actor's acting skills, but also asked the actors to speak a Beijing dialect. What he wanted was the feeling of old Beijing.

He Bing, Brother Fang Zi, Li Guangfu, and Hai were all native of Beijing. They laid the tone of the entire drama with a mouth.

The most surprising cast is Hao Lei. She was not born in Beijing, but she learned Beijing dialect deliberately in order to perform the show.

Hao Lei, who has been given "Queen of Arts and Arts", is rare to play such a real and full and earthy character.

The entire drama revolves around the 1960s and 1990s, the years of the years and humanity in the Beijing Courtyard.

These powerful actors gathered together, and you can't see the traces of acting, as if they are people who grow in that yard.

The Siheyuan staged chicken flying dog jumping and garlic, and also had true, kind and beautiful, and countless righteousness and kindness.

He Bing played by He Bing, known as stupid pillars, but he was not stupid at all. He just did a lot of silly things that others seemed to see -giving the deaf old lady to the end, helping widows raising children, and paying for others.

Silly people have stupid blessings. Qin Huairu reads the kindness and sincerity behind his silly, and has exhausted a woman's tenderness and formed a home with him.

"Love Management" is the word "love". No matter how the times develop, only this word can show the beauty of human nature, and it is the most moving fireworks in the world.

Third: "Ordinary Years" (Rating 7.0)

Starring: Sha Yi, Xu Fanxi

"Marriage is also a kind of labor, and labor is the most glorious."

Looking at the actor lineup and the title, I am afraid that many people will not click on this drama, a comedian, a gold supporting role, with one or two old drama bones, what can you do?

The girl Yu brushed the show three times, indicating that it was really a bit watched.

"Ordinary Years", just like its name, tells the ordinary story that happened in an ordinary family in the same hall in the fourth generation.

There is no dog blood bridge section, and there are no exaggerated drama conflicts. The screenwriter collects the fines of marriage and child, buying a house, and living a life in life. It is presented on the screen in the most authentic way, giving a strong sense of substitution. The background of the entire story was in the 1980s and 1990s. Living objects such as bicycles, sewing machines, televisions, and recorders paved the sense of golden years.

In that simple era, people in the story have the most simple spiritual quality.

Li Dabao, the eldest son of the family, took on the family responsibility of the family. Like a father, he raised his brother and sister;

After demolition, in order to become a brother, he can give up the house that belongs to himself;

Grandma who has not married in his life, he respects it as a baby;

Of course, Li Dabao also had an imperfect side. Because he liked dancer Zhang Duoduo, he married Zhang Duoduo into his house in the name of "playing his wife" and could not get rid of the suspicion of "deceiving marriage".

This is also the biggest controversy in the play. It is gratifying that Li Dabao gave all his sincerity for Zhang Duoduo. In the end, Zhang Duoduo also gained a happy life.

The relationship between husband and wife, the relationship between brothers and sisters, and mother and child feelings have the deepest interpretation under the director's lens.

The fourth part: "Qiao Family Courtyard" (rating 8.4)

Starring: Chen Jianbin, Jiang Qinqin

"If you are in the quagmire, and you are heart -minded, you can see 90,000 miles of heaven and earth."

This drama is a work of Chen Jianbin and Jiang Qinqin, and it is also the work of the fifth -generation director Hu Mei. When he was broadcast on CCTV, he won the viewing championship.

The story of the Qiao Family Courtyard started with Qiao Zhiyong's writing in business. He shouldered the family mission, revitalized the door, and the world.

Looking at it, the play is really not cured, and even reveals many sadness and helplessness. A person who is concerned about the country has been imprisoned in Shanxi for 20 years and died in regret and helplessness.

But in the subtle point, this drama hides some dazzling human glory.

1. As the only daughter of the Lu family, Lu Yuhan grew up in a honeypot, but in the face of love, she showed the most brave and resolute side of women.

In order to fulfill Qiao Zhiyong's business dream, she stayed in the Qiao family and supported him for a sky, regardless of the ending, regardless of the return.

2. Qiao Zhiyong still looked up at the starry sky in the quagmire. He is a person with ambitions and patterns.

The interesting part of this drama is exactly the light revealed in the dark side of the human nature. In the cruel reality torrent, it is the hope and motivation of countless people to survive.

Fifth: "Little Woman Under Zhengyang Gate" (score 7.7)

Starring: Jiang Wenli, Ni Dahong

"The person who knows is halved, and there is no province."

In these two powerful actors, this drama will not be worse.

In many ages, women are basically a woman behind men, but the play is an absolute female lead.

After Xu Huizhen's failed marriage, she took her child alone, operating a small tavern to make a living, seize the opportunity of the times, and became a generation of female entrepreneurs.

