The richer, the more money you are!6 stars, regardless of the old age, are "ugly" for money, do not face

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The richer, the more money you are!6 stars, regardless of the old age, are "ugly" for money, do not face

2022-05-14 18:15:58 13 ℃

Otherwise, the stars do not have assets of hundreds of millions. In addition to filming and showing the show, they will also do business and live broadcast. Anyway, all projects that can make money will not be let go.

It is understandable to make money, but some of them are really ugly.

1. Yang Zi -Huang Shengyi

Recently, Yang Zi and Huang Shengyi have been on fire again, and they focus on selling bags in the live broadcast room. Not to mention, the acting skills of the Yang Zi and his wife in the live room are much better than the acting skills when they filmed.

As soon as the merchant took out a bag, Yang Zi took away, and announced that he would reduce the price of 9 products in the audience. The original price was 299 yuan, and he dropped directly to 1 yuan, scaring the merchant, shouting: Mr. Yang, no, no, you let me say something!

In such an old -fashioned script, Yang Zi still played very hard. The audience was red and red, and vowed to roar every "discount event". Huang Shengyi on the side was embarrassing, and his face read: Do I really want to make this money?

Some netizens said that they had been on this. Yang Zi promised to send various gifts during the live broadcast, but he did not receive it. Let's show that the stars selling goods is understandable, but acting to deceive consumers is really disgusted.

Moreover, Yang Zi's assets are rich, and he has a lot of income every year on the dividend of Juli Group. Huang Shengyi also said that Yang Zi spent 200 million pocket money each year. The trash cans in their family are luxury brands, and one is worth 60,000.

Such a live broadcast, probably because they can get the dividends that they can get, more than the golden puppet in "Tianxian". Sure enough, the richer, the more you want money!

2. Zhao Yazhi

Zhao Yazhi is the "not old goddess" in the hearts of many audiences. She has many classic works, and "White Lady" has become her representative role.

It stands to reason that Zhao Yazhi is not short of money. She has many endorsements herself, and her husband is also a well -known wealthy businessman. But she still chose to live a live broadcast, but she was very dedicated during the live broadcast, and the rollover was serious.

Other stars also know that cooperating with merchants, Zhao Yazhi made himself as a humanoid, and was completely unfamiliar with the products he sold, and the price was unclear. She only attached to the anchor occasionally, urging fans to place an order quickly.

How can you guarantee quality? Zhao Yazhi used her own reputation to make netizens pay. No wonder some netizens said that she just wanted to sit and earn money.

3. Pan Changjiang

In the past, Pan Changjiang was still a small actor that everyone liked. But now, in order to make money, he has "teared" his feathers himself, and he has ecstatic.

At the beginning, Pan Changjiang and Xie Mengwei's "Pan Ga's friendship" was the laughing stock on the Internet. Not long ago, the 315 party, Pan Changjiang was also named, claiming that he was promoted to sell goods.

Afterwards, Pan Changjiang claimed that he had never said this, and said that he just wanted to buy wine on the Internet. He did not expect the audience to be so malicious to him.

It should be a rumor, but it is not necessary to sell miserably. The stars are not short of money, especially the old artists such as Pan Changjiang for many years. He was often photographed from driving various luxury cars, and a white Bentley was worth more than 4 million.

In addition to luxury cars, he also has several real estate in Beijing. He had exposed his own residence while participating in a variety show. Although it looked simple, he had such a large large house in Beijing, and Pan Changjiang's assets were rich.

In 2021, Pan Changjiang said on the show that even if her daughter did nothing, she would eat enough, and the money at home could not end in her life. Why did he buy goods to make pension money in the past year?

4. Sun Yang

Not only the actor, even Sun Yang also "went to the sea" to live broadcast. Earn money, not cold! But during the live broadcast, he sat in front of the camera, wearing sunglasses, and performed a blind man. The number of fans had to reach 30,000 before he was willing to remove the sunglasses.

The audience managed to "see Fang Rong", and Sun Yang laughed at 50,000, and really regarded himself as "Yang Guifei". Later, it took 80,000 to hold a smile, and the gold mouth was opened until 100,000.

The live broadcast itself is nothing, but this wave of operations are like going to buy things. It was originally 30,000 to get it, but he added to 50,000, 80,000, and 100,000. He regarded himself as a commodity, and the audience was "leek", which also caused many netizens to dissatisfy.

Many netizens said that Sun Yang had no income after the ban. He could be a full -time coach and continued to glow for sports. But in fact, Sun Yang did not reach the point of "going". He had many endorsements on him, and the endorsement fees were unable to earn ordinary people for a few lives.

After being abandoned by capital, Sun Yang also gave up himself and pulled himself down the "altar".

5. Lin Zhiying

Although Lin Zhiying did not make a movie anymore, he was endless. It is rumored that he relies on racing companies, technology companies, and real estate business. There are a lot of accounts each year, and now there are already 1 billion net worth.

But even if he became a billionaire, he did not forget to "cut chives".

Lin Zhiying did not show old, so he used this as a selling point, claiming that he led the top team to develop beauty health products. But soon his products were faked by the official, saying that his product itself was harmless, but he did not have the beauty effect he promoted.

Even if the false propaganda, Lin Zhiying sold this product for 1080 yuan, the wholesale price is only 4 yuan, and the production cost is lower. Every time he sells, he can make thousands of yuan, and he can add a brick to his mansion. 6. Chen He

Although Chen He's reputation among the audience, there are not many film and television works that can be shot, but he is a proper rich man. In Shanghai, which is gold, Chen He has a double -layer villa with a garden.

Where did the money come from? There are many companies in his name, involving film and television, investment, e -sports, catering and other aspects. Among them, the hot pot restaurant "Xianhezhuang" is the most well -known.

In order to promote his own business, Chen He not only invited many stars to help out, but also often shot video with well -known Internet celebrities, and soon launched the signboard of "Xianhezhuang".

After the popularity is opened, the guests are constantly, and franchisees have also come. It is reported that Chen He's earnings alone, Chen He's income is as high as 190 million, making a lot of money.

However, the taste and price of "Xianhezhuang" have always been vomited by consumers, and franchisees have not followed the boss to eat meat, and many people have lost their family.

After all, joining is the decision they made, and it is impossible to find Chen He. So everyone should pollute their eyes, don't be blinded by the stars' halo and the illusion they made, and investments must be cautious!

As the saying goes: gentlemen love wealth, and take it. The stars are okay to sell goods and do business, but they should not use their fame to propagate to deceive consumers.

Don't chase the stars in an impulse. You must identify their words and spend more money on themselves instead of adding to the stars' pockets.