Why did the first surname of "Domineering President" find out in the entertainment industry?

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Why did the first surname of "Domineering President" find out in the entertainment industry?

2022-05-16 00:11:33 20 ℃

Recently, I found a very interesting phenomenon when watching the drama, that is, the protagonist group almost tie the surname Gu ...

For example, in "For the rest of your life", the main doctor played by Xiao Zhan is Gu Wei.

The story of "Heart Live" is also around Gu Qingyu, played by Tong Yao:

There is also "Ace Army", and the recruits played by Xiao Zhan are called Gu Yino:

At the moment of the Gu family surrounding the film and television industry, some friends have proposed soul thinking-

Is there a star named Gu in the entertainment industry?

After watching this problem, the entertainment sauce also shocked with the tiger's body. Immediately, the carpet -style search entertainment industry had a Bai family. It seemed that the famous Gu Shi star, the only director Gu Changwei?

The others are not completely absent, but you may remember the face of TA, but you are completely unfamiliar with the name.

For example, the EMP in "Princess Little Girl" is familiar? No one knows that the actor's own name is Gu Baoming.

There is also the tears of another era, Gu Chengdong, a member of 5566, who knows him may run all the time now ...

In the past young generations, I only wanted to go and only to go to "Creation Camp" Gu Tianhang:

Maybe some friends may say here that the star named Gu is not hot, so there is no such person. In fact, this is not a problem of fire, but it is really not. Speaking of this, "the stars of the entertainment industry are surnamed Gu" are almost becoming a question of the whole people.

There are even many friends who say, let alone the entertainment industry, even if you do not meet a few surnames around him:

After checking the data, the population of Gu's surnames accounted for about 2.3 million people. Gu as the first surname of romance literature, the entertainment sauce was seriously doubted at this moment.

Gathering everyone's Bai Yueguang can create a Gu's dynasty.

For example, those adapted into the film and television drama, there is Gu Li, the spokesperson of the Gu's dynasty:

Gu Yuan, a ex -boyfriend who stepped on the sewing machine with her:

And Gu Jun, the younger brother who looked less straightforward:

Gu Tingyu in "Knowing whether it should be green fat red and thin":

Gu Qingming, the heroic posture of "Battle Changsha":

Police officer Gu Yaodong in "Hidden and Great":

Gu Xizheng, the most handsome villain in "Backwater Cold":

Gu Weiyi, the male god in the campus in "Our Warmful Hill":

Gu Yebai in "Lucong Tonight White":

Gu Yan frame in "Fire Military Academy":

Gu Nanzhou in "You Are Mr. Gu":

Gu Chuan in "Miss Crow and Mr. Lizard":

Of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg. The book search "The protagonist's protagonist novel" can unlock the whole talent of the Gu's dynasty. The "overbearing president", Gu Gu, was even known as "the largest surname of Jinjiang".

In the rumor of the Gu's dynasty, there is also such a sentence, "Yanmei Literature Ten Gu Nine Base", the original Dan girls have seen a few of the protagonists who are the novels of Gu. "Wolf", Gu Shenzhou's "Shen Zhou", Gu Xuandu's "Han Jianqi Peach Blossom", Gu Yiliang "I am do the cp to the family and my CP", Gu Yan's "First Class Lawyer", Gu Xiao's "Assistant Architect", Gu Jongyi's "Don't Come to Walk", Gu Jie "Aware of Ru Ding Ding", Gu Qingpei's "Tattoo Duel", Gu Changan's "Dark Crossing", Gu Yiliang's "I Black the CP of my home X" and so on Essence

Even the lines of the lines were supported. "Is it because his surname is Gu and is the largest surname of Yanmei, can you do whatever he wants?" - "I have stabbed the family and my CP"

Why do romance literature like this surname so much?

From a historical point of view, as early as the Soochow period, the surname Gu and Wu were the surnames of Jiangnan. The world view of novels is generally structured in the Jiangnan big clan or the Manchu royal family. It is used to use urban literature as a domineering president.

From the origin of romance novels, romance novels were born in Jiangnan Ming and Qing dynasties novels, and then carried forward in modern Shanghai's "鸳 Butterfly School". The characters in Yishu, Qiong Yao, and Zhang Ailing will have some Jiangnan flavors, because Gu Gu's ranking in Shanghai is 13. Although the population ranking in the country is 89, the proportion of Gu's surnames in Shanghai far exceeds more than more Five times the country, it can be said to be high -frequency distribution. This is why the surname of "Gu" is not very common in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.

Gu Manyu in Zhang Ailing's novel "Half Life"

From the perspective of the sense of atmosphere, the word "Gu" can easily be reminiscent of the beautiful verses such as "a city and the country of the country", which gives girl readers a strong sense of appearance. "Brother", "Gu Gongzi" and the like, isn't this sense of atmosphere full in minutes?

I don't believe you replaced the name "Gu Qingming" with "Niu Qingming" and "Wang Qingming", and a "Brother Niu", the girls have long been free to 5 meters.

As for why the internal entertainment we discussed at the beginning, there was no star with the surname Gu. The entertainment sauce felt that it was probably because the "overbearing president" had no time to dream of the performing arts circle.