Once handsome enough to suffocate, 8 stars who are old -fashioned today: Some people make cheeks, some people are bald

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Once handsome enough to suffocate, 8 stars who are old -fashioned today: Some people make cheeks, some people are bald

2022-05-16 00:13:33 12 ℃

The stars in the entertainment industry are like clouds. Most people have a high value. Some people are still charming even if they are not there, so they have attracted the pursuit of a large number of fans.

However, there are always exceptions in everything. Some celebrities can be called "God's face" when they are young.

1. Chen Guanxi

When Chen Guanxi was young, he was definitely a god -like, enough to kill 99%of the small fresh meat now.

He not only has exquisite features and handsome appearance, but also has a kind of scum man's temperament, especially the kind of smile with a three -point evil spirit, which has a huge lethality to the girl.

Because of this, many actresses in the circle have a soft spot for Chen Guanxi, which has triggered the "door incident" of that year.

All in all, aside from Chen Guanxi's mistakes, if he is alone, he is indeed a "top male star" in the circle, and few people can compare with him.

However, I don't know if it is too stressful or other reasons. Since the "door practice", Edison Chen has lost his aura, his appearance has been quickly old, and his state is not as good as before.

In recent years, some netizens have questioned: Why is Chen Guanxi's face more and more like Zhao Benshan? In this regard, netizens felt deeply agreeing that the photos of the two were really like a little.

The funny thing is that once everyone accepts this setting, they can no longer ignore it, and the beautiful filters of Chen Guanxi have also broken the ground.

A while ago, when Chen Guanxi was broadcasting live, he looked very old and tired, his face was covered with heavy stubble, bags under the eyes, and his skin was very worrying. His face was full of spots.

Compared with his youth, he didn't worse a little bit, it seemed to change personal.

You know, Edison Chen is in his early 40s, and many male stars are not old at this age. This can be seen by Nicholas Tse's face value.

However, Edison Chen is now happy, and he does not have to pursue his face value too much, just enjoy the current life.

Second, Wu Yanzu

How handsome was Wu Yanzu? There should be no need to repeat it. When he was young, he was definitely a "popular lover."

His exquisite appearance and three -dimensional facial features, as if the male lead who came out of the movie and novels satisfied everyone's fantasies about the word "idol".

When he first debuted, Wu Yanzu was stunning everyone in the "Love of Beauty", and it still made people remember until now.

Even after the middle age, Wu Yanzu's face value and temperament are "top" in the entertainment industry. This can be seen from Wu Yanzu's previous movies.

However, time is ruthless. In recent years, Wu Yanzu has a poor state and obviously lost to his peers.

Wu Yanzu once showed a selfie video. In the video, his face was wrinkled and densely covered, and his hairline was very high, and he was about to reach the top of his head.

Seeing Wu Yanzu's appearance, netizens couldn't help thinking of "Su Daqiang", the image of the two was too similar.

In fact, as long as a long time ago, Wu Yanzu had begun to lose hair. In some shots, he already had a trend of the Mediterranean.

Affected by hair loss, Wu Yanzu looked very old, obviously less than 50 years old, but his condition was very poor.

However, Wu Yanzu was very clear about his current situation, and he never had an anxiety, but accepted his changes with a normal heart.

Unfortunately, because the appearance is too fast, Wu Yanzu has no longer filmed movies in recent years, but has shown signs of transfer.

Three, Chen Hong

When she was young, Chen Hong was very stunning. Her facial features were exquisite, her skin was fair, her eyebrows were affectionate, and her smiles were very attractive.

With such outstanding looks, Chen Hong won the attention of many people as soon as he entered the circle, and later he also won the favor of Chen Kaige.

When Chen Hong was 19 years old, he was invited to star in "Dream of Red Mansions". Immediately after, she played the first beauty "Diao Chan" in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

In the subsequent works, Chen Hong's roles are all beautiful women, such as "Chang'e", "Princess Taiping" and so on.

There is no doubt that Chen Hong was definitely one of the beauties in the circle, otherwise Chen Kaige would not be so obsessed with her, and even abandoned Ni Ping for her.

