Princess Monaco disappeared for a year and returned, leaving the prince!Several escape for 11 years of marriage?

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Princess Monaco disappeared for a year and returned, leaving the prince!Several escape for 11 years of marriage?

2022-05-15 12:03:40 27 ℃

Fan said: Escape princess

Recently, the Monaco Princess Charlin, who has not returned in Africa for half a year, and her whereabouts, has finally returned to the public vision after 15 months of disappearance.

Her first came back was to have children with her husband Albert II and children.

A few days ago we wore Akris shirt skirts with Dior sunglasses.

Two shows seemed to be unhappy ... Some experts with limb language analyzed that although Xia Lin tried to smile, the smile was not reflected in her eyes.

Together with the two stations, they also strictly abide by the social distance, and the relationship was obviously wrong with the sweet period.

The problem, even the people who eat melon in the comment area can't stand it anymore.

In fact, the royal family has always had rumors of marriage. Xia Lin also disappeared from time to time, but every time Prince Albert was pulled back to "rumor".

Two days ago, the French media Voici broke out a big melon. It is said that Xia Lin and Prince have signed a "super confidential contract". The royal family pays her 12 million euros each year to "maintain surface peace" and cooperate with the "royal family shooting". F1 Grand Prix and Rose Charity Dance on July 8.

Having said that, Xia Lin and Prince, one is the "South African Mermaid" with amazing beauty, and the other is the "Diamond Prince" who inherited wealth and status. Another ending of Cinderella.

So today, Fanzhu told you what changes have been changed since Xia Lin's marriage to the royal family. Why do you always want to escape but can't escape.

Princess Transformers

Marry into the super royal family, why not be unhappy

Regarding the Monaco royal family, there is a story of a "700 -year curse".

It is said that Lannier I, the first ruler of the Monageri Maldi family, won a Flander woman after winning a battle as revenge on the cursed of the woman and all his offspring: "Grry People in the Maldi family will never find happiness in marriage. "

Another version said that a witch that was ordered by the prince cursed the family who had burned to the pillar of the fire. This rumor was widely circulated after Grace Kelly died of a car accident, and her children were indeed bumpy.

And Xia Lin seems to have become the latest proof of this "curse". Although she has the face value of the fairy, she married the super -royal family and gave birth to a pair of cute dragon and phoenix tires, but these years have not been happy to have been seen in the naked eye.

Style: serious decline in status, changes in style

During the peak, she was beautiful, blonde, white skin, beautiful, tall, modern and fashionable.

Standing with Prince Albert, it can be said that it is a pair of women's appearance!

In the early years, Xia Lin's dress was also a noble goddess Fan Er, with countless luxury items. Especially when attending the event dress, people are amazing.

The two sets of these two sets of the red carpet upper body with Prince Albert II were from Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney. The prices were 64000 and 32,000 yuan, which were very angry.

And no matter whether it is sexy or capable, Xia Lin can easily control it. Daily LOOK likes waist skirts, capable and soft. The following two sets of luxury brands from Switzerland Akris.

The trousers look really good, beautiful and beautiful ~

The favorite brand is as always, like this asymmetric lapel LV blue jumpsuit, priced at $ 4,800, Xia Lin is paired with the black and white Celine chain bag and Givenchy's high heels ~

Loro Piana, who loves the rich, has always been a very popular brand in Charlin. When visiting Tilis, she also wore a LP cashmere lattice shawl, which was more casual.

When Prince Albert recorded the 2020 blessing video to the public, he wore a cashmere turtleneck sweater from Loro Piana and a golden skirt of Ralph Lauren. It was comfortable with the festive atmosphere.

Some princess identity+fairy face value, the cover of fashion magazine or something, naturally home is commonplace ↓

During the disappearance of the disease last year, her ins also posted a photo taken in the early years, echoing the theme of Monte-Carlo Gala protecting the ocean.

Xia Lin in the photo is at the peak of the face value, wearing a sapphire diamond crown named Ocean, quietly in the water, and it is perfectly consistent with her swimmer's origin, which is amazing ↓

This crown was customized by Van Cleef & A treasures for Charlin, and it was also a wedding gift given her by Prince Albert II in 2011. There are more than 850 diamonds, a total of 44 carats. It is also distributed with 359 sapphire plus 11 large drills, the largest of which is 4 carats. At that time, Xia Lin was really bright.

However, in the past two years, the state of "mermaid" has gradually declined, and from time to time, she was photographed with a stingy face, and her expression became more depressed.

When participating in the F1 Monte Carlo Station presented the award to the champion, Xia Lin's face seemed to have a signs of collapse and was passed on for cosmetic surgery.

