"Ladies’s Law" Sisters started filming, Liu Mintao and Wan Qian combined, is it also a king bombing?

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"Ladies’s Law" Sisters started filming, Liu Mintao and Wan Qian combined, is it also a king bombing?

2022-05-16 00:12:23 9 ℃

After being broadcast by the "Ladies' Rules" starring Jiang Shuying and Liu Mindao, it has gained a high heat. Jiang Shuying and Liu Mintao's partners collided with a lot of sparks. Their story is in full swing.

The plot of "Ladies 'Law" is becoming more and more exciting, and the sister's sister's "Ladies' Character" is also officially launched while hot.

It is worth mentioning that in recent years, there are more and more sisters in film and television dramas in a short period of time. They have gained a good box office; there are TV series "Zhou Sheng Ru Hometown", "Life" and "Meeting with the Jun Chu", "Just the old people return" are all sets, and they have been seamlessly broadcast. Effects, like "Ladies 'Law" and "Ladies' Character", they are related, but they are independent. This combination model is rare, and its effects have to be tested.

"The Character's Character" was launched on May 8, 2022. The play starred by Wan Qian, Liu Mindao, Bai Ke, Xing Fei. From the photos revealed at the start -up site, Li Xinki and other actors also participated in the actors. The work. Judging from the information of the plot, "The Character of Women" is a focus on the "three -child" family, cutting in from the topic of "fertility", and unveiling the dilemma of the workplace survival of the childcare women.

As the sister's article of "Ladies 'Law", "The Character of Ladies" and "Ladies' Law" are very related.

First of all, the producers of "Madam's Character" and "Ladies' Law" are intersecting. "The Character of Ladies" is produced by Mango TV, Tianhao Shengshi, Lize Films, and produced by Huaxia Audiovisual. Both dramas have two producers of Tianhao and Lize Films.

Judging from the actor lineup exposed in "The Character of Ladies", the actors of the two dramas are also intersected. Liu Mintao, who plays Chen Ran in "Ladies' Law", is also the heroine in "The Character of Ladies". However, Liu Mintao will partner with Wan Qian in this play. 》 The similarity is still very high.

In the "Ladies' Rules", Liu Mintao, who plays Chen Ran, seems to be a woman who has no strong personality. She looks ordinary and is very low -key for her life. Different performance.

In addition to Liu Mintao, there is also Li Xinan, who plays the "Big Cat" in "The Ladies' Law", and will also play a role in "The Character of Ladies".

"Women's Character" was launched, and Wan Qian and Bai Gu had a photo. Many viewers also speculated that they were most likely a pair of CP in the play. In "The Ladies 'Law", Jiang Shuying and Peng Yuchang's "sister -in -law love" is a major highlight of the play. Many audiences are also curious. Is there a similar CP blog of "Ladies' Character"? The audience's attention.

The production companies and actors are intersecting. In addition, "The Character of Ladies" is also a double female drama. Although the drama will be different from the "Ladies' Law" in the plot, it is also a social pain point that focuses on women's attention. The theme of the two dramas is actually very similar.

Regardless of the name of the drama, actor, and positioning, there are many similarities between "The Character of Women's Character" and "Ladies' Law", but in fact, the differences between the two dramas are also obvious.

The plot of "The Character of Ladies" will focus on family and emotions, telling the story of women's balance in family and career, especially now advocating "three children". This topic audience is very interested. Focusing on the choice of women's fertility and career, and "Ladies' Laws", compared with, Xu Jie and Chen Ran's work in the workplace will be relatively more and more professional.

Also, "Ladies' Law" is broadcast on Tencent Video. "Women's Character" will be broadcast on Mango TV. These two video platforms are not only a broadcast platform, they are also one of the producers of the TV series. This The participation of the two platforms will also have more or less influence on the style of the two dramas.

After the drama of "Ladies' Law" was broadcast, many topics were very popular with the audience, such as Jiang Shuying, Peng Yuchang's sister -in -law love; For example, the influence of the original ecological family on Chen Ran's feelings and so on. "Ladies' Law" Xu Jie is very different from Chen Ran, and their experiences are completely different, but these two people have gathered together and collide with a different spark. With emotional confusion and career friction, "Ladies 'Law" focuses on the pain points of many female audiences' attention. After the show was broadcast, it also triggered the resonance of many audiences and gained a high heat.

The TV series of "her theme" has been welcomed by the audience in recent years, especially the works that are very close to real life. It is very easy to resonate with the audience. "It is being broadcast, the heat is also very good, and when the iron is hot," The character of the lady "is also officially filmed. The show will meet with the audience in 2023 as a sister's work. The effect of the correlation and independence, but the effect of this model still needs to be verified. Of course, if the "Ladies' Law" can get a good reputation, "Women's Character" will also receive more attention when it is broadcast.