After Chen Kaige and Chen Hong came together, they caused many netizens to vomit. After all, the age of the two was so different, and the face value was even more different.

At that time, netizens often compared the two to "father and daughter". From their looks, it was very appropriate.

However, as he was older, Chen Kaige did not change much, because he was very old, but Chen Hong's state of his state severely declined.

Today, Chen Hong's skin is dull and dull, and the wrinkles on his face are very obvious. Now that they are standing together, they have changed from the original "father and daughter" to "brothers and sisters", which looks like a lot.

Moreover, in the past two years, Chen Hong's dress is not very particular about it. It is estimated that she does not look at her face. After all, she is also in her 50s.

However, a beautiful woman who used to be so amazing made many people feel sorry.

Four, Maggie

In the most prosperous years of the entertainment industry in Hong Kong, countless actresses have sprung up like rain, and Maggie Cheung is undoubtedly one of the representative figures.

Objectively speaking, Maggie Cheung's face value is not the top, and her facial features are not as good as Lin Qingxia and Li Jiaxin.

But Zhang Manyu's temperament is very unique. She is pure and charming. She can grasp no matter what role, which makes her have a different kind of charm. When she was young, Zhang Manyu's face was full of collagen, and her smile was very charming.

With such an image, Maggie Cheung left a strong stroke in the film industry. Many of her characters she played were regarded as classics by the audience.

Since 2004, Maggie Cheung has rarely filmed again, and she has gradually faded out of the audience's vision and lived a low -key life.

However, from the state of Zhang Manyu's occasional appearance, her changes have changed greatly over the years.

Before participating in a fashion event, Maggie Cheung looked old, his face was densely covered, and collagen was seriously lost.

Overall, Maggie Cheung's figure is a lot thinner than before, and even clothes are empty, and there is no once charming style.

Of course, Zhang Manyu, his aging Zhang Manyu, has always maintained his normal mind. Every time she appears in front of the public, Maggie Cheung meets with a smile, which shows that she is very optimistic.

Although his face is old, Maggie's mentality is still young, which makes many fans feel relieved.

5. Dong Jie

At that time, Dong Jie was the most representative "jade girl" in the circle.

I believe that everyone must remember the "deserted autumn" in "Golden Fan Family". At that time, Dong Jie was pure and beautiful. A pair of big eyes were smart and charming, and his skin was fair.

There is no doubt that at that time, it was definitely the pinnacle of Dong Jie's face.

Relying on this appearance, Dong Jie has received the attention of many directors, and has gained a lot of high -quality resources, which is notorious.

Later, Dong Jie and Pan Yueming came together. One of them is a popular flower, and the other is a national niche. It can be said to be very good.

However, with the exposure of Dong Jie's derailed Wang Dazhi, she was also in the center of public opinion, and her reputation plummeted.

The pressure of public opinion, coupled with the age growth, has continued to decline in Dong Jie's status. Since then, Dong Jie's appearance can no longer go back.

Especially in the past two years, the wrinkles on Dong Jie's face are clearly visible, and collagen has also been seriously lost, which has also changed her temperament.

Earlier, Dong Jie and Li Guangjie recounted the popular TV series "Parental Love". At that time, Mei Ting was 39 years old when she starred in the show, but her condition was very good, and she was completely disappeared.

On the other hand, 40 -year -old Dong Jie, her face folds, she looked very unacceptable, and contrast with Mei Ting's version.

There are even the audience who talked, Dong Jie and Li Guangjie stood together as if they were two generations.

From the "Baiyueguang" of the year, to today's old situation, Dong Jie has also experienced the ups and downs of life. I hope she will be able to keep herself in peace in the future and raise her son.

6. Wang Zhiwen

When it comes to Wang Zhiwen, many people think of his acting skills.

Indeed, Wang Zhiwen can be called the "ceiling" in the circle alone, but he is also an impatient star. To put it more accurately, it should be that he has never been "young".

In 1992, Wang Zhiwen became popular with "Emperor City Gen", and then played a "Adventure", which became a well -known star.

