"Ace 7" officially ended, the trump family chorus warm tears, but unfortunately the 4 defeat ruined the word of mouth

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"Ace 7" officially ended, the trump family chorus warm tears, but unfortunately the 4 defeat ruined the word of mouth

2022-05-16 00:12:44 15 ℃

After the transfer, on the evening of May 14, the last episode of Zhejiang Satellite TV's "Ace to Ace 7" finally met with the audience. With the singing and tears of the Ace family, the seventh season of "Ace to Ace" also officially ended.

The theme of "Ace to Ace 7" is "Aerospace". Members of the Ace family and flying guests with Pu Liya, He Shengming, Wei Xiang Jia Nailiang and other flying guests open the dream of flying sky and bring the audience to understand the story behind the space.

It may be the reason why the last episode of the program. The members of the Ace family and all the guests completely removed the baggage. The game link was out of energy, the stage performance was also very attentive. The overall view of the show is comfortable, and there is a lot of reluctance after watching the end of the night.

The name scene of the heart -leading game session continued. Wei Xiang restored the classic action in the movie "This killer is not too calm". Shen Teng Jia Ling's acting entry "Family Ugly", Shen Teng reached out and went to Jia Ling's face. Jia Ling used to understand and cooperate. The tacit performance also allowed the Ace family to guess the answer smoothly.

The human curling game session laughed densely. Jia Nailiang claimed to be stuck in the field of curling, but he did not keep his flag every time. He Shengming went forward, and he had been on the way to falling into the water, which was miserable and funny. Jia Ling finally appeared. She did not disappoint the trust of the team, and she would not lose the chain at a critical moment to firmly control the situation.

This game is a new game this season. All the members are desperately. In order to win the water, they are willing. The program group also found the original beauty of the ace game. The audience will laugh from the heart. It's a pity that such wonderful games have come a little late.

On the occasion of the finals, Hua Chenyu carefully prepared his talent. He burned the songs related to everyone with the Ace family. The song name was "Singing You into a Song". Four members of the Ace family also sang the song "So many people in the world" on the occasion of the farewell. Essence

"Ace to Ace 7" has been attracting much attention since it was broadcast, and the program ratings have risen, and they can always laugh at the end in the duel with other satellite TV. Judging from the real -time viewing data of Kuyun, "Ace to Ace 7" will quickly break 0.5 after the end of the broadcast of the ace 7, and the peak value exceeds 0.8, which has won the same period of the Satellite TV viewing champion at the same time. This is also the 12th time since the show was broadcast Satellite TV viewing champion.

The "Ace to Ace", which came to the 7th year, although the controversy and doubts continued, it is still TOP1 of ratings and popularity. The end of the show also handed over a beautiful transcript.

"Ace to Ace 7" easily won 12 consecutive championships in the TV ratings, with an average of 0.55. The popularity of the "Ace to Ace 7" is also remarkable. After the multi -platform is launched, the cat's eye heat ranks first, and the variety show playback index has been topped the list. The topics and heat have far away from other variety shows.

Unfortunately, behind a perfect data corresponds to the collapse of the reputation of "Ace to Ace 7", the final score of the show is at 4.3 points. This score also set a record low since the 7th season of the show.

As a funny variety show of family love, "Ace to Ace 7" has brought countless joy and beauty to the audience, and the trump family has also become a treasure combination in the hearts of many people. How does such a high -quality variety show step by step? The author feels that the following four defeats are mainly due to the following 4 defeats.

Failure 1: Advertising is flooded into disaster, and half the audience is persuaded

The collapse of the reputation of Ace 7 of the Ace 7 was starting from advertising. The advertisement of the first episode of the first program became a disaster. It has reached the degree of pervasiveness and directly persuaded half of the audience.

After the fire of "Ace to Ace", the golds of the gold were embraced, and the show team obviously did not balance it. The way of inserting advertisements was seriously destroyed by the way of intercepting the advertisement. The behavior was corrupted.

Instead of controlling the field and driving the atmosphere, the host became an advertising tool person, and a few advertisements were unpleasant. When the audience was interested in listening to the content of the science popularization of the cat in the Song Dynasty, Jia Ling suddenly said that she had a cat in her family. I believe that many people's first reactions are to turn off the TV directly.

Looking at more than 5,000 comments on the show, almost all of the popularity in the front is bad reviews, and the content of everyone's complaints is basically advertising implantation. When "Ace to Ace" has become "Advertising Advertising", you still What are the high -quality content of the program group?

