Well -known writer Wang Hequan as a guest Hui faction sharing creative insights

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Well -known writer Wang Hequan as a guest Hui faction sharing creative insights

2022-05-15 18:02:59 27 ℃

The Xin'an Evening News Anhui Net Dahui News 42 years ago, the young people's Wang Hequan was full of creativity and respect for the old revolutionary district. , And become a long -lasting and widely chanted red classic. On the afternoon of May 11th, the famous noun writer Wang Hequan was a guest live broadcast by the Great Anhui and Essentials of the ancient 20 ancient Gongjiu Pulfu, sharing his unforgettable creative insights.

The path of origin creation starts with poetry

Hui Pai: There are many identities, the authors, poets, screenwriters, etc. are you first in love with music or text?

Wang Hequan: It is a poem. At the age of six or seven, in my rural hometown, my grandfather told me a word to me a lot of influence on me. He saw that I was sitting at the door and turning a book, and said to me, "You read others now, Watch it well, and I will write a book to others in the future. "The impression that this sentence is particularly deep. When I was in school, my Chinese grades have always been better. At that time, I was more courageous, so I dared to contribute to the newspaper. My first work was published in the 1968 "Chizhou News". I am very happy, walking all the way, and I took it out to see it.

I have been written everywhere and sent everywhere. In 1971, the Poetry Collection of People's Literature Publishing House, "OK!" Okay! "Bian Huan" was compiled, which was particularly encouraged to me. At that time, I was already a lathe worker in the radio equipment factory under the Anhui Broadcasting Bureau. It also often participated in some creative activities in the provincial and cities. Before turning from 1968 to 1976, I published a hundred poems.

Hui Pai: At that time, did you study poetry at that time?

Wang Hequan: During the third or fourth grade of elementary school, I started watching most of the heads like "Water Margin". When I encountered words that I didn't know, I took out the dictionary to check it; later I started reading poetry, such as Guo Xiaochuan and He Jing. The work, there are still on my bookshelf, and I took it out some time ago. Their poetry works have greatly inspired me to engage in poetry creation and let me learn a lot.

At that time, Hefei often organized various poetry activities, such as poetry recitation, and every time I had my work. Mr. Li Ting of the provincial drama troupe is that the mother of Jia's mother in the 87th TV series "Dream of Red Mansions" attaches great importance to my poetry. She said that my work is very suitable for recitation, not difficult and obscure. There is also a colleague of my father. Before he transferred to the job, he lived next door in the army's propaganda team and lived in my house. He had to blow a few times every night. At that time, I was a seven or eight -year -old child. He loved to listen to it. He taught me and kept blowing well. In middle school, he was solo or accompanied by classmates in the literary performance of school. So I have always had a lot to do with music, and laid a foreshadowing for me to go towards lyrics.

Turnful lyrics have the characteristics of poetry

Hui Pai: When did you start to formally turn to lyrics creation?

Wang Hequan: In 1976, the Central Broadcasting Art Troupe recruited a number of young creators between the 20 and 30 years of age in the country. They came to Anhui and wanted to see if there were young people who could write lyrics. At that time, the Provincial Radio and Television Bureau recommended me, and I went to work clothes. The comrades of the interview asked me if I could write the lyrics. I said I haven't written it. I have been writing poetry, but I am very interested in music. I have played bamboo flute from an early age and junior high school. In the practice book for the work, I copied nearly 20 scores. Every day, I went to Xinhua Bookstore, who passed the four -brand building every day. When I saw a new good song, I copied it there. After some conversations, the comrades of the interview asked me to make two works within three days to show them. I didn't know how to write lyrics at that time. There was a photo of Chairman Mao back to Shaoshan under my table. I wrote "Chairman Mao to our house that year". The comrades of the interview were surprised after watching it, saying that this is the lyrics, very good, I hope I can persist. Although I did not pass it later for various reasons, this incident made me feel that writing songs can be sung, which is wider than writing poems. Since then I officially started lyrics creation. By 1980, I wrote dozens of lyrics.

Hui Pai: Is such a transformation difficult for you?

Wang Hequan: Actually, good lyrics should have the characteristics of poetry, otherwise the works will be done. Poems in our history can be enjoined, such as the Book of Songs, Tang Poems, and Song Ci. The songs can be fixed, and many words can be filled in. However, the ancient spectrum method was complicated, and many spectrums were lost. The advantage of the notation was that many good songs were retained. Lyrics' creation did not weaken my interest in writing poetry. On the contrary, I got better. Because the lyrics must be combined with music, the writing must be suitable for singing. If the author ignores this and the melody has less melody, then the composer cannot resonate and cannot produce melody. Therefore, you must consider the possibilities of music while writing the lyrics, leave more room for music as much as possible for music, so that they can soar freely to produce a good melody.

Two peaks to go to Dabian Mountains twice

Hui Pai: Can you talk about its creative process?

