Zhang Weiping poked Zhao Benshan's head with his fingers once, and made Zhang Yimou recognize him in one sentence

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Zhang Weiping poked Zhao Benshan's head with his fingers once, and made Zhang Yimou recognize him in one sentence

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At one time, Zhang Weiping poked Zhao Benshan's head with his fingers with his fingers and looked at Zhang Yimou's face. Zhao Benshan didn't care about him, he got up and left. At the time of farewell, Zhao Benshan instructed: "Zhang Dao, you have to stay away from Zhang Weiping. However, Zhang Weiping's next sentence made Zhang Yimou shocked a cold sweat. In 1988, a movie of "Red Sorghum" has popular Zhang Yimou and Gong Li. Since then, the two are famous in China and have a household name. Later, Gong Li moved towards the international and entered the Hollywood market, and Zhang Yimou stayed in China to revitalize the art of film art in China. As the saying goes: people are bright in front of people, tears behind people!

As a well -known director, many people mistakenly think that Zhang Yimou is entangled with his waist. He is a genuine landlord old wealth. He does not know. In the 1990s, he had almost no deposit. In 1996, the movie "Said Goods" was ready and prepared to start shooting. However, the investor suddenly withdrew the capital because Gong Li was the protagonist, and the box office was not guaranteed. But at that time, Gong Li had broken up with Zhang Yimou, and she happened to go to the honeymoon with the rich Huang and Xiangdu. In desperation, Zhang Yimou came to Zhang Weiping's house to complain, insisting that the script of "Speak Good" is excellent, and it will definitely be on fire. It is a pity to put on hold.

Seeing Zhang Yimou so confident, Zhang Weiping said, "How much do you need to invest and open a price?" As soon as I heard this, Zhang Yimou felt "there is a drama", and quickly replied: "The original 30 million yuan, now if you are willing to invest, 26 million should be enough." Zhang Weiping smiled and said, "I thought it was 260 billion? The transaction", Zhang Yimou was happy. Since then, the two have tacit understanding and often cooperate with movies together. However, Zhang Weiping is a man who loves money. What he does must be the first and friendly. In 2001, Zhang Yimou successively filmed "Heroes". "Ambush on Ten Faces" and other movies. He racked his brains and made it very hard, while Zhang Weiping invested money to enjoy the advantages of the fisherman.

After the movie was released, the box office was huge successful. The happiest person was Zhang Weiping. It is said that at the time, he counted the money to the soft. Unfortunately, Zhang Yimou didn't care about this. In his opinion, it is the most valuable thing to make a higher state of film art. In 2009, the script of the "Three Shooting Cases" was settled. Zhang Yimou personally found Zhao Benshan and wanted to "use" the little Shenyang who just became popular and served as the male No. 1 in the play. Zhao Benshan: "The apprentice is still tender? He hasn't made a movie, where does the experience as the male No. 1"?

Zhao Benshan wanted to refuse, but Zhang Yimou personally came to the door without giving a face, and he really couldn't come to Taiwan, so he said, "So, I will have a 0 piece of friendship in friendship, and it is better to supervise Xiao Shenyang. Good play "! But no one expected that "Three Shooting Cases" encountered Waterloo and the box office was bleak. It was Zhang Yimou's most frustrated work in this life. This time, Zhang Weiping was unwilling. Seeing that the money he invested, he had all drifted. He furled the resentment on Zhao Benshan. Zhang Weiping is not stupid. For 16 consecutive years, he can be said to have become rich with Zhang Yimou's light. Without Lao Zhang's dedication, where does he get hundreds of millions of net worth?

Because of this movie, Zhang Yimou was criticized by many people: "Are you making a small product, or the movie?" On this day, Zhang Weiping asked Zhang Yimou to come forward to the name of the dinner. Come to a discussion. After a few glasses of white wine, Zhang Weiping asked Zhao Benshan to give a statement to a detailed explanation of the failure of this investment, but Zhao Benshan did not care about him. After all, investment in doing business will inevitably lose money. The key is that the content of the movie content is Any problem.

But Zhang Weiping didn't think so. He felt that Zhao's acting skills were not good. With the strength of the wine, he walked to Zhao Benshan, poked his head with his fingers, and spoke a lot of swear words. Of course, Zhao Benshan's stomach was hot, and he appeared in 0 pieces of his own. He was in love with Zhang Yimou, but he fell well, and he poked himself. In desperation, Zhao Benshan left the table anger, and Zhang Jiahao and the bodyguards at the door were all furious, trying to do it, but was stopped by Zhao Benshan.

Zhang Weiping said with a smile to Zhang Yimou: "Do you know why I want to poke Lao Zhao's head? Because there is a stand in his head, I want to poke him." After listening to this, Zhang Yimou was shocked by a cold sweat, but he I also understand: If Zhao Benshan wants to fight back, can we see the sun tomorrow, it is a problem! Once, many colleagues have reminded Zhang Yimou: To keep a distance from Zhang Weiping, this person is different and the interests are supreme. This time, Zhang Yimou believed that during the filming of "Jinling Thirteen Sisters", he also had a fierce quarrel with him. After getting the box office income, the two officially broke up.

Soon after, Zhang Yimou was reported to be superb. His wife Chen Ting and three children surfaced and were fined 7.84 million. Everything about things happened so coincidental! At a glance, the eyes of the eyes also knew the greasy catty.

Zhang Yimou is a director who is pursuing perfect art. He never cares about personal gains and losses and fame and fortune. Therefore, in the early days, funds are often subject to people.The scene is magnificent and spectacular. This is Zhang Yimou's film features. It is the "art" word that is so -called people, everything is inseparable from his name. Even the Hollywood directors admire them for three points!Zhao Benshan is a well -known "good man" in China. The name of enthusiastic hospitality has sounded the north and south of the river. His friends are all celebrities in the society.Many people commented: Zhang Weiping should not be poke at Zhao Benshan's head with his fingers. After all, he is a 60 -year -old man, and he also pretended to be a bracket.At that time, even Jia Dai. Zang Tianshuo. Bai Xiaowang. Wen Er and others did not dare to want to be presumably in front of Zhao Benshan.Of course, if Lao Zhao shot, I am afraid that the other party is difficult for the other party to be alone. This is believed that no one will question.