"Sound" Lin Zixiang Mosaic soared high, Liu Xijun Yan Mingzheng "Reading" sings and cried everyone

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"Sound" Lin Zixiang Mosaic soared high, Liu Xijun Yan Mingzheng "Reading" sings and cried everyone

2022-05-16 00:11:57 12 ℃

Qianjiang Evening News · hour news He Xiaoting

On May 15th, the music presence show "Sound Endless · Hong Kong Music Season" ushered in the second round of theme competition -Hong Kong music and my "love for a lifetime".

Love is the endless life of life. "Love in your life" can be love, friendship, or affection. The border of love, praise of love.

Li Jian served as a lecture on the substitute.

The two invited guests Lu Guanting and Lu Fang brought "Love in Life" and "Don't Cry Friends", Zhu Yin's surprise and dream of returning to "Journey to the West", touched the memories of the audience's heart, telling Hong Kong music and my " life long love".

This competition also ushered in a special audience -actor Zhang Tianai to witness this audiovisual feast. Good songs are constantly, wonderful.

Zeng Bitanzaki "Summer Love" hand palm painting love romantic explosion table

Rock version "Love Trap" Hi over the audience

The first stage in the first half was "Summer Love" brought by Tasaki. This song melody is light and soft, but the meaning is far -reaching. "Summer Love" witnessed the undulating state of life in dawn, and the lyrics depicted in the bits and pieces of encouragement and support between him and fans. Dawn passed the energy to the fans through this song, and also drawn energy from the fans. This is a two -way go between him and the fans.

Zeng Bit and Azaki gave "Summer Love" even more dreamy and brisk expression. The two not only dressed up youthful, but also filled the stage with a romantic atmosphere. A beautiful and cheerful double dance showed the high tacit cooperation. At the end of the song, Bitter gently leaned his head to Anzaki, while the other party quietly stretched out a hand -painted hand, and the arrow pointed at Zeng Bit. The ingenious design made the romantic play to the extreme. : How good youth is.

Then Lin Zixiang and the mosaic band rock version of "Love Trap" stage directly turned over the audience. Lin Zixiang's voice and experience and mosaic singer Xia Ying's low and hoarse voice merged into a natural success. This explosive dance music rhythm is moving, and the band's powerful performance has also devoted more energy to the song. The singers are enjoying it, which naturally drives the atmosphere of the audience.

The lyrics and melody of "Love Trap" expresses the love of "chasing love" very straightforward. The enthusiastic stage of Lin Zixiang and the mosaic band also fully shows the courage to collide. Covering, it has a new expression of Tan Yonglin's song.

Liu Xijun Yan Mingzhu "Reading the Environment" Emotional person

Li Keqin Mao is not easy to be full of "Best Friends" stage story

The stage of Liu Xijun Yan Mingzheng's "Reading Kiss" is very special. At the beginning of the song, a Guangdong nursery rhyme "Moonlight" was interpreted, which was sung by Yan Mingzheng's mother. The lyrics of "Reading" tells the thoughts and gratitude of You Zi for his parents, and Yan Mingzheng and her mother have not seen each other for three years. Touching the heartstrings of countless people.

Liu Xijun and Yan Mingzhang's voice were merged together in a high, one low, and she talked about the story of Yan Mingzhang as the describer. The truth of filial piety. After the performance, Yan Mingzhang talked about her family on the stage. She said that the makeup at the end of the eyes actually represents the parents and sisters of her parents and brothers, as if the whole family sang with her. Reunion. Deeper deeply, Yan Mingyu couldn't help crying, and made the audience present crying.

Li Keqin's understanding of "love for a lifetime" is related to friendship. The two people sitting in a carriage of the train, sitting face to face with low and affectionate singing "Best Friends".

Compared with a person singing this song, it is more sighing emotions, and the singing of the two men makes this song more clear. The emotions described by the song have more concrete expression.

"Why can't the old confidantes get old friends in the end?" The lyrics are full of regrets and helplessness. Li Keqin and Mao's highly high -degree singing also express this emotion very accurately.

The two sat on the chair throughout the chair, and their emotions became more and more intense, looking at each other as if regretful and relieved. Whether it is the "哐哐" sound when the old train starts at the beginning of the song, or the words "I would like to dedicate to the best friend" on the screen when Li Keqin Mao is not easy to sing, it has added many stories to the stage to the stage. Feeling, it has a strong resonance.

"Smile" disruptive adaptation melody brainwashing

Yang Qianyi Zhou Bichang Shan Yiyi tells the philosophy of life in pure songs

After joining the men's team, Li Yan joined forces Lin Xiaofeng's magic flash to bring the grassy "Heart". This rhythm of simple melody brainwashing songs with magical dances made the audience dance.

Demon Flash Battle has made a lot of adaptation of "Small Settlement". They disrupted the rhythm of the whole song. Lin Xiaofeng started directly from a soft and slow chorus, and then jumped to Li Yan's dynamic fast -paced output. The subversive adaptation gives this song a new vitality.

The Demon Flash Battle is also specially incorporated into the classic "叩" in the song, which is also the melody of the mouth, which is just right. For the first time, Li Yan, Lin Xiaofeng, and the Demon Flash Battle were innovative, adding many new elements to the song, which not only "activated" the song, but also brought a fresh experience to the audience. The stage of Yang Qianyi, Zhou Bichang and Shan Yichun's "High Mountains and High Valley" is very clever. The three represent the three different stages of life. When they are full of power, they sing "You live happily, I am desperate to survive" lyrics. At the time, different encouragement effects on different people.

At the beginning of the whole performance, the three walked to the front and back of the light at the same time, and the scroll of the "high mountains and low valleys" slowly rolled out. Looking at the angle from both sides may be very different. As long as the heart is strong, it is like a mountain.

Yang Qianyi, Zhou Bichang, and Shan Yiyi have a strong voice of the three people, interpreting the fearlessness and bravery in the adversity of the adversity. As Wang Zulan said that in the mountains, the mountains are not proud, and you should not be discouraged. belief.

The invited guest Lu Guanting brought the ending song "Life Love" in the end of the classic movie "The Great Saint of the Westward Journey to the West". Love. The heroine Zhu Yin also pleasantly dubbed. Unlike the wonderful lines in the movie, this time Zhu Yin said that the people in the intention did not need to be a hero, the most important thing is to cherish and appreciate each other. Lu Fang chose his golden song "Friends Don't Cry" to sing a stable and eternal friendship, and the warm singing sent thousands of miles, and the warmth came.

In the first half of the cooperation stage, which team of the Keqin team or Qianqian team will win the first half? Which song will become the best cooperation stage? The eight singers on the personal stage are ready to go, every Sunday at 12:00 Mango TV, 20:10 Hunan Satellite TV, 20:30TVB, so stay tuned for "Endless Hong Kong Music Season".