At the Christmas event in 2020, it was a new shaving of a punk hairstyle. The hair was shaved all the hair, with smoky makeup and large earrings, it felt a bit wild, like the big female owner to be blackened ... Later, I went to South Africa to raise a disease, and the whole person seemed to change someone. When taking a photo of the rhino horn propaganda for environmental protection organizations, he went to the waste of the soil wind, and had a fight with the South African villagers Charliez Selon, and performed "Crazy Max" in minutes.

There is still a pot lid in the middle, and the wild survival is staged.

The suspected "salary" came back this time, and Charlin also showed all kinds of power. Sadness is capitalized on the face, it is really sighing.

Marriage: The prince is too "blog love", the princess is very aggrieved

In fact, Charlin became like this. The biggest reason was that she was unhappy in marriage. Her husband was too "love", and her life was very aggrieved.

Don't look at the prince is now a bald middle -aged uncle, but he was handsome when he was young. Although he did not fully inherit the value of his mother Grace Kelly, it is also a personality.

As a recognized Playboy, the prince may always be romantic because of rich and willfulness. Before he knew Xia Lin, he was a master who was not short of beauty around him. The dating target was a big coffee level like "Black Pearl" Naomi Campbell.

There are also ordinary people who meet in life. For example, this "American Xiayuhe" named Tamala was a waiter. She met Albert during vacation in France in 1991. The two had a sweet three weeks together and left beautiful couple photos ~

And the Nicole Coster, from Dorge, arrived at France at the age of 18, first became a model, and later became the flight attendant of France. She and the prince met on the plane. It is said that "when she handed the plate to the prince, the prince asked her phone number."

The two were once affectionate. If they were not prince's father Lannier III opposed, Nicole would almost become the "quasi -daughter -in -law" of the Monaco royal family. Before the child was born, the two had been dating for 6 years ~

Albert and Nicole made public appearances in 2002

In 2000, the Prince met Charlin, who won the 200 -meter backstroke championship in the Mare Nostrum swimming competition. Xia Lin later recalled, "After seeing my swimming, Albert asked my coach to allow him to take me out. We were talking and laughing all night."

But the two did not develop further later, and it was not until five years later that Cape Town re -contacted in 2005. At the Turin Winter Olympics in February 2006, they officially appeared as a couple. Xia Lin said, "Albert makes me feel at ease, and we have a common passion for sports." Looking at the photos of the two people at that time, it was indeed "loved."

The attitude of the prince is really difficult to evaluate the relationship. On the one hand, he was also considered "dare to do" about the romantic debt left in the past. The illegitimate child came to confess his relatives, saw one to recognize one, and gave it to the material and name.

As early as 2005, the stewardess ex -girlfriend Nicole Coster came to confess his relatives with a two -year -old baby. Albert quickly confirmed his identity, publicly acknowledged the child and placed the mother in a villa in Paris. It not only gave high living expenses, but also visited the mother and child regularly.

In 2006, the year when he and Xia Lin had a public relationship, Jia Siming, the daughter of Tamala, "Xiayuhe, the United States", came to confess his relatives again. This time, the prince recognized the daughter quickly. Not only did she give Jia Siming's own surname, but she often took her to participate in various royal activities and invited her to play in the Royal Palace of Monaco.

However, the problem is that these old love prince never avoid suspicion. When I encountered it in public, I took my wife and the "ex -girlfriend" to take a picture (Xia Lin is also Real's good temper).

He even took a photo with his wife and an illegitimate daughter, and felt that Xia Lin's embarrassment would overflow the screen.

What is even more bloody is that during Xia Lin's South Africa, the prince's old love also stopped. At the Monaco Red Cross Dance in July last year, there was a figure of the king ’s ex -girlfriend Nicole and Prince’ s son Alexander (a bit scum). The mother and son were invited to attend the ball ~

At the beginning of this year, Charlin still unknown. The illegitimate daughter Jia Siming also took the opportunity to start the "Infinite Porcelain" model. On Christmas, without saying a word, he and his brother Alexander Alexander's photo PS Prince PS and Xia Lin's hand -painted family portraits made people call a good guy.

On New Year's Day, a "century frame" of four princes was released on INS. Xia Lin's prince Jacques was holding the little princess, Alexander was holding Jia Siming. The two boys looked at the thoughts in the distance. The little princess turned her head and showed very restrained. Jia Siming laughed very brilliantly. The embarrassment overflowed the screen again. Then, then, then

In fact, the heat of Jia Siming's royal family is not a day or two, but he did not see the prince's management. Ask Xia Lin to see the psychological shadow area when he saw the photo.

