Yi Nengjing promotes his son Enli, and the joint trend big name holds art exhibitions. Cantonese skills are deep

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Yi Nengjing promotes his son Enli, and the joint trend big name holds art exhibitions. Cantonese skills are deep

2022-05-16 00:12:52 12 ℃

On May 15th, Beijing time, Yi Nengjing suddenly released a promotional advertisement on the social media account of a platform, and this is not a general advertising endorsement. Essence This behavior also attracted the attention of netizens. After all, the things between Yi Nengjing and her son had caused great heated discussions. For a while, everyone began to pay attention to the mother and child.

Yi Nengjing used Mandarin and Cantonese in the video to say that friends who are invited to Hong Kong to watch Enli's art exhibition, and this is still a joint art exhibition with an international big -name LVXWA. This art exhibition will be Start in Hong Kong. Art Gallery is held. Many people noticed that Yi Nengjing's Cantonese was so standard. When she spoke, she had no accent, just like an authentic Hong Kong person.

In fact, if you look at Yi Nengjing's resume to this day, you can know that although Yi Nengjing is a Taiwanese, she has also went to Hong Kong to promote her albums and movies or TV series many times. She has many times to Hong Kong. Good Cantonese. This time, the son Enli was able to hold this art exhibition in Hong Kong. Behind it, Yi Nengjing's help and support were certainly indispensable.

Although LVXWA is a relatively new trend brand, many people have received the attention of many people during this time. Many of them are similar to stars like Bili, so they have a lot of reputation at home and abroad. As for Enli, although he has been engaged in work in this regard, he has no reputation, and it is likely to get the opportunity to cooperate because of his mother's relationship.

I have to say that Yi Nengjing is really good for this son. Yineng Jing, who is now 54 years old, often shows photos of his son in social media, and at the same time, he will do everything possible for his son. Even if his son was controversial because of derailment, Yi Nengjing made a mother as a mother, but he never blamed his son. Instead, he had been supporting his son on the show, hoping that his son could follow the path he liked.

Therefore, many people think that Yi Nengjing has done a good job in education, but everyone is a bit disapproved of Enli's choice. Because Enli's derailment does not actually be supported by many people, he often appears in the image of feminine, but it is not actually a real woman. Or just want to get the audience's attention.

However, all the external evaluations and sounds will not affect the mind of Yi Nengjing's love for her son. She knows that her son has not accumulated any reputation, and she will still be willing to propagate for her son. However, according to the current situation of Hong Kong, unless it is some true love fans, no one will go to this brand and Italy art exhibition.

Today, Yi Nengjing is still active in the entertainment industry. She has frequently participated in some variety shows in the past two years. At the same time, she has been loved by everyone because of her appearance with her husband Qin Hao. Perhaps Yi Nengjing also plans to bring his son into the entertainment industry in the future. This can also give his son a better source of income and guarantee, and allow his son to have enough capital to pursue his preferences.

Of course, if you are interested in this art exhibition and have time to have time in Hong Kong, you can also watch it. After all, many people still want to see the condition of Yi Nengjing's son. At the same time, I believe there will be some novelty and fun. Let's look forward to seeing the situation of this art exhibition on the Internet.