Hong Xin's 41 -year -old husband took recent photos!After weight loss, yellow hair is young, and his 51 -year -old wife is ridiculed to be blessed.

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Hong Xin's 41 -year -old husband took recent photos!After weight loss, yellow hair is young, and his 51 -year -old wife is ridiculed to be blessed.

2022-05-16 00:13:23 11 ℃

Recently, actor Zhang Danfeng showed a set of latest photos on social platforms. He not only lost a lot of weight, but also dyed a new hair color, which caused heated discussion among netizens.

On the same day, Zhang Danfeng was wearing a light -colored casual dress, a khaki color top with wide -legged trousers, a men's bag on his body, a silver chain between the neck. He was holding coffee on the window to make a formula in his hand. The facial features were delicate and three -dimensional skin tone, and his face was a lot thinner than before.

I have to say that the actor's lens is very expressive. Zhang Danfeng just shot on the street and felt like a fashion blockbuster. The picture adds a cold -colored filter later, making him look younger, and the newly dyed yellow hair adds a bit of youth.

After the dynamic announcement, many netizens left a message saying that he was really handsome, but the residue was really residue. Some people talked "Is the Internet no memory?" Although he performed well in "Flower Thousand Bone", he was circled. There are few fans, but the private life problem exposed later is enough to get rid of powder.

There are also fans commented, saying that this hair color looks light, and it is not suitable for him. So standing with Hong Xin is not like a husband and wife, but it looks like two generations. Of course, Zhang Danfeng did not bother about these vomiting or suggestions.

Earlier, Hong Xin showed a video of a counter -star singing on the social platform to celebrate Mother's Day. On the same day, she was wearing a pink T -shirt. The filter was too big and distorted. It looked like the characters in the comics, but her face was more obvious, and netizens couldn't help feeling the beauty.

The 8 -year -old daughter Zhang Yitong also came to the camera. She was wearing a black and red plaid shirt and took her mother from behind her. The mother and daughter had the same hairstyle, but the girl's facial features were more like father Zhang Danfeng.

Speaking of which, after Zhang Danfeng became popular with the corner of "Oriental", he would show affection with his 10 -year -old wife from time to time. Anyone who is familiar with Hong Xin knows that she is relatively bumpy on her road. She had a relationship with Mo Shaocong. She gave birth to her son after breaking up, but the man ignored the mother and son.

In 2004, Hong Xin and Zhang Danfeng met and fell in love when filming the TV series. Five years later, they became husband and wife in Hong Kong. In 2014, Hong Xin gave birth to his daughter Zhang Yitong. The next year just caught up with "Flower Thousand Bone", Zhang Danfeng's career and family were harvested.

However, such a good time did not last too long. In 2018, the media broke the news that Zhang Danfeng and his agent Bi Ji were too close, and even used couples. Subsequently, the parties issued a statement to clarify that Hong Xin even stated that they would treat Bi Yan as a sister.

The matter came to an end with Zhang Danfeng's post of lawyers, but in less than a year, the media photographed Zhang Danfeng and Bi Yan again, and the two spent a night in the hotel. This incident set off a stir on the Internet, and finally resigned from the position of the agent, and Hong Xin and Zhang Danfeng did not have the same frame for a long time, and the relationship between the two became fascinated.

Now Zhang Danfeng hasn't filmed for a long time. He put most of his energy on the live broadcast and cargo. His daughter and Hong Xin have also appeared in the live broadcast room. Anyway, Zhang Danfeng's face value and state have been online, hoping that he is getting better and better.