Liu Xijun's chorus "Reading Kiss", Liu Xijun is an underestimated singer

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Liu Xijun's chorus "Reading Kiss", Liu Xijun is an underestimated singer

2022-05-16 00:13:52 26 ℃

On the stage of the variety show "The Sound", Liu Xijun and Yan Mingzheng chorus chanting the kiss. They collaborated on the stage of "Reading the Love". This is a song that tells the family. A kind of thought of Juguang more family, a mother who has not seen the anti -epidemic for three years.

The sound of Liu Xijun Yan Mingyu's chorus "Nian Qin"

The song "Reading" is really too old. Many young people probably don't know this song, so I also checked the core of this song. Only day can we repay the parents' kindness.

This song praises the parents' love for their children. In fact, there are not all love and rewards between parents and children. There will be too many grievances, dissatisfaction, complaints, gratitude, and remorse. The love in this is also mixed with these emotions. Essence

Liu Xijun is a singer I like very early. I always feel that she has been undervalued. During my student days, I especially liked a song called "Shell Wind Bell".

Her voice was so good, and her voice was like a clear spring water. For this song Liu Xijun, she sang from a describer's perspective and a third person's perspective.

Her singing is telling that she watched the story of partner Gigi, and remembered her own story. She felt the same with this, and retained a soberness so that she could not indulge in such emotions.

Some netizens described Liu Xijun's expression of this stage. I really love Liu Xijun's singing method too much, just like I like the novel "Outsiders" crazy, obviously the protagonist, and like a spectator, the strange sense of distance and splitting It is too attractive.

Liu Xijun is really an underestimated singer. I look forward to her far on the stage, because I believe she can bring more wonderful song interpretations.

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