In the past two years, the prince has an illegitimate child to come to the door ... It is said that he was dyed with a Brazilian woman and gave birth to a daughter in 2005 (the prince was dating Xia Lin at the time). Believe that the child's fuck also took the legal procedure and asked Albert II to do a parent -child identification.

Although the prince is not ready to "recognize the account" this time, he still makes Charlin very embarrassed ...

Royal life: escape failure, negative resistance

The timeline of the prince's admission to relatives is basically coincident with the timeline that Xia Lin's start to associate. At that time, the news was boiling, and Xia Lin should also know the romantic debt of the other party in the early years. No matter what considerations, she still accepted the prince's proposal. However, the drama is that according to the news of the French magazine "L'EXPress", Xia Lin planned three times before marriage, and fled to the South African Embassy for the first time, failed; the second time he tried to escape in an event and failed; the third time; the third time; the third time; the third time They all ran to the French airport, but they were detained, and finally recovered by the prince's people.

It is said that the fuse was a rumor that Prince Albert had the third illegitimate child at that time, and the official responded that it was "ugly rumors caused by jealousy." However, although Xia Lin was wearing Armani Prive's luxury dresses at the wedding, she couldn't help crying many times, making it difficult for people to unlock a big scene behind.

As soon as we entered the giants, they were like the sea. Three years after "barely married", because she failed to get pregnant, she had a heavy responsibility for the royal family to continue the blood.

At that time, the "VOICI" magazine in France also broke the news that Xia Lin and the royal family signed a secret agreement: as long as Xia Lin gave birth to a legal royal heir, she could divorce, obtain "freedom", and obtained about $ 1 billion as an alternative. But in 2014, after Xia Lin gave birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix, the "divorce" was not mentioned.

She said in an interview with British media that she was very lonely here and had almost no friends. Breaking the news that he "difficult to smile" and "very painful" in the royal life, it is also "physically and mentally exhausted" for raising children ...

When she was in Monaco, she often "escaped" ROC Agel villa. The villa was given to Grace Kelly by Prince Lannier, only 20 minutes away from Monaco. There, she can wear jeans, hiking, gardening, feeding animals, and live a simple life.

The behavior of shaving in 2020 was also analyzed by experts as "silent resistance" -onia Lin did not care about the Royal etiquette. Perhaps because of major changes in her life, she may be seeking attention by changing her hairstyle.

However, these storms were "done" by the prince. It didn't take long for shaving her head. Xia Lin shared a close photo with her husband on the ins. It was also accompanied by a symbol of love. The relationship between the two was confusing.

Last year, Xia Lin went to South Africa to engage in charity and protection. After arriving, she could not return to Monaco due to severe otolahe infections. She stayed in the public vision for more than half a year and disappeared.

However, in South Africa's six months, everyone can obviously see Xia Lin's face overflowing and relaxed and happy smiles, just like reborn and bones ~

Where is this bitter beauty who failed to escape marriage at that time, and the bitter beauty of tears at the wedding?

In order to prove "no departure", the prince flew to South Africa to show affection. But this photo, whoever reads, wants to ask: If you are kidnapped, just blink ...

After finally in November, Xia Lin returned to Monaco, but began to go unknown.

The prince gave a response until Christmas and denied the marriage change first, and said: "After the princess returned to China, he was treated in a secret health institution. It was a few months before the recovery. ,Family life..."

Xia Lin's "high -profile return" beside the prince this time is also a "unable to play".

Why can't you escape?

The status is very different, and it is difficult for the civilian princess to

Many people will doubt that since Xia Lin has not been happy, she has repeatedly escaped in various ways, so why not leave? We are not the parties, and it is difficult to guess the true reasons behind it, but we can still infer some of the twists and turns.

No background, unable to compete

As a civilian princess, Xia Lin has a big difference with the prince in the background. The prince's family is a royal family with hundreds of years, but Xia Lin was born in a ordinary family in South Africa. The ancestors came to Africa because of escape. His father is engaged in sales, and his mother is a swimming coach.

Because of her mother, Xia Lin grew up and became a swimming general. She also represented the South African national team to participate in the Olympic Games, but she did not get particularly good results. It was because of swimming and the prince.

However, the Monaco people were very "disliked" about the civilian princess at first. Although Xia Lin was beautiful, she was ordinary and her career was not topped. From the beginning, we have been in a relatively weak position.

You must know that her mother -in -law Grace Kelly is much higher than Xia Lin in both backgrounds and her fame. In terms of career, before marrying into the royal family, Grace has become the Oscar film, and the "Back Window" and "Upper Society" starring in appear in the world have also become famous masterpieces.

Moreover, her family is very solid. Her father was three Olympic rowing gold medals. Later, business was also a millionaire in the construction industry, becoming a celebrity of the Philadelphia generation.

