She used to be a sister of Hunan, and she married a giant low -key when she was popular. Now 52 years old still exists

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She used to be a sister of Hunan, and she married a giant low -key when she was popular. Now 52 years old still exists

2022-05-14 18:15:58 22 ℃

Hunan Taiwan is a TV station that many people love to watch, and many hosts of Hunan Taiwan are also loved by everyone. I wonder if everyone still remembers Hua Dan, who had been with Li Xiang and Shu Gao's name in the past? Unlike Li Xiang's youthful and lively, Shu Gao's natural affinity, Qiu Xiao is convinced by her tenderness and emotional intelligence.

Qiu Xiao went to work in Hunan Economic Television in 1995 and hosted programs such as "Lucky". Qiu Xiao belongs to the kind of gentle and intellectual woman who became famous for hosting emotional programs. Her emotional conversation show "True Love" was very popular, and Qiu Xiao, who had beautiful appearance, became the head of Hunan Taiwan at that time with her excellent hosting ability.

Speaking of Qiu Xiao, many people may think of Wang Han again. Because Wang Han was a partner in Qiu Xiao's work. And it is reported that Qiu Xiao is also Wang Han's Bole and benefactor. At that time, Wang Han was not the object of importance to the stage. It was Wang Han, who was aware of the hero of Qiu Xiaohui. Wang Han had the opportunity to come to the stage to host the show. In fact, Wang Han and Qiu Xiao co -host "True Love".

Wang Han's evaluation of Qiu Xiao was very high. According to reports, Wang Han said that he should find a woman like Qiu Xiao when he was looking for his wife. Wang Han's appreciation of Qiu Xiao overflowed with words. There are also reports that Wang Han once loved Qiu Xiao deeply, but Qiu Xiao, who was older than Wang Han, rejected Wang Han's pursuit. Some media said that Wang Han's wife Yang Lele actually had a little bit of resentment. As a kind of benefactor in his career, the emotional gossip girlfriend, I am afraid that they are all Wang Han's unforgettable people anyway!

In 2004, 35 -year -old Qiu Xiao married a wealthy businessman Wang Hui and gave birth to a son. After getting married and having a child, Qiu Xiao did not give up her career. Later, she also hosted programs such as "Who Bring Home". In 2015, Qiu Xiao also presided over the opening ceremony of the musician with Wang Han.

After the marriage, Qiu Xiao was still beautiful, and she also took her son to participate in the show. Looking at the photos and reports exposed online and reports, it is enviable. However, in the past two years, I have rarely seen the show hosted by Qiu Xiao.

Recently, Qiu Xiao appeared on the screen on a health program. She was a purple -red cardigan in a health show. She was still the woman who was so quiet.

Not long ago, some netizens took a group photo with Qiu Xiao. In the photo, the 52 -year -old Qiu Xiaotan made his makeup, and his face had no traces of time. The temperament was elegant and the beauty was not reduced.