Zhao Yihuan twisted his waist and danced "shame".

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Zhao Yihuan twisted his waist and danced "shame".

2022-05-16 00:12:28 12 ℃

Zhao Yihuan, known as the "National Goddess", shared a video on her personal social platform. Essays: Doing nuclear acid continuity is daily! But a dance is a bit shameful ~ haha. As soon as this video came out, it attracted the attention of the majority of netizens and received a lot of comments and likes. It seems that many people like her.

From the video, Zhao Yihuan smiled at the camera, then dumped his clean short hair, and twisted his posture along the rhythm. Seeing that the people in front went forward, Zhao Yihuan kept keeping up with the pace for no embarrassment, and then continued to twist his waist and dance. The whole process Zhao Yihuan was very energetic and dynamic, and she was also very happy. Although wearing a mask, it still shows a good face, and the fair skin is very tender.

Zhao Yihuan wore a dark gray long sleeve top, black slim trousers, hips, long legs, and slender hands, showing a good figure. With a black double -chain bag, her hair hangs on her ears. After the video, she concentrated on playing with her mobile phone.

The sharp -eyed netizens found that Zhao Yihuan lined up as a beautiful environment for nucleic acids. The trees and lush trees in the community were extremely clean, and the surrounding buildings were very high -end. If this is the community where Zhao Yihuan lives, her financial resources are unusual.

Netizens left a message in the comment area: Let go of jumping hahaha; the goddess of my college years, the house man and the goddess; It can be seen that people who do fitness exercises are cheerful and full of body, and they can manage their bodies, and their temperament is also very outstanding.

In 2011, Zhao Yihuan starred in the online movie "Adolescence" and played the rebellion and self in the film, and her thoughts were simple and cute. After the film was broadcast, the total number of playbacks exceeded 2.2 billion, and Zhao Yihuan also became the initial Internet celebrity. After that, she filmed a number of youth micro -movies "Upper", "Women's Public Enemy", etc. Unfortunately, because the image was the same, there was no change, and the resources gradually farther away from her, so she slowly disappeared into the audience's field of vision.

Zhao Yihuan was just a small fire. Without resources and network support, the decline in popularity was also reasonable. In the final analysis, there are not many audiences who really know her for more than 10 years. For this reason, Zhao Yihuan, who was in trouble, shot a number of bad movies. She was not outstanding in acting in her acting career. In the face of the question from the outside world, Zhao Yihuan frankly said that there is a good shot. What about the role? In words, there are regrets and loneliness.

There is no excessive performance in the acting career, but there are gains in terms of emotions. On the evening of March 25, 2020, Zhao Yihuan announced: I finally found one, and when I glanced, the person he kneeled down. The picture is a close photo with her boyfriend, not only the official announcement, but also a wave of dog food.

In fact, Zhao Yihuan spent a lot of time and energy in fitness and outdoor exercise, and has become part of Zhao Yihuan's life. Posted on a personal social platform in August 2021: Aviation Sports Flight Driver's License. As a star that can be used as a star, it is a measuring ruler, and Zhao Yihuan let the public really know her more through this type of movement.

Recently, Zhao Yihuan returned to the audience's sight and starred in Liu Mintao's assistant in "The Ladies' Law". In the play, the little assistant has a very straightforward personality, saying one. Zhao Yihuan is just a supporting role, and there are not many plays, but sometimes she follows her behind Liu Mintao with strong temperament.

The play is a workplace drama of law and politics. Almost every woman who appeared in the scene was dressed in formal clothes and had a workplace. Obviously, Zhao Yihuan broke the sexy campus style in the past. One thing is that Zhao Yihuan is no longer youthful.

In the entertainment industry, celebrities want to make a circle, and they must have good works. This is the only path. Good works need opportunities, good scripts, and directors' appreciation. In short, you can add icing on the cake. As a star, Zhao Yihuan maintains a perfect figure and has a face value. She did it. I don't know, can Liu Mintao and Jiang Shuda coffee in the "Ladies' Rules" that she starred in now?