"Please call me director" Lin Xinxin was well received, and the disturbing brokerage drama, the abuse of me calculated

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"Please call me director" Lin Xinxin was well received, and the disturbing brokerage drama, the abuse of me calculated

2022-05-16 00:12:18 11 ℃

"The abuse of wife is cool for a while, chasing his wife's cremation field", "Please call me director" latest plot, Lu Jianming finally understood his heart about Ning Meng, but Ning Meng was with the senior. Ming was completely fell into a state of falling in love. Lu Jingsing, who was in the sky, had no anger except for work. It would be more than an hour in a daze. Like the old monk, he no longer picks east. Changed, friends and subordinates around me were very uncomfortable.

"Please call me director" Lin Xinxin's "broken love" drama was well received. Many viewers said that Lin Xinhuan's interpretation is in line with Lu Jiming's settings in the play, which makes people feel a sense of substitution, and the audience has been abused.

In 2022, many emotional and idol dramas were broadcast, including many breakups. The breakup bridge sections of these dramas. These actors are also very impressive.

"Meet with the Jun Chu" Ren Jialun

Ren Jialun and Dili Reba starred in "Knowing with the Jun Chu", which has gained a very high heat. The drama's popularity on the Youku platform is as high as 9999. The audience's praise.

Among the young actors, Ren Jialun's acting skills are very good, especially his costume drama, with a very wide fan foundation. In "Meeting with the Jun", Ren Jialun played the long will be a very layered role. At that time, the long -term is pure and enthusiastic, but in order to save the long -term intention, Ji Yunhe stabbed his long -term sword and pushed him down the cliff. He was disappointed, distressed, and unbelievable. The game broke up, Ren Jialun performed very well, and the audience had a sense of substitution.

Idol drama is like this. The role of sugar is sweet, and the breakup can abuse the audience's liver tremor. This is also a test of the actor's grasp of the scale of the play. The audience can still see sparks.

"Please Multi -Promotion" Xiao Zhan in the rest of your life

Although the backlog of two years, Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi starred in "Please Multi -Promotion" starring in the rest of your life, and the love story of Dr. Gu Wei and Lin Zhi's school still sweetly stakes the audience.

The emotional drama of "Please Multi -Teaching for the Restricted Life" is mainly for sugar. However, Gu Wei and Lin Zhi's school in the play also have a breakup. Because of the medical accident of the hospital, Gu Wei did not want to involve the school of Lin, so he chose to temporarily temporarily. After leaving, Gu Wei, who was arrogant, would also have frustration, loss, and heartbroken emotions after falling in love. Xiao Zhan's interpretation was also very delicate. Many audiences said that Gu Wei, who saw the soul lost, was blocked.

Xiao Zhan still performed the contrast of emotions in "Please Multi -Promotion" in "For the rest of your life". Then the sunny and bright big boy, once he lost his soul, is also very poke. Xiao Zhan's grasp of complex emotions is in place.

"Meeting Time" Zhang Yixing

As a masterpiece of noon sun, although the reputation of "Meeting Times" is average, the actors in the play, the audience is quite recognized, especially in the play, Zhang Yixing, who plays Ning Shu. That is also a big challenge.

Ning Shu was thinking of revenge, but after Cheng Kexin chased Hainan, Ning Shu decided to let go of his grievances and be with Cheng Kexin. However, Cheng Kexin still knew that Ning Shu had used her facts and finally chose to break up. Facing Cheng Kexin, Cheng Kexin decided On the back of the departure, Ning Shu regretted it, sad, lost, and remorse, squatting on the ground, the soul and soul, and looked at it.

In "Meeting the Season", Zhang Yixing not only performed well in the breakup. In the play, he also had a drama such as illness and revenge. Crazy Ning Shu, Zhang Yixing also played very real, adding a lot to this drama.

"Shang Food" Xu Kai

"Shang Food" Xu Kai and Wu Jinyan partnered again, interpreting the emotional story of Ming Xuanzong Zhu Zhanji and Emperor Sun's affection.

In "Shang Food", Zhu Zhanji played by Xu Kai, from the emperor of Daming to the Crown Prince, and finally ascending the throne to be the emperor. After Zhu Zhanji, the two had a deep contradiction. Zhu Zhanji hoped that Yao Ziyi could bow his head to himself, so he deliberately left her and even closed Yao Zizhen's forbiddenness, but no matter how cold his expression was, Zhu Zhanji could not hide Zhu Zhanji. The care and love for Yao Zizhen, the love of the forbearance, Xu Kai's emotional grasp of the emperor of the generation is also in place.

Xu Kai's face value is very high, and the audience often ignores his acting skills. Zhu Zhanji in "Shang Food" and Xu Kai perform in place. Many emotional dramas can also feel the actor's intentions. Where.

"Heart" Feng Shaofeng

"Heart" is one of the more popular emotional dramas in the first half of 2022, especially the emotional stories performed by Feng Shaofeng and Tong Yao in the play.

In Gu Qingyu's heart, Shi Yuan was Bai Yueguang in her heart, but after the two people got married, their feelings had cracks, especially when Gu Qingyu knew that Shi Yuan had hindered her career, she chose to divorce with Shi Yuan. Shi Yuan has deep feelings for Gu Qingyu, but the gap between Gu Qingyu made Shi Yuanli unwilling. After the two people broke up, Shi Yuan obviously lost and heartache, but it was more relieved. The emotional interpretation is out, and the audience can feel it.