Inventory of 14 dramas that are about to be broadcast, two are broadcast on May 19th. Which one do you expect?

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Inventory of 14 dramas that are about to be broadcast, two are broadcast on May 19th. Which one do you expect?

2022-05-16 00:13:13 10 ℃

"The Belong of the Bullet" is starring Hu Yitian, Zhang Ruonan, Wang Jinsong, Zhang Yilin, Zhang He, Lin Zilu, starring Gao Weiguang's friendship.

It premiered on Hunan Satellite TV on May 19, 2022, and was broadcast simultaneously on Mango TV and Tencent Video.

The play focuses on the difficulties of the country's difficulties from 1937 to 1945. It tells the two generations of Peiping's three intellectual families. Facing the turbulence and changes in the times, the choice and sacrifice story

"Heachi" is directed by Wang Wei. Qin Lan, Han Geng, Wu Jinyan, Nie Yuan, Zhang Nan, Liu Jun, Nursery, and Zhang Yijie starred in the Republic of China emotional drama.

On May 19th, Youku was broadcast.

The play tells the story of the three sisters of the Yi family suffering from different destiny because of different personality.

"Even the Blinds" is jointly produced by Xinli Media and Xianjun Film and Television, directed by Fei Zhenxiang, Jin Dong, Song Jia, Tian Yu, Yang Yan and other urban emotional dramas.

"Return" is an urban emotional drama directed by Yu Cuihua and starring Jing Bairan and Tan Songyun.

The play is based on Mo Bao Feibao's novel of the same name.

It tells the story of the investigation director's reunion of the special police Lu Yanchen ten years later.

"Ice Rain" is the 24 -episode criminal investigation drama directed by Fu Dongyu's screenwriter, starring Chen Xiao and Wang Yibo, and starring Wang Jinsong and Liu Yijun.

The play tells the story of Wu Zhenfeng, a lonely hero, and the anti -drug police, the two brothers Chen Yu, who are not forgot about their original intentions and keeping their mission in mind, joined hands to enter the drug trafficking group, and eventually exhausted the drug dealer.

"Saying Heroes Who is Hero" is directed by Li Mugo, starring Zeng Shunzhen, Yang Chao, and Liu Yuning. Chen Chuhe, Mencius, Sun Zujun, Zeng Yixuan, Luo Jialiang, Shao Feng and other costume martial arts dramas.

Director Li Mogo, He Hiren, he is the director of "East Palace" and "Si Teng".

The play is adapted from the martial arts novel series of the same name by Wen Rui'an. It tells the teenager Wang Xiaoshi and met the friendship, Bai Chongfei, Su Mengbi and others after traveling to the mountain, and established the friendship of a lifetime. The red dust is lingering, and the story of the "hero" gradually grows from ignorant teenagers.

"Happiness to Wanjia" is starring Zhao Liying, Liu Wei, and Tang. Luo Jin starred in the actual theme TV series starring Cao Zheng, Zhang Xiqian, Chi Peng, Zhang Keying, Lin Siyi, and Liu Yanchen.

Director Zheng Xiaolong is the director of the classic palace fighting drama "Zhen Huan Biography". This drama cannot be wrong!

The play is adapted from the novel "Autumn Chrysanthemum Legend", telling the story of a girl named He Happiness growing under the multiple tests of career and marriage, love and affection.

"Welcome" is produced by Dongyang Noon Sunshine Film and Television Co., Ltd. and three -dimensional film industry. Directed by Li Xue and starring Huang Xuan and Bai Baihe, Zhu Yuchen, Bai Yuli, Ding Jiali, Yang Kun, Chai Biyun, Xue Haojing, Zhang Jianing, Yue Yan starred Emotional drama.

The play is based on the adaptation of Bao whale's novel "My Gai Shiying Bear". It tells the hotel door boy Zhang Guangzheng and stewardess Zheng Younen to redeem each other. He worked hard to become a hero of life and achieved a better story of his own.

"The Law of Love" is directed by Lin Yan, starring Yang Mi and Xu Kai, starring Li Zefeng, Tang Jingmei, Wang Zixuan, and Liu Lin's special urban emotional drama.

The play tells the story of the elite lawyer Qin Shi and the senior otaku Yanghua. The two of them were "married", but they accidentally got true love and joined hands to run into a beautiful and happy life.

"Police Honor" is the star, starring Zhang Ruo and Bai Lu, starring Wang Jingchun's friendship, Ning Li, Xu Kaiyu, Zhao Yang, Cao Lu, Wang Tonghui, Li Xiaochuan, Qi Kui, Qi Huan starring, Li Chengru, Xu Yan starred, Guo Hong, Guo Hong, The urban drama co -starred by Liu Guanlin.

The play tells the story of them at the Balihe Police Station of Pingling City, which is "highly incident". After the baptism of various cases, they grew rapidly under the teachings of the old police officer, and eventually became a qualified people's police.

Looking at what kind of flames of the ancient girl and the black -belly prince, it was quite looking forward to what kind of flames.

"The Display of the Tang Dynasty" was jointly produced by Changxin Media and iQiyi. It was produced by Guo Jingyu and Park Shan was the director. Yang Xuwen and Yang Zhigang starred in.

The play is adapted from the original book of the same name, the writer Wei Fenghua, and tells a series of strange things that happened under the prosperous Tang Dynasty. Cangsheng, responsible for the mission of saving the society.

Yang Ying did not compare with anyone else in "Ferris Building" and "Wind to Longxi". Compared with her, her acting skills really improved!

The male lead Lai Guanlin is not familiar.

"If Life is Like the First See" is an epic drama starring Li Xian, Chunxia, ​​Wei Daxun, and Zhou You, and Zhu Yawen starred in the special role.

The play was broadcast in iQiyi in 2022.

The main line of the play focuses on the five aspirations of rescue of the nation, the fate of the ups and downs of the nation, depicting the blood of the revolutionary volunteers, overthrowing the old order for thousands of years, and finally going to the age of the revitalization of China and the revolutionary revolutionary road of the nation.

The little dragon girl and Yang Guo forth again, which is good at beauty, fairy family couple!