Because of the woman's rich family, Prince Lannier also wanted a high dowry to ease the economic crisis of the royal family. Grace's father said that his daughter did not have to pay for anyone's dowry, and finally paid $ 2 million for her daughter to marry Monaco.

Even so, Grace Kelly, who married into the royal family, was regulated everywhere. "I feel like a prisoner in a gold -plated cage behind the palace wall", not only withdrawn from the film industry forever, but also suffers from rumors of her husband derailed. When she was young, Diana had seen Grace at an event and revealed her inner distress. Grace also told Diana: "The royal life will only get worse and worse." The ending of the two was exactly the same, and Xia Lin seemed to be in the back of her mother -in -law.

In contrast, another princess who really escaped, Princess Dubai, won the tough background of her as a princess of Jordan.

It didn't take long after Haya escaped, Jordan made her a senior diplomat at the embassy, ​​allowing her to exempt and protect her diplomatic exemption and protect in the UK in accordance with the Geneva Convention. So the Dubai chief dare not dare to make her easily, otherwise it is easy to evolve into diplomatic incidents.

With the help of the maiden family, Harah finally won the divorce lawsuit, and received a total of 554 million pounds (about 4.73 billion yuan) of the sky -high price compensation and the custody of two children, which became a single single of happiness and richness. Rich.

"Cinderella" Xia Lin, who has no career and two backgrounds, has no ability to compete with the royal family from beginning to end or end. I can't run away, I am not reconciled and unhappy, I can only write "forced to open" on the face. This embarrassing and polite smile, your product ↓

△ Strong Yan laugh.jpg

The royal family needs her, reluctant to be a child

After 15 months of struggling, Xia Lin still decided to return to the tool person to cooperate with the "business". On the one hand, it should be forced by the pressure of the prince and the royal family: in order to do a good job of face project, they all need this fashion princess and beautiful love story , Even if it only maintains the surface of peace.

In addition to the royal family's pressure, Xia Lin himself was reluctant to have two lively and lovely children, but she was unable to have the ability and conditioned like Haya.

Dragon and Feng's fetus was very lonely during the time when she was not accompanied by her mother. The sisters and brothers also planted the next tree species from South Africa to express their thoughts.

Last year, the children spent with my mother spend the time go to South Africa in June. Some media analysis said that every time the family takes pictures, Xia Lin has tightly posted it with the children, and is far away from the prince.

Even though the two babies thought about it, Xia Lin did not follow Monaco last time. As a result, on the celebration of the Monaco Brother Guo in November, because there was no mother standing behind, the 6 -year -old dragon and phoenix tire can only show the cardboard with "Mommy I love you" and "I miss you".

After finally getting to Xialin back to Monaco, the two children tightly snuggled their mother, but did not expect to separate again. Mother and child/female, it is estimated that Xia Lin's compromise this time is to let the child's growth more accompany the mother ~

The economic situation is not good, there is no confidence

Except for "no one in the mother" and reluctant to be a baby, Xia Lin has been unable to run away, and there is another important reason, that is, the economy is not independent and not angry.

Although Xia Lin was married to the Monaco royal family of Fuliu oil, it was not possible to eat and wear, but she was actually a princess who was very "bad money" ... She was ordinary in her family. When she got married, she had 4 people. There is no dowry, which is far worse than her mother -in -law.

And Grace Kelly was one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood at the time, and also brought $ 2 million dowry to marry. Even in the end, she did not escape the fate of being imprisoned and derailed. Besides Speaking of entering the royal family is like the sea ~

Xia Lin after marriage is just bright on the surface. According to the French media that broke the news, because the member of the Monaco royal family was not a civil servant status and did not have a fixed salary, Xia Lin had no other source of income except for her husband Albert II.

According to members of the Monaco royal family, Xia Lin, as the princess, has a rich benefits, such as the annual installation fee is No.1, but this kind of benefit cannot be realized, that is, she can hardly have any cash flow to freely can be freely to freely. Demand.

Regardless of whether it is a divorce or a lawsuit or a complete way to run away from the royal family, it is needed, and it is a huge amount of funds.

Even the exposure of two dolls+about 268 million property from Harry, who fled Britain from Dubai, was very bad for a while (after all, from extravagance to frugality), in order to fight lawsuits and maintain their livelihood, it was forced to sell 15.6 million pounds in £ 15.6 million pounds. (About 130 million yuan) assets, including horses worth 10 million pounds and jewelry worth 2.1 million pounds.

And these, Xia Lin did not have all, so the reality of "she escaped, he chased, she was hard to fly" ...

Well, Monaco Princess Charlin's "escape" story, this time I will talk to you here. What do Fan You think about this? Welcome to the comment area to chat ~

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