Frying a new height in cold rice!Mango Terrace "East Pinxizong" runs variety shows, Dad's series changes soup without changing medicine

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Frying a new height in cold rice!Mango Terrace "East Pinxizong" runs variety shows, Dad's series changes soup without changing medicine

2022-05-16 00:12:12 12 ℃

Obviously, preheating for "The Life I Longing", the variety show "Welcome to the Mushroom House" invited a group of 07 fast men without burdens, but made the show on the show with their "confusion and non -reason". 0713 Chen Chusheng, a member of the employment men's group, awakened, Wang Lixin, Zhang Yuan, Wang Yiliang, Lu Hu also showed signs of redness again.

As a preheating program for "Longing for Life", the configuration of "Welcome to Mushroom House" is not high. The production team can be said to be the poorest in history, but they use all resources that can be used. The door panel, the production team's own legs, pots and pans can be borrowed, the dogs on the show borrowed from the next door, but everything that more than 1,000 yuan was borrowed. Six unless red men got up after getting up, and saved another sum of money.

0713 The fast man turned red again, so their group comprehensive has begun to prepare. It is said that there are already a few people's Weibo on Weibo. From a small overall comprehensive without money, it can be shot smoothly, and has launched Hunan Satellite TV, and can accept a group comprehensive that is expected to be expected. From the production and excavation, the variety production of Mango TV always has unusual efficiency.

Recently, Mango TV has broadcast another variety show called "Dad's Divine". This program focuses on the "full -time dad" parenting phenomenon in the current society. This show is actually compared to "Where is Dad". Essence

In terms of publicity, Ge Peihao, Ben (Ben), Zhang Xiaocheng, and Xiao Jie's four amateur dads. In fact, these are not vessels. Zhang Xiaocheng is the husband of Wu Minxia, ​​a diving champion. It is a hip -hop champion, and it has accumulated a lot of fans in the show "This is the hip -hop". These so -called amateur have their own topics and fans.

The form of the entire program is male full -time parenting observation reality show. Recently, the reality show is very hot. Please run around. Amateurs participating in the show are not high. During this period, they are very likely to be out of view, so there is basically no high travel fee, and the cost of makeup is basically not. Focusing on the full -time dad, the cost is greatly reduced, it is a very good program form.

Mango TV and Hunan Satellite TV have always been shared by star resources. The guests of this show are Li Ai, Wei Chen, Wang Zulan, Li Yaman, and parenting expert Zhang Yalian formed a "full -time dad" mutual assistance association. Wei Chen is the guest of "Welcome to the Mushroom House" In the third runner -up of the "Happy Boys" competition at the time, Wang Zulan also often participated in the recording of Hunan Satellite TV. In 2009, Li Ai joined Hunan Satellite TV and Yang Lan and Zhao Shouzhen to host the show "Women in the World".

Other variety shows of Mango are also highly discussed and high ratings. The gorgeous stage of the female group growth variety show "The Sister of the Wind and the Wind" collided with the sparks when the sisters and sisters got along with their sisters. , During the broadcast, it has always been the top of the variety show. The guest of "Star Detective" played different roles based on different case themes, looking for evidence at the "case scene", reasoning and finding the real "murderer", which made the script kill this game more popular.

There is also a travel variety show "Wife's Travel", the game competitive variety show "The Big Brother full of vitality", the theme variety show "Friends Please Listen", the forensic variety show "Forensic Doctor One Thousand and One Nights". It seems that there is no variety show that cannot be done by Mango TV, and Mango TV can always dig out a new variety show.

In the show "Where's Dad", many stars have many fans, and even Liu Genghong's daughter has participated in "Where is Dad", the latest developments of Hu Jun and Zhang Liang's son will also be on. In the hot search, Huang Lei and Tian Liang's daughter's growth since the show has also attracted much attention from netizens.

As the village chief, Li Ruifa's post recalling this show, netizens also published their love for the show. It can be seen that the influence of "Where's Dad" is indeed great.

Both Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV belong to Hunan Radio and Television. They are flat units. In order to support their own platform, Hunan Radio and Television will give the copyright of the hot show to Mango TV for free. The loss is worth it, and Mango TV has also become a hot video platform. However, the sharing of star resources will cause the audience's aesthetic fatigue. If you can't see the stars he wants to see, it will also cause some of the audience's loss.