Hong Kong Disneyland's large -scale parade returns to life?

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Hong Kong Disneyland's large -scale parade returns to life?

2022-05-15 18:03:57 24 ℃

Since January 25, 2020, "Disney Flying Tour" has temporarily performed. So far, nearly 850 days, the park has launched smaller projects for substitutes:

"Mickey and Friends Gathering Celebration", "Mickey's 15th Anniversary", "Pixar Shuihua Street Party!", "Mickey Halloween Play the Street Party!", "Duffy and Friends Dongxue Happy Tour", etc. It laid the foundation for the summer and Halloween in 18-19. It enriched the new normal festival experience in the form of the SHOW Stop interactive link Full Show Formation.

Although the busy time of the busy time and the crowds of the carriage are higher than the risk of infection of the outdoor performance crowd, the government has been banned from conducting the "parade" category entertainment program since the government epidemic. Park entertainment programs use theater animal performances and interactive stage performances. At the same time, there is no parade. Therefore, the form of performances outside the parade is not listed within the scope of epidemic prevention measures to provide basic daily needs.

However, for two years, the recognition of relevant government departments has always believed that Hong Kong Disney can only perform cruise in the form of "Disney Flying Tour". , Performing Artists did not introduce related projects with the word "cruising". They will only be referred to as "wonderful moments". Therefore, they have successfully avoided the government's epidemic prevention policy rules and appeared in the past two years. Frequent small patrols.

In the interactive session of the SHOW Stop, Full Line Up passed the same ornamental point for about 9 minutes, which is slightly longer than the "wonderful moment" such as "Pixar Shuihua Street Party". Although there is a lot of opportunities for epidemic prevention measures for a long time, "cruise" or it has always been difficult to come back well, but if the "cruise" becomes another meaning, the performance content maintains the essence. Suddenly, the "Disney Flying Celebration Celebration" appeared on the parade route.