Du Haitao's stop work actively prepared the wedding, carved the word chapters in person, and his face was thin and thinned.

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Du Haitao's stop work actively prepared the wedding, carved the word chapters in person, and his face was thin and thinned.

2022-05-16 00:14:03 15 ℃

Since the "Happy Camp" was suspended, members of the happy family have a feeling of "galloping things", and everyone's dynamics have gradually become less. Some time ago, Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen posted a commemorative photo on the official account. The audience knew that during the period of stopping the work, Du Haitao finally had time to handle his life events.

Recently, Du Haitao posted a video on his personal social platform, and wrote "free". The latest developments he shared have aroused heated discussion among netizens. In the video, there was light rain outside the house, and Du Haitao in the house was studying how to engage in seal. The whole picture gave people a quiet feeling.

I have to say that Du Haitao's engraving seal is really concentrated. When he studies with the teacher, he performs patient and meticulous, and he is very creative. He engraved a small flower and a banana on the chapter, which represents the promotion of "wife's wife. "Shen Mengchen and himself.

Then Du Haitao showed another seal of "囍", which means that what really does not need to be said, it is super sweet. After watching it, netizens said that Du Haitao was really romantic. Not only did they prepare for the wedding in person, they also engraved a signed chapter. It is understood that in order to engrave these seals, Du Haitao is busy running back and forth in the city and the countryside.

In addition to the seal, Du Haitao also spent a lot of careful thoughts. When he saw a building with the word "Haichen" on the road, he would also take it down. After all, it represents Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen. Many people who eat melon people.

In the video, Du Haitao not only showed his serious side, but also showed a thin side. I saw that he tied a small cricket on the top of the hair, wearing a pair of black -frame glasses, and his face was thin and could not recognize. Some netizens ridiculed that if it wasn't for Du Haitao's own video, it was simply that people couldn't believe that this was him.

You should know that the previous Du Haitao was rolling. In the eyes of the audience, Du Haitao basically did not lose weight except for his debut. Unexpectedly, Du Haitao lost a lot of lap, and his body looked thinner than before.

In fact, in order to show a better posture at the wedding, Du Haitao has started a secret slimming plan in private. In a video, he was sweating a huge tire to walk. This is a set of force -type weight loss methods specially formulated for him for the fitness coach.

Du Haitao practiced seriously and hard, and sweat was soaked in clothes, as if the whole person had just been fishing from the water. But I have to say that the effect is also visible to the naked eye. In the video, Du Haitao's muscles are obviously tight, and even the fat on the lower abdomen is gone.

Not long ago, Du Haitao and friends went to camping, and were encountered by fans. Du Haitao in the photo was a lot thinner, and the whole person's temperament came up a lot. Essence I used to participate in "Real Man" and I was not very thin. Now I work hard to lose weight for the wedding. Xiao 8 really sighed that the power of love is really powerful!

Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen have attracted the attention of the outside world since they fell in love. In 2014, the photos of Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen held hands in South Korea were exposed by netizens. The news of suspected love caused heated discussion for a while. In 2016, Du Haitao and Shen Mengchen recorded "Happy Camp" together, and the two on the same stage were even more concerned.

Until 2017, Shen Mengchen said in the show that he was the only one in Du Haitao's mind, and Du Haitao also gained a generous admitting that the relationship between the two was really publicly disclosed in front of the public.

At that time, because Du Haitao was the resident of "Happy Camp", he was well -known, and Shen Mengchen could be said to be a small transparent host who was unknown. Therefore, the relationship between the two has also received a lot of doubts, especially Shen Mengchen, who has been repeatedly accused of wanting to borrow Du Haitao.

In short, there are many people who are not optimistic about this pair, and the news of the two of them broke up from time to time. Shen Mengchen once stated on the talk show that he and Du Haitao were urged to marry, but Du Haitao could not move at all, and once again caused netizens to discuss. Du Haitao was irresponsible by netizens and was unwilling to get married for so long.

Now Du Haitao Shen Mengchen has been in love for almost 9 years, and finally cultivated a positive result. He entered the palace of marriage. In addition, Du Haitao's active preparations for the wedding period are not as good as the relationship like the outside world.

Now that the two have become dependents, Xiao 8 also blesses their feelings always sweet!