Why are the screenwriters rushing up?

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Why are the screenwriters rushing up?

2022-05-14 18:17:22 12 ℃

Before the show was broadcast, the screenwriter apologized first?

On April 26, one of the screenwriters of the suspense drama "The Gate of Rebirth" Dai Zhengyang was dissatisfied with the drama, and posted a Weibo saying that this was to let his drama be lifted to others.

But before everyone reacted, he deleted Weibo, and replaced the post to say that he was impulsive and apologized to everyone.

Changle, another screenwriter of the show, also posted a Weibo, saying that although the file is uncomfortable, there is no need to scold, just watching the drama with peace of mind, "It doesn't matter, it must be bursting." This mentality is really confident in the quality of the play.

Good word of mouth is true

These two screenwriters really value this drama. During the current broadcast, they also interact with netizens and decrypt the small details and small designs in the drama.

It belongs to the teacher and taught the problem

But this also attracted some dissatisfaction of drama fans. After all, the highlight of the suspense drama is to guess while watching. And because different from the group situation, the speeches of these two screenwriters have different places, resulting in the drama fans that were confused by the plot.

Drama fans' views on interaction with screenwriters

It seems that the screenwriter still has to focus on the behind -the -scenes lesson to speak, and the audience can not allow them.

However, in recent years, more and more screenwriters have become more and more, and they are usually controversial in film and television drama plots and characters.

In the new version of "Tianlong Babu" in 2021, when Duan Yu saw Wang Yuyan for the first time, he was so nervous that he was so nervous to urine pants. This plot makes many netizens feel that this is too disgusting, and the adaptation is not a blind compilation.

Later, the "Family Father" and "Ling Zun" were also confused. The screenwriter Yuan Ban released the script of the controversial plot of the first encounter and the title of "Family" on Weibo to show the plot of the drama. There are entry and exit.

First encounter script fragment

"Family Father" is called script fragment

Regarding the wrong name of "Family Father", she said that her script was written like the book, and it should be errors. As for the plurine plot with great controversy, she replied to "play on the spot".

A response to the Weibo comment area

Although there is no problem for who is, I can feel it secretly throwing away the pot.

Compared with the new version of "Tianlong Babu" in the 21st year, the screenwriter of "Perfect Relationship" is to make the actor back.

"Perfect Relationship", as the first public relations professional drama, is very exaggerated, and is even condemned by professional public relations people and academic groups.

Especially the hostess Jiang Dalin's person, the silly white sweet Virgin loves the brain, and is basically not matched with the 27 -year -old returnee rich second -generation person.

At the same time, because the embarrassing acting skills of the female actor are also highly spit, the screenwriter "right ear" also pushed the people's rotten pot to the actor.

No matter what netizens ask, she will say a word, if all the supporting roles of a play are online, and only the heroine does not make joy, it is not a script problem.

But just this person, it is useless to perform flowers.

In fact, according to her thinking, it can also be a problem with other people and other people. After all, the script is fine. Except for actors' acting skills, the director level and the vision of the film can be problems.

However, it is more common that the screenwriter and the director and other teams are back and forth. The screenwriter of "Jade Face Peach Blossoms" was only three days when the show was broadcast, and it was no longer at time to open Mai Yan.

This drama is a costume drama adapted from the novel "Lady's Lady's Lady", but in fact, this drama is similar to the original novel, almost only the name left. The rhythm was slow and procrastinating, and the water injection was placed directly on the surface.

When the drama was just launched, the propaganda said that nine screenwriters were adapted by the novel. No wonder the adaptation is directly changed.

It's so surprised/dog head

In the face of not much Tucao, the "pen plowing", which is known as one of the screenwriters, has opened a Douban trumpet, and opened the pan in the drama group.

The plot was procrastinating because of the five -minute plot written by the screenwriter, and the director was filmed for fifteen minutes. The deletion of the highlight plot in the later period is also because the director feels that "the plot is too complicated, there are too many scenes, and it is not easy to shoot", and the pot is accurately buckled on the director.

Script expansion

Cut of highlight plot

Regarding everyone's casting a lot, he directly said that another male actor was more face. If the male actor sees him this sentence, he should also use the words of netizens to go back and forth.

Before the broadcast, the netizen talked about the male lead face value by the male lead directly to return to the large number

It didn't take long for the director to end up, posted a small loader, attached a screenshot of chatting with the chief screenwriter, questioning the true identity of the screwdrior screenwriter.

Only more than 200 people's drama groups ...

The editor -in -chief denied the post of the person in his team

The play is much more wonderful than in the play

The screenwriter in the post

Although they are all small sounds, the relevant large numbers are not clarified, which is equivalent to stone hammer. Although at this time, the play has just been broadcast for less than a week, but no one cares about it.

In addition to tearing with the director, there are also the screenwriter team.

Zhong Hanliang and Li Xiaoran's second play "There is You in this Life" originally had a good reputation. It was claimed to be the best starring two in recent years. As a result, the end of the end of the half was pulled down, the plot was not coherent, and some main characters did not explain clearly.

One of the screenwriters Yang Xiaohui posted in Douban that the finale she wrote was not like this at all. The current version was changed by the chief screenwriter Bonni.

Because she disliked her badly, she changed it

However, in the face of the clarification of this screenwriter, the chief screenwriter Bonni did not ignore her, and directly sent a Weibo to celebrate the finals, saying that "all criticisms are well received."No surprise, the plot is not responsible for the rotten end, and only the world of fans is angry.

Like the director and actor, the screenwriter is an individual with clear direction, and it also plays a key role in the quality of film and television dramas.So when there are problems such as bad plots or unreasonable people, they will be thunderous by the named name.

Because the ministry is high and low, the dog blood

But they are not like actors, and fans can speak on their behalf.So you can understand why they "rushed" for themselves.

In fact, this also shows that the screenwriter needs a greater right to speak in the production of film and television dramas.Such a good screenwriter can be responsible for his own works, and bad screenwriters will have nothing to do.