Wang Hequan: In 1980, the Editorial Department of the Chinese Musician Association, the Editorial Department of the Song, and the Propaganda Department of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, the Anhui Musician Association, and the "Music" in Anhui Province carried out the "on the field of hope". A group of artists and Anhui counterparts formed a huge creative team. From Dangtu, Nanling, Li County, Qingyang, Chizhou to Huangshan, about a month, experienced life in southern Anhui, and produced one. The song "On the field of hope" in the first plan. I was very fortunate to participate in the event. Finally, everyone lived in Qixian and entered the creative stage for about ten days. At this time, Lei Yuan was born, and he was the composition of the Dabie Shan Shengle. In 1979, Marshal Xu Xiangqian returned to Dabie Mountain to inspect. Before returning to Beijing, he hoped that the Wuhan Military Region at that time could create a group of works like "Long March" to sing the Red Army of Dabie Mountain and Dabie Mountain. Because Lei Yuansheng returned to the army from the composition department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, this task fell on him. So, with a letter written by Mr. Bai Hua, Mr. Bai Hua, he went to Hefei to find the vice chairman, writer Chen Dengke, and Yinxing, the secretary -general of the Provincial Sound of the Anhui Province.

Under the recommendation of Chairman Chen and Secretary -General Yin, I met in a long time and officially joined their creation group. At that time, we talked about creative ideas in the hotel. First, the scale of the Wuhan Military Region Cultural and Workers' Troupe at that time was not large, and there were only more than 30 orchestral bands. If you want to be a huge work like the Long March Group, it is still difficult; the second is a successful large -scale group song. The works must be brought out after many performances, repeated modifications, and long -term polishing, and the Wuhan Military Region is a bit uncomfortable to bear this huge "engineering construction". Coincidentally, I just heard a record -Schubert's "Winter Journey", that is, string multiple solo songs to form a group song. This form is worthy of reference, and the performance time should not be too long. Just 6 to 8 songs.

Hui Pai: In one year, how to integrate so many materials to collect so many materials?

Wang Hequan: At that time, I asked the factory for more than 20 days to adjust their vacations to Jinzhai and collected a lot of materials, but I didn't have the idea of ​​how to build a specific framework of a group song. When I was chatting with the locals, I accidentally learned that General Hong Xuezhi, who left his hometown for forty years, has never returned. Some time ago, I said that I was going to come back to see the Spring Festival. By the end of my holiday, before leaving, I told local cadres that between April and Five months of next year, I would come, and then I would like to tell me about the old generals returning to my hometown. In the second year, I came to Jinzhai with more than 20 days of treatment, but unfortunately, the veteran still failed to return. But I thought about it, the veteran could not come back because of busy affairs, but I could "write" him back. As a result, a complete idea was formed in my mind. The veteran's hometown finally returned for many years. The most urgent thing was to go to the monument of sacrifice comrades first, and then talk to the older brother who participated in the revolution at the time. Then return to his hometown to see the folks, and finally bid farewell to Dabie Mountain.

Hui Pai: Two collection of winds has provided great help for your creation?

Wang Hequan: In fact, the first two sentences of the last word "Qingfeng iPhishine sleeves, step by step" is the earliest written in this group of lyrics. The two sentences of "colorful mountain flowers" and "beautiful green bamboo" in the middle were written by the last moment of the six words. At that time, I lived in Meishan Hotel. In the morning, I liked to go out. Climbing up the dam of the hotel along the road, halfway, I saw the azalea bloom, and the breeze shook off the dew; Essence I was inspired by immediately, because I didn't bring a pen and paper, I quickly returned to the room and wrote "the colorful mountain flowers, don't shake off your tears that you cherish; One year later, Lei Yuansheng arrived as expected, and he didn't even contact me in advance because he trusted me particularly. After I gave him the lyrics, he said, Brother, this is what I want, I will go to Jinzhai now. He stayed in Jinzhai for 10 days and created the song.

Come back to me, it ’s great, there is basically no objection, and the report leader passed once. As a result, this national tale porn music set "General of the General -Dabie Mountain Express", which was sung by the famous singer Wu Yanze, was first broadcast on Hubei and Central People's Broadcasting Station in 1982. Deep -dense records are released at home and abroad. In the same year, Anhui Television also filmed the music TV series "The Cradle of General" adapted from the set.

Inheritance parents should be proofed for their children

Hui Pai: Your daughter Wang Yajie is also a very good actor. As a father, will you share your creative experience with your daughter?

Wang Hequan: Parents now have high expectations for their children, but there is no necessity for the children's requirements for too high. I have a natural training for Wang Yajie from an early age. She is a literary worker and a soldier. I often tell her that she must do her job well, perform every play, and pay more attention to her public image. She has been debut for 20 years. She is a special zero gossip actor in the entertainment industry.