The actor Li Fei stood up to help his mother sell fish.

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The actor Li Fei stood up to help his mother sell fish.

2022-05-16 00:11:46 15 ℃

Recently, it is reported that actor Li Fei is starting the live broadcast to help his mother sell fish. It is reported that Li Fei's mother is committed to selling fish as a lifelong profession. She can't convince her mother, so she chose to open live broadcast to help her mother sell fish. In the picture, Li Fei held her mother's shoulder, and the mother beside her was wearing gloves and worked seriously in her waist.

From the photos, Li Fei is very hard. Holding a little turtle in his hand, he carefully introduced the products in his hand. There are many pots in front of the mother and son, and some of them are some aquatic products. Li Fei explained very carefully, and her mother was attached to her hand. The hair on her head was pale, and her face was covered with wrinkles.

After that, Li Fei stood up directly to help her mother explain the fish. Li Fei in the picture was very low -key. A white shirt base, wearing a grid jacket outside, standing tightly next to her mother, the mother and child's eyebrows were similar. Mom really couldn't help it. As a son, she couldn't persuade her, so she helped the mother selling fish together, which was really filial.

As an actor, Li Fei starred in many famous TV series. He has played "Mirror Jian Weekly" reporter Liu Sheng in the TV series "The Name of the People". It is mainly a role of selling internal information, placing the head wine, and a specialty, and a lifeline for wiping the buttocks for the villain. He also participated in "Sweeping the Storm" and plays a razor in it. Prior to this, he also starred in the military TV series "The Fire of Special Forces", which was a kind of kind military doctor Lin Guoliang in the play.

In fact, Li Fei was not very obedient when he was a child. He didn't like reading, so he liked fishing to yearn for freedom. Therefore, he did not admit to high school and learned technology in technical schools. Later, Li Fei was struggling again. He studied the Nanjing Academy of Arts and followed Chen Fei and Duan Fei's professional performance knowledge. Later, the first place was admitted to the Nanjing Military Region Cultural Regiment.

Although Li Fei is a public role like an actor, for the mother, he chooses to help his mother sell fish. If you work harder, you can help the mother sell more fish, so that the mother will have less hard work. And Mother Li, although she knew her son was a star, but still did not forget her original intention and couldn't stop. This pair of mother and son is really true and cute. I hope that the two will get better and better in the future, and look forward to seeing Li Fei's more excellent works.