People are named, and Xu Huizhen has wisdom and sincerity. On the first day of her receiving the tavern, she replaced the bad habits of selling water -mixed wine.

It seems to be the smallest business model, but she helped her open her reputation and lay the foundation for her future business empire.

However, Xu Huizhen's most admirable is not only the mind of business, but the dare to break the worldly boldness.

Faced with her husband's betrayal, she dared to divorce, and did not have so many small emotions of self -complaints. She loved and hate, frankly, and had a heroic style.

Facing Cai Quanwu, who was silent, Xu Huizhen looked through the hard work, kindness, and the "silly" persistence through him.

She did not cater to the rules of the world, boldly pursuing love, and harvesting a happy life.

At the same time, Xu Huizhen was still looking at the monster mirror. The snobbish villain and the traitorous and slippery people had a prototype in front of her.

All the healing forces of this drama come from Xu Huizhen. If a woman can live her mind and open, and the red dust is rolling, there will be nothing to trip her feet.

Part 6: "Wang Gui and Anna" (score 8.0)

Starring: Lin Yongjian, Haiqing

"Marriage is actually a shackle, or wishful or reluctant. Once you put it on, you will take the initiative to disarm because of the existing commitments and give up your freedom."

This drama is adapted from the novel of the writer Liu Liu. This is the most warm one in all the works of the six six.

There is no heavyness of "Snail House", the cruelty of "Double -sided Glossom", and some of them are just a story of an ordinary couple in the 1970s and 1980s.

Anna was born in Greater Shanghai and has a good family. Under the cooperation of her family, Wang Gui, an English teacher born in the countryside.

Because of the huge growth environment, many living habits and concepts of living habits and concepts occurred after marriage. Although they were difficult to get along, they were resolved by Wang Gui's heart with a "love wife".

The marriage between Anna and Wang Gui was full of chickens and dogs, but the audience could feel the beauty of marriage from it.

The fundamental reason is that the plot is very grounded, and there is no suspension and a mystery. Hai Qing and Lin Yongjian showed the rice oil and salt in family life with superb acting skills.

Even quarreling, their tone and lines are like a mirror, letting us believe that this is the couple in reality.

When interpreting the marriage between Wang Gui and Anna, it is difficult to use the word happiness to cover it. Since writing reality, there must be a cruel side. For example, the sharp contradiction between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law, Wang Gui blocked the University of Anna because of inferiority, Anna had never forgotten her excellent first love, and Wang Gui had also had throbbing young female colleagues.

They are not perfect in marriage, and they are not able to escape human desire and greed.

But what really cure people's hearts is that after experiencing all sufferings and temptations, Wang Gui and Anna chose each other.

There is a responsible binding behind this. What is more moving is love, because love can eliminate all gaps, because love can defeat reality.

In the end, the love between husband and wife is no longer a small love, but a big love, which can be tolerated, tolerant, complete, and dedicated.

In the era when our divorce is easy, the love and redemption between Wang Gui and Anna is the true meaning of marriage.

Part 7: "Ordinary World" (score 8.8)

Starring: Tong Liya, Yuan Hong, Wang Lei

"Everyone has a period of awakening, but the awakening morning and evening determine the fate of personal."

This drama is adapted from Lu Yao's novel of the same name. For the original fans, the TV drama processing has been processed, and the plot of some characters in the original work has been removed, but the drama still scores 8.8 points.

From the perspective of TV dramas, the show is definitely a sincere work. Whether it is director or actor, it has made every effort to present the bottom life of the people of Shaanxi.

The thick loess, the windy sand, the rough skin on the people's faces, are telling the hardships of life.

In that barren era, Sun Shaoan, Sun Shaoping and Tian Runye, who were poor, were fighting in their own ways and life.

Sun Shaoan, who does not have much culture, is carrying the livelihood of the family, working hard like an old ox.

His ideals have never been a three -pointer in front of him. He wants to bring the people with thousands of bottom people to live a good life together.

Sun Shaoping studied in high school with a huge pressure. He had a grand dream in his heart, but had to succumb to reality because of poverty. Fortunately, there was a girl like light, which illuminated his entire youth.

Tian Runye is the existence of Bai Yueguang. His father is the secretary of the village branch. He graduated from the teacher's specialty. He has both talents and beauty. He also has a sincere and kind heart, but has suffered emotional frustration, but she has never given up on love and love and love and love Free pursuit.

The three representatives in the play saw the pain and suffering of young children on the loess high slope.

But regardless of the spirit and body of life, all the sufferings will eventually pass, and look back at your footprints. The rest is only relieved.

