Under the sweet appearance, there is an ugly face, revealing the true face of the Korean volleyball beauty Li Duoying

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Under the sweet appearance, there is an ugly face, revealing the true face of the Korean volleyball beauty Li Duoying

2022-05-15 18:03:42 20 ℃

She is the "most beautiful among volleyball players, the most beautiful women can play the volleyball", which is the goddess of sports. But it was such a girl with a sweet look and weak appearance, which tortured her husband into depression. Is it a snake -like heart under the sweet appearance? In this issue, I will take you to know the "double -sided Jiaowa" Li Duoying in the sports world.

On October 15, 1996, Li Duoying and his twin sister were born in a sports family in South Korea. Her parents have been engaged in sports, and the sisters are naturally inherited to her parents' excellent sports genes. Coupled with the influence and teaching of their parents, the sisters have been very interested in sports since childhood.

In a variety of sports, the sisters eventually chose volleyball together. Due to the good genes of their parents, when the sisters were in elementary school, they reached 1.6 meters tall. In addition, they quickly entered the volleyball team training. Successful talents and efforts make them stand out in various volleyball games. With their excellent records, they were selected into the national team when they were not adults, and on behalf of the country, they stood on the Incheon Asian Games.

It is said that the newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. The sisters who stood on the international stage for the first time did not panic. They were not arrogant and impatient, and finally won the volleyball championship of the Asian Games. The sisters became famous in the first battle, and her sister Li Duoying even circled a large wave of male fans with her good looks and hot figures. After all, this kind of sports is good, strong, and beautiful, and a beautiful woman, which man will refuse?

After graduating from high school, Li Duoying participated in many competitions. Each score was very dazzling, and he often got the annual MVP. After just six years, Li Duoying's name rang through the volleyball and even the entire sports industry, and he had a place in the national team.

The excellent results are more than the glory of Li Duoying, but also countless money. She and her sister Li Zae British teamed up to set a salary record of the local players of the Korean women's volleyball league with 1.8 billion won and 1.8 billion won in 3 years. Although her sister Li Zaiying has a stronger strength, her sister Li Duoying has a lot of popularity than her sister because of her beauty blessing.

While holding salary and bonuses, she attracted the attention of countless brands and advertisers with the face value of not losing the women's group. They invited her, and Li Duoying received advertising and endorsements.

After the end of the 2019-2020 season, Li Zengguo's Xingguo Life Club fancy Li Duoying's strength and business value, and gave her a huge salary, and wanted to recruit her into the Majesty to create a "sister flower" effect. Li Duoying did not waste her beauty. Even in the field, she would show the audience her face and figure. For example, in a game, she celebrated excitedly because of winning the ball. It is reasonable to say that this is normal. After the athletes win, they will not celebrate. The world champion Malone and Zhang Jike will fall to celebrate after winning.

But Li Duoying's way of celebrating was not appropriate. After winning, she went straight to the referee and danced at the male coach. Although he was fined a yellow card in the end, he not only showed his body and hot search. It was not lost. The most important thing was that fans rose again.

The appearance is pure and sweet, and the figure is hot. He always smiles sweetly at the camera. He is sought after by countless people. The most important thing is that she is not a "vase", and she is handsome and cruel. It is simply a powerful faction and idol. As she develops like this, it is estimated that she will become South Korea and even world -class sports stars.

It is a pity that Li Duoying failed to be too gorgeous, and soon fell from the highest point in the volleyball world in South Korea. Even fans who sincerely supported her had a crazy abuse to her. Throughout the "blocking", she could never play the ball. so, what happened?

In February last year, an anonymous post became popular online. The post describes the incident of two active volleyball players when he was studying. The protagonist claims that in addition to him, there are more than 20 people who are bullied. Because the volleyball players are average, the figure is thinner, and he is not bullied by the two volleyball players during reading.

He listed the specific evidence of the two athletes in the text, such as insulting words, let the students help them buy things, wash clothes, and extorted money from their classmates. If anyone dares to resist, they will conduct them on them. Abuse and beatings, sometimes they threaten them with a knife, and they like to beat the classmates who wear braces. Watching the classmates were beaten to bleed their mouths, they looked very enjoyable.

After the post was posted, it quickly caused a stir on the Internet. Although the post did not write the name of the bully, you could guess it a little bit. The post must be Li Duoying's sister. However, it is difficult for netizens to imagine. Will the pure and cute big beauty really be a bully on campus?

I did not wait for the netizens to respond, and some people posted to accuse their atrocities. In the end, there were four victims, both of which described the bullying behavior of Sisters Li Duoying. Some people broke the news that Sister Li Duoying started bullying classmates as early as elementary school.

In this way, netizens had to believe that they immediately spoke to Sister Li Duoying, especially the sister Li Duoying, who often showed innocent and innocent. They couldn't accept their favorite goddess of the bully classmate, and they hated the behavior of bullying even more. Angry netizens asked the club to punish Li Duoying's two sisters and ask them to apologize for their own. When Li Duoying saw the increasing fermentation, he immediately uploaded a handwritten apology letter on the Internet. At the same time, with his sister, he recorded a video of an apology, saying that what he did was just young and ignorant. He tried to pass this kind of through this kind of type. Methods to get the forgiveness of netizens.

At the same time, she used the "banknote ability" to buy a large number of "waters" to "wash the land" and "control". In order to win the sympathy of netizens, she even "fainted" on the training ground, and looked pitiful and weak. Although the relevant departments issued a warning to the two sisters of Li Duoying because of this incident, because they had a good attitude and conducted a "operation" of various parties, the incident was quickly suppressed.

A few months later, another post spread quickly on the Internet, and it was still a complaint post, and Li Duoying was still accused. But this time it was not her classmate, but her ex -husband. As soon as the post came out, netizens were uproar. You know, the goddess Li Duoying has always been shown in the image of "single".

The gentleman claiming to be Li Duoying said that he and Li Duoying got married in 2018. Considering that Li Duoying was a public figure, they did not make public. At first, he was also happy to marry such an excellent and beautiful woman, but not long after, Li Duoying showed his nature. She often caught fire for no reason, and even hit her husband directly when she came up, and her rough mouth was even more common.

Because she was a athlete, her strength was very strong, and her husband was beaten with a swollen face every time, and begged for mercy. Even if the domestic violence, Li Duoying has been derailed many times, and in front of her husband, even bluntly, "If you are unhappy, you can also find someone else." Under Li Duoying's violence and betrayal, the gentleman could no longer bear it anymore. Four months later, the two were separated from the two places and were strangers.

Li Duoying didn't care much, and still lived colorful, but the gentleman was tortured by depression, and had to endure pain for treatment. Under the discussion of Korean netizens, the South Korean Volleyball Association also made a decision to end the qualifications of the two sisters of Li Duoying on behalf of the Korean team. The two were also expelled by their teams and could only exile abroad. A good card is so sad, sighed.

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