At that time, Wang Zhiwen was only 26 years old, but it looked too mature. Especially his eyes are deep, and it seems that he is too old.

In the following days, Wang Zhiwen starred in many classic works, and his acting skills were also recognized by everyone.

At the same time, Wang Zhiwen's status also declined straight. When he appeared in "Return to Xi" in 1997, Wang Zhiwen was in his early 30s, but he looked very old.

His figure is relatively thin, coupled with swollen eyes and folds, it looks like a middle -aged man in his 40s.

Of course, Wang Zhiwen never eaten on his face, so the decline in face value had little impact on him.

Moreover, don't look at Wang Zhiwen's appearance, but many female celebrities have a soft spot for him. Beauty such as Xu Qing and Jiang Shan had rumored to him.

In 2008, Wang Zhiwen and Chen Jianhong joined hands to enter the palace of marriage. After the marriage, Wang Zhiwen's status declined even more.

His hair is getting less and more bald crisis, and the bags your eyes are more and more stars look like a knife engraved.

Today, Wang Zhiwen is only 56 years old, but he is always old. Compared with Chen Xiaochun, Lin Zhixuan and others of the same age, Wang Zhiwen's status is too worse.

Especially when they were in the same frame with their son, the two seemed to be separated by a lifetime, which made people cry and laugh.

Seven, Yin Zheng

In the past two years, Yin Zheng has often appeared in many popular movies, so as to brush his sense of existence. At the same time, Yin Zheng's gradually blessed figure was also criticized by netizens.

You know, Yin Zheng was also a beautiful man in the early years.

When he appeared in "Sparrow" in 2016, Yin Zheng's face value was at its peak. At that time, his face was not so meaty, and the contour of the face was also considered to have corners.

Coupled with the exquisite facial features and cold temperament, Yin Zheng's charm soared, and there were countless fans.

Unfortunately, Yin Zheng's peak period is very short. Since then, he has become more greasy, and his face value has fallen straight.

Around 2020, Yin Zheng not only became fat, but also became more and more obvious on his face. Especially when I laughed, I didn't know which aunt was next door. When participating in a variety show, Yin Zheng's real state was even more exposed. It is not difficult to see from the photo that the skin on his face is very relaxed and the neck lines are also very obvious.

Seeing such a state, who dares to believe Yin Zhengcai is 36 years old?

Fortunately, Yin Zheng was not an idol route, and he transformed into the field of comedy early. From this point, Yin Zheng is quite foresight.

Today, Yin Zheng's status is still worrying, and many netizens miss his face value. However, Yin Zheng's current age can not return even if he is well -maintained.

Eight, Wen Yan

In 2020, Wen Yan and Yang Rong collaborated with "Yulouchun", and the two played their mother and daughter in the play.

In the eyes of many viewers, the role of the two has no sense of disobedience. But in fact, Wen Yan, who plays the mother, is only 2 years older than Yang Rong.

When he was young, Wen Yan was also a rare beauty. Exquisite features, good faces, and elegant figures have almost no shortcomings in her.

But as she was older, Wen Yan's shortcomings gradually exposed, that is, her looks are too mature. After 30 years of age, Wen Yan looked particularly old.

She once played a couple with He Zhengjun. The two looked very good, but He Zhengjun was 16 years older than her.

Even if Wen Yan's acting skills are excellent enough, because of this too mature appearance, she has made many protagonist dramas, and most of the time is performing the supporting role.

Because of this, Wen Yan has been struggling in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years, but it has been tepid.

Today, 44 -year -old Wen Yan wrinkles are obvious, and the crow's feet at the corner of the eyes are still unrelated even after the blessing of filters and beauty.

However, Wen Yan's resources in the past two years are pretty good, and there are many invitations to various film and television, and often shows his face on the screen. This also proves that she does have the power from the side.

For the stars in the circle, the face value may be important, but it is not the most critical. As an actor, if there is no extraordinary ability and acting skills, even if he looks exquisite, it is just a beautiful vase.

Therefore, instead of pursuing a more perfect appearance, it is better to relax the mentality and improve acting skills, and finally there will be unexpected gains.

——End —————