Gu Junyu New York nightclub Hi exploded the audience, the social media exposed to taking pictures, and unexpectedly exposed the mark of Da S love

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Gu Junyu New York nightclub Hi exploded the audience, the social media exposed to taking pictures, and unexpectedly exposed the mark of Da S love

2022-05-16 00:11:55 13 ℃

Since the female star S and South Korean cool dragon members have thrown the good news between Junjun, the relationship between the two sides has attracted much attention since then, and people have sincerely hoped that they can live a happy and happy marriage after marriage, but I don’t know Why, Ge Junzhang is a person who does not go for ordinary roads. He first flew to Taiwan to meet with Big S after he filed a positive result through online dating and big S. Go to work in New York and leave his new wedding wife.

Recently, Ge Junye's nightclub performance in New York has ended. According to his performance, he still feels better as a whole, but some people have spoken him a little bit blessed. After so many years of vicissitudes, it has also changed from small fresh meat to "old bacon". Wearing a loose clothing difficult to cover up the traces of blessing, bald head with big sunglasses, in addition to the music festival, the rhythm is still inspiring to be inspired , I can't feel any other flavor.

Many people also look at him for his big S husband. He is not very affectionate to him. At present, there are media eyes and golden eyes. The traces of them attracted everyone's attention at the time.

This photo was exposed by himself, and it was a ring appearing on the ring finger. This felt like he bought a couple diamond ring with Da S. If it is really a couple ring, then the relationship between him and the big S should be really good, and it has already moved towards the water.

Gu Junyu's "traces of love" on Da S is not just manifested on the ring. Previously, he had embroidered large tattoos on his skin through tattoos. When Great S's love, when Ge Junjun performed in a nightclub, many big S family members became his "backup group", and quickly came to his performance and accompanied him to perform. It is inseparable.

After marrying Ge Junye, Big S also took a photo. In the photo, she felt very happy and rosy. Everyone thinks more beautiful, so she becomes younger under the moisturization of love.

One of the very interesting points is: Gu Junzhang's hand unexpectedly exposed the traces of love about Big S. In fact, the ex -husband Wang Xiaofei of the big S had previously revealed the "love traces" of his new girlfriend. At that time, he appeared at the time. During the live broadcast, everyone suddenly found that there were scars on his mouth, which felt like a trace left by kissing.

Da S's ex -husband Wang Xiaofei also looks like a talent, and many people have admired him secretly, and his current gossip girlfriend is a net red called Zhang Yingying. Maybe what intimate moves of the two of them have led to the corners of the lips. The traces of love, however, most of these imaginative small details are related to the guess of netizens. This kind of guess is not necessarily true, so everyone should not guess like this.

Big S's mother once expressed her opinion on Ge Junye. She thought that she was not too much with Ge Junye, and she didn't know much about him. At present After they have been with each other for a long time, the scores will slowly rise. They also hope that one day of the future, a period of love combined by both China and South Korea can truly become better and move towards the water!