Failure 2: Creativeness is lacking, song and dancing together

Variety shows are generally difficult to escape "7 years of itch". The main reason is that the innovation of the show is far from the improvement of the audience's aesthetic taste. If a program wants to be prosperous, innovation is essential. Less.

"Ace to Ace 7" also put forward innovative ideas at the beginning of the broadcast, and also worked hard on theme planning, but from the perspective of the content of the presentation, it is completely old bottled new wine. Essence

Judging from the theme of the 12th issue of "Ace to Ace 7", the quality is suddenly up and down, many of them are covered with cultural shells, and finally play old and vulgar games. Song Yun and anti -fraud themes tried to stop, and wanted to science but finally science to be lonely. Guoman's theme is even more embarrassing. The guests collectively voiced the cartoon, and the unprofessional performance also caused the embarrassment to overflow the screen. The theme of the group building is full of grooves. Wang Meng asked Wang Meng as a tool person. The content of the program was also unacceptable in the past. The direct rotten behavior attracted the scolding of netizens. The reason why the audience is willing to watch this show is that the most important thing is to watch everyone playing games together. It is also good for everyone's heart. However, this season's game link lacks creativity, which is exactly the big platter of games such as "Running Man" and "Youth Travels". For funny and funny, happiness naturally discounts.

Lack of laughter in the game session, the show team used song and dance performances to make up for a long time. This session is also the most controversial link. Hua Chenyu, Guan Xiaotong, and Song Yaxuan took turns to perform on stage. The ratings have fallen all the way. The audience also bluntly watched singing and fast advances.

Failure 3: Guests are in the same way, and sensation has never been absent

Although "Ace to Ace 7" relies on the trump family to support ratings and topics, the performance of the flying guests is also very important. In this season, in addition to the strong sense of presence of Yang Di and Sha Yi, many guests are in the same way, and the show is more like walking.

"Ace to Ace 7" is also frequently failed in the distribution of the guests of the guests. Originally, guests such as Tan Jianci, Huang Jingyu, Tan Songyun, Bai Jingting, Yu Shuxin, Li Gengxi and other guests made fans full of expectations, but these guests looked at the show completely in the show. Without any sense of variety, there are not many shots that are originally colorful. Finally, the singing and dancing performances will be cut off. Fans naturally do not pay.

The lens of the lack of variety show was cut off, and the program group could only make up for the sensational bridge section. The audience had disgusted such a bitter link, but the program group went further and further on the sensational road. Essence

What makes people unacceptable is that the program group let Zhang Shaohan, Jike Yiyi, Yang Kun, and others talked about the story with their loved ones. The scars of the guests were revealed again. But the audience didn't like watching. Many people watch the "Ace to the Ace" program, which is a lot of fun to add some fun to the boring life. No one is willing to be educated and touched. The frequent sensation of the show is constantly consuming the enthusiasm of the audience.

Failure 4: The ace family changes the taste, the original intention has long changed

Shen Teng, Jia Ling, Guan Xiaotong, and Hua Chenyu formed a fixed lineup of the ace family, which also officially revitalized the program "Ace to Ace". "Ace to Ace" can achieve today. The ace family contributed, and Shen Teng and Jia Ling are the core of this show.

Song Yaxuan joined the ace of Ace 6, and the fixed MC of the show has also changed, which also means that the distribution of the lens has changed. The show group gave the newcomer Song Yaxuan a lot of performance opportunities, and Guan Xiaotong and Hua Chenyu's lens The corresponding decrease, how to balance between several people is a major problem facing the program group.

The guest lineup is getting larger and larger, but the ace family can't find the original taste. The atmosphere of the family's atmosphere is completely changed, and the natural burdens have less burdens. Shen Teng and Jia Ling performed hard. From time to time, Cue's younger brother and sister had to take care of the guests. They felt tired when they looked at them. Sometimes they were helpless to face the camera.

Guan Xiaotong's sense of existence in the show is getting weaker, and the disputes between Hua Chenyu and Song Yaxuan's two traffic guests are also increasing. Hua Chenyu's singing became the focus of controversy, and Song Yaxuan's sense of variety was criticized. The two brought the topic of topics to the show, but the disputes and bad reviews have never interrupted.

The Ace family supports the laughter and highlights of this show, but now they look tired, the deliberate content and embarrassing laughter increased, and the joy from the heart decreased. Once the audience loses freshness to them, the show is getting closer and closer to disappearing.

Do you have anything to say about "Ace to Ace 7"? Do you think "Ace to Ace 8" still needs to exist?