What did Hou Baolin do?Let Hou Yaowen grit his teeth!Revealed Guo Degang as an apprentice?

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What did Hou Baolin do?Let Hou Yaowen grit his teeth!Revealed Guo Degang as an apprentice?

2022-05-16 00:13:03 15 ℃

As soon as Hou Men was deep in the sea, many grievances in the cross talk world were inseparable from the Hou family. Among them, the most well -known is "Hou Ma grudge".

Judging from the relationship between the teacher and closeness, the two are brothers and siblings. Master Ma Ji is Hou Baolin, and Hou Baolin is Hou Yaowen's father.

It is more exaggerated. The two of them are the same as their relatives, but the relationship between things is not good. The relationship between the two is not good. It really means a little bit.

Of course, the "bad" mentioned here refers to after the death of Hou Baolin, before Master Hou and students, the relationship between the two still kept on the surface, and even Hou Yaowen still smashed the Malaysian season in the cross talk.

Ma Ji was dissatisfied with Hou Yaowen. It was mainly some experiences in the early years. The age gap between Hou Baolin's apprentices and masters was not large.

Growing up in this environment from an early age, it has made Hou Yaowen a little more arrogant, which has a great impact on Ma Ji. He once told his son Ma Dong that he couldn't bully him because his father was. From this point, we can see that the impact on Malaysia Ji is not small, and Hou Yaowen is more dissatisfied with Malaysia.

The first point is that Ma Ji, who passed on the wind, hit Hou Baolin. Hou Baolin's own answer is that this is a normal phenomenon in the old society, so it seems that it is not an empty pass.

The second point is Ma Ji's attitude towards Ma Sanli, and even rumors in the workshop, a inscription of "there is an ancient, no later", attracting Hou Yaowen to yell. Ma Ji's respect for Ma Sanli even surpassed his respect for Hou Baolin.

More than that, after Hou Baolin's death, Ma Ji's performance and his later actions also attracted Hou Yaowen's dissatisfaction, hate gritting teeth, so that after the death of Ma Ji, his disciples wanted to give him the name of the master's name No., I did not expect that the first one who jumped out was Hou Yaowen.

In the view of the audience, Ma Ji became a master's brilliance to the Hou family, and why did Hou Yaowen be anxious to oppose it?

Because after the death of Hou Baolin, the diversion of the "Ma Jiajun" had a dreamer of Hou Yaowen. Perhaps Hou Yaowen's early death and this had a certain relationship.

Hou Baolin is a big banner in the Chinese cross talk world. His death is the loss of the cross talk world. He also urgently needs a person who can carry the flag. Everyone puts hope on Ma Ji.

Therefore, during the funeral of Hou Yaowen, the Hou family's opinions on Ma Ji were fully respected for some apprentices' teachers.

However, the development of the matter was unexpected by everyone. In the second year of Hou Baolin's death, the "Ma Family Army" appeared on the stage of "Zhengda Variety". Thinking of Ma Ji founded his own flag.

Hou Yaowen was definitely dissatisfied with this. He had given full respect to Ma Ji before, but Ma Ji did such a thing. Where did he put his father Hou Baolin?

It doesn't matter if you are a master and your own Hou family, but it is not easy to be a master. So Hou Yaowen began to accept apprentices. In fact, now thinking about it, Hou Yaowen's jealous Guo Degang was an apprentice. Is it because he wanted to revenge?

Fortunately, Hou Yaowen was very eye -catching, and Guo Degang did not lose face to the Hou family, but became stronger and stronger.

In the past few days, Mr. Tian Lihe also broke the news in the live broadcast, letting us see a different Hou Yaowen.

The incident happened at a cross talk seminar in 2003. The famous cross talk theorist Wang Jingshou determined that Su Wenmao was Master Wenyi.

Subsequently, Su Wenmao held the 60th anniversary of the art. At that time, Hou Yaowen and Tian Lihe took a car. Although the two met for the first time, they did not shy away from Hou Yaowen. For Master Wen.

At the same time, Tian Lihe also believed that Master Wenyu's statement was too high. After all, there were too many talented people, and it was easy to ignite the upper body.

Sure enough, Hou Yaowen has always used "Wen Yan" to catch it when he cooperates with Su Wenmao. This kind of content appears to be a burden once, but it has the meaning of ridicule and derogation many times.

There is also the paragraph of "Yellow Crane Tower", which cooperates with Wei Wenliang, is a model of improvisation. The effect is good, but Hou Yaowen has mentioned "Wei Wenliang came out of the palace" many times. Who knows that Wei Wenliang said, "How does Hou Baolin teach"? This has criticized Hou Yaowen's taste of no tutor.

Hou Yaowen dared to do it all his life, and he was on the bright side, and he would not hide it. What do you think of Hou Yaowen's approach?