First -level actors from rural areas, because they do not want to be a "house slave" in a big city, choose to return to the countryside to enjoy the countryside

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First -level actors from rural areas, because they do not want to be a "house slave" in a big city, choose to return to the countryside to enjoy the countryside

2022-05-14 18:16:55 7 ℃

Speaking of the variety show "Star Avenue", everyone will think of Wang Erni for the first time. She was the hottest player in "Avenue of Stars", not only won the honor of national first -level actors, but also on the Spring Festival Gala stage. However, today Wang Erni couldn't even buy the house and decided to return to the rural farming life. What's going on? Let's take a look together.

Ordinary origin, keen on literature ,

Wang Erni was born ordinary, from a small countryside, and his parents were simple rural people. Parents live on land, and their annual income depends on those few acres of good fields. Although the family was poor, her parents did not grieve her, and supported Wang Erni to school. During school, Wang Erni found that he did not like to learn, but was keen to dance and sing.

However, at that time, Wang Erni only took singing and dancing as a hobby, until she later met a teacher at a certain art college, and then she had the idea of ​​Kaoyi School. To be honest, at that time, art students did not eat incense, especially ordinary people wanted to be artists. They were simply dreaming. Even so, Wang Erni's parents chose to support their daughter's hobbies. Even if they were sold to sell iron, they had to put on the tuition of the art school for her daughter.

Wang Erni knew that tuition fees were not easy. During school, he cherished every chance of learning and worked hard than anyone. But at the time, she was not only undergoing academic pressure, but also facing the pressure of life. Parents are hard to give her even tuition money, let alone living expenses. At that time, Wang Erni always ate the worst meal of the cafeteria. It only spent two or three dollars a day. Sometimes spending a penny, he might have no food to eat.

Amazing is amazing, don't forget the original intention ,

Fortunately, life did not overwhelm Wang Erni. In the end, in the "Star Avenue", it was amazing and changed from pheasant to a phoenix. With the popularity of "Star Avenue", Wang Erni not only realized his dream, but also became a celebrity who was red. The most valuable thing is that in the face of fame and money, he can still maintain his original intention.

Wang Erni's parents are crop people. She knows that the farmers are not easy, so after famous, the money she earns is used to filial piety to parents and children donate to poor mountainous areas. Sometimes, she will contribute to the construction of her hometown. I didn't have much money left in my hand.

As we all know, the entertainment industry has been updated quickly. In recent years, Wang Erni's popularity is not as good as before, and even fell to a forgetful place. A few years ago, after she married her husband, she wanted to settle in Beijing, but she couldn't afford to buy a house in Beijing at all.

Return to the countryside, enjoy the pastoral ‍‍

In life, many people choose a loan for buying a house and become "house slaves", and Wang Erni is very simple. She couldn't afford to buy a house in Beijing, so she decided to return to her hometown and make it back to ordinary people. Wang Erni, who returned to his hometown, is also like many rural people. He lives low -key and simple, and gets up early and late every day.

Wang Erni likes to sing. After returning to her hometown, she did not forget her hobby. Whenever she was free, she would sing, and she always loved music forever. In fact, Xiaobian still enviouss Wang Erni's life today, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, far from the aura of the celebrity, away from the fame and fortune in the workplace, and living a leisurely and comfortable life. Seeing this, have you envy? How do you think Wang Erni? Welcome friends to leave a message below to share.