Zhao Luxi Xuan Yang Yang endorsed the same end, Ren Jialun endorsed the Bailu signature, and the entertainment industry really played

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Zhao Luxi Xuan Yang Yang endorsed the same end, Ren Jialun endorsed the Bailu signature, and the entertainment industry really played

2022-05-16 00:12:58 17 ℃

Business endorsements can be described as one of the easiest ways to make money in the entertainment industry. Lulu face shooting stations can be accounted tens of millions, and there have been a lot of door roads.

——The card point official announcement, "inverted", unlocking "leeks", repurchase fake sales ... All the unexpected operations you want, you have to say that you will play in the entertainment industry. Recently, Yang Yang, Zhao Lusi, Ren Jialun Four stars with White Deer are stirring with those endorsements.

Zhao Luxi Xuan Yang Yang endorsed the same end, and also pushed the 520 gift box

Have you heard of "Yang Zhi Ganlu"?

Let's take a simple popular science first. Zhao Lusi and Yang Yang collaborated on the ancient puppet "And Test the World". Since the start of the filming, the two have passed on a scandal. Some people believe that some people simply feel that they are very good and hope that Zhao Lusi and Yang Yang will be together, so so There is "Yang Zhilu".

Recently, some netizens have picked up Zhao Lusi and Yang Yang in private to have a lot of the same models -ring, shoes, T -shirts, jackets, and even sofas.

Then! BOOM! Yang Yang's eight years of "true love" brand suddenly announced the new spokesperson, that is, Zhao Lusi.

This time it is lively.

Yang Yang fans instantly felt that the true love brand was not enough, and the relationship was wrong for 8 years! He is dirty! Throw it up and return it!

The "Yang Zhilu" fans who are in sharp comparison with Yang Yang fans have a sharp comparison. They have begun to thank the brand dad. By the way, Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi have overlap more business. This is really a bit subtle.

For the fans of the two, the same endorsement is really a bit bad. Especially this time Zhao Lusi officially announced that before 520, the brand had arranged for her to promote the 520 gift box with Yang Yang. The gossip couple also has to bind and cooperate, and the lethality is really great.

However, from another angle, Yang Yang and the brand have cooperated for 8 years, and the ability to bring the goods is almost lost. People who want to start a new field can be understood. Next, it depends on whether anyone will pay for Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi to promote it. La!

Ren Jialun endorsed the signature of the White Deer, the brand quickly apologized to cancel the event

In fact, as Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi endorsed brands, the general brands really did not dare to do it, because they would turn around if they accidentally, and the jewelry brand endorsed by Ren Jialun just came up with an apology.

The operation slot point of this brand is a bit more, and it seems particularly wrong. Guan Bo suddenly stuck a event at 13:14 -buying his product to send the white deer signature photo, but the white deer is not their brand spokesperson, There were not even any cooperation. The only connection between them was Ren Jialun.

Ren Jialun's fans were immediately unhappy and rushed up to scold. Talking was very unpleasant, and the brand's treatment was even more inappropriate. They apologized, but they apologized at the same time returned to the fan comments from the abuse of white deer.

Whether it is a white deer or Ren Jialun, there is no disaster. At first glance, the brand wants to engage in the topic.

It can only be said that the atmosphere of the entertainment industry is really a bit problematic. A married male star and an unmarried actress cooperate with a drama. There is nothing to involve before and after. Finally, the star scolded himself to apologize, what?

——It must be reminded, the brand's "gambling" mentality of frying CP must not be!

In retrospect, such endorsement bundles are probably "fire" in 2019, and the origin was Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo. After the cooperation between the two, Wang Yibo was repeatedly referred to the endorsement. It is about to correspond to the birthday of Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, and it is also an endorsement advertisement. Xiao Zhan was in the past, but the shooting elements of two completely different products were extremely similar.

Some time ago, the former partner of the male star Gong Jun also complained because of endorsement and binding. It can also indirectly reveal the inside story of the entertainment industry. Some netizens also came forward to say that some people around them were in a routine and even affected real life.

In the end, I just want to say that there are too many true and false flowers in the entertainment industry. You think that the two parties are disgusted with each other and are sweet behind them. They just pretend to be a single pit to cheat fans. Just binding too deep and tearing the face, so in the face of the entertainment stars, don't feel too true!

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