Gu Huishan broke up with her boyfriend!The brokerage company admits that it is to build a new album.

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Gu Huishan broke up with her boyfriend!The brokerage company admits that it is to build a new album.

2022-05-15 18:02:00 30 ℃


New Gold Medal Entertainment Observer found that many people have recently discussed that Hui Huishan broke up. It turned out that she recently showed a new content and said she broke up with her boyfriend. But this incident reversed again. The brokerage company acknowledged that this was to build a new album for Ge Huishan. What do you think?

The first question: Did Hui Shan really break up with her boyfriend?

New Gold Medal Entertainment Observer knew that Ge Huishan had become popular because of the Korean drama "Fantastic Men" before, and later became married because he married An Zaixian and divorced. Originally, everyone was sympathetic to Huishan, but later, as things continued to expose, many people found that Hui Shan didn't seem to be so innocent.

This time, Hui Shan took a recent photo and said that he broke up with his boyfriend. Many people remembered that a few months ago, Hui Shan said that he currently had a stable boyfriend. Many people thought that Hui Huishan met the scumbag again, so she sympathized with her.

However, some people soon discovered that Ge Huishan's breakup was not so simple. Because of the recent publication of the piano album of Gu Huishan, some netizens speculated that it looked like an advertising concept. In this regard, the brokerage company also responded: This is indeed the content of the advertising.

The second question: Can Gu Huishan's passerby still come back?

At this point, everyone understands that Teacher Gu Huishan did not really break up. All of this was for the new album. Some netizens feel that it is a bit inappropriate for Ge Huishan to do this. Fans are true and realistic about Gu Huishan. They just wanted to comfort the goddess. As a result, they found that they were just advertising, and they were not pitiful at all.

Because of the divorce with An Zaixian, Gu Huishan had lost a lot of passers -like. Everyone thinks that Hui Shan will be like this for a while. After a while, the content is different, and An Zaixian is actually very pitiful.