The most healing heart in this world is the strong vitality of the people at the bottom.

Part 8: "Our Fourth Years" (Rating 7.3)

Starring: Jin Shijia, Chai Biyun

"That's forty years when ambitious aspirations have bred countless possibilities. There are laughter, tears, vitality, decadence, sweetness, absurdity, and confident and confused forty years."

The forty years described in this drama were from 1978 to 2018. By portraying characters such as Fengdu, Xicheng, Xiao Zhan, to restore the youthful memory of a generation.

The starting point of the screenwriter is TV. The leading actor Feng has taken the inextricable bond with it from the first time to see the TV. From modified TV to the establishment of a film and television company, he stepped on the peak step by step and became the winner of life.

The West City played by Chai Biyun is also unique. A girl who lives a living for a "chess" is separated and unreliable, but it has practiced a strong heart.

Facing the ups and downs of fate, she has always faced the difficulties, and she has gained the completeness of life in the unyielding.

Seeing this drama is the struggle of youth that never stops, and it is a dream and emotion in people's hearts under the special historical background.

It is not shameful to talk about inspirational. Each generation has its own historical mission. All success is the fruit of the little people and the medal of the times.

Part 9: "Shan Haiqing" (score 9.2)

Starring: Huang Xuan, Zhang Jiayi

"In fact, life is the same as the stream. Only when we remit into the big river, strive to split the mountain and cut the soil, can we have hopes to run into the sea. If you lose your courage, you will become an inland salt lake until it dry up."

This drama can get more than nine points of high scores. It is true to return. The reason why it can move the audience is the only word.

1. Taoism is true.

The play restored the poverty alleviation work in the West Sea area in the 1990s, and since poverty is poverty.

So we saw that the clothes worn by the actors were not neatly ironed in the play, but wrinkled, faded, worn, patch, and felt that they were baptized by wind and sand.

2. The scene is true.

The West Sea is located in high altitude areas, and geological and climatic conditions are very bad.

So the scene we saw was the high slope of the loess, the sky was yellow, on the ground, the wall, and the inside and outside of the house had traces of sand.

3. The performance is true.

All actors have abandoned exquisite makeup, and some are just thick skin, cracked lips, messy hair, and deep face lines.

As long as they stand there, they will tell the pain of poverty silently.

In order to make the characters more realistic, the actors and locals have learned pronunciation and try to maximize the restoration.

What is more valuable is that despite the difficult shooting conditions, no actor has fallen behind, and everyone shatter themselves and pierces into the role.

In this drama, we see the toughness and persistence of "poverty alleviation cadres", and we see the fate of the fate of villains such as Madford, Shuihua, and Debao.

Poor origin has given them sensitivity and inferiority, and also gives them the power to die.

Part 10: "Parenting Love" (score 9.5)

Starring: Guo Tao, Mei Ting

"You said that this fate is strange, it is not windy or rainy, the wind and the sun will tease people."

This is a drama that is tireless. After watching how many women want to be Anjie, they want to meet a Jiang Defu.

But in real life, Jiang Defu and Anjie may not be together.

One is an officer who can't climb high, and the other is the young lady of the downturn. The completely different class is not matched.

But the two people like this, in the staggered fate, love each other, and love to die.

Da Lao Jian Jiang Dafu was willing to "talk about hygiene" for Anjie, and even not afraid that others would label him "afraid of his wife".

After marrying Jiang Defu, the exquisite and particular about Anjie gradually converged the temper and willfulness of the young lady, and learned to take care of a family.

After 50 years in the stumbling stumbling, they pulled five children. By the time when they looked back in the past years, they felt that encountering each other is the happiest thing.

There is no mixed conflict in the whole drama, but just to tell the parents of the parents of the parents of the parents, eat and drink.

If "Wang Gui and Anna" restore the true marriage, then "Parental Love" sprinkle a little more sugar on the basis of the real basis, making people find more tenderness.

Guo Tao and Mei Ting's superb acting skills present the fireworks in the marriage, with a soothing plot rhythm, making people be cured every time.

Hea girl says

These ten years of dramas have been the "most healing people's hearts" drama in the past 20 years. Among them, the scores of "Shanhai Love" and "Parenting Love" have surpassed "The World" (8.1 points).

No matter what the score is, you don't have to compare it deliberately. These good dramas bring us the most important thing.

We like to watch the drama of the age, and like the taste of time, touch it carefully, we can always see different light.

Those stories that happened in the rustic New Year, hiding the most authentic side of the fireworks and human nature of the world.

Which one do you like most in these ten years? (Finish)

[Yu Yu] Record the sudden changes in the entertainment industry, thank you for your praise and attention!