"Ace" left four tear bombs, two in the same frame quoted memories killing, and the trump family regained the soul of the group

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"Ace" left four tear bombs, two in the same frame quoted memories killing, and the trump family regained the soul of the group

2022-05-16 00:12:37 20 ℃

Zhejiang Satellite TV's "Ace to Ace" program accompanies the audience through seasons. For many people, watching the "Ace to Ace" show on the weekend has become a habit. And go. This show is like his own child. He is responsible for love. You can scold you, but you can't tolerate the slander of others.

The "Ace to Ace" in the 7th season is ups and downs. After the premiere, the first impression of the audience was not very good because of the advertising problem. After the program fixed MC has gone through the reorganization, the original atmosphere and feeling cannot be found. The show was adjusted many times for special reasons. In order to let the schedule rush to go online for multiple issues, the last issue also made a golden file for "Run 10", and even the last decentness was gone.

In the sound of singing, we can also see the sincerity and change of the show group. Director Wu Tong personally responded to the problems of advertising and guest lens allocation. The subsequent programs have also improved significantly.

When "Running 10" and "Living 6" and other programs such as frequent searches because of boredom, we will find that the original "Ace to Ace 7" is not as unbearable as everyone calls. The rectified program gradually improved, and the quality quality of comedy, era drama, vocational education and other special sectors has been significantly improved. Please correct guests, play the right game, and do the right content. Essence

"Ace to Ace 7" ended the night laugh and tears, and the quality of the show returned to its peak again. came back. If each program can reach this level of production, I believe no one will talk about the show group.

Whether it is the heart -leading game or the human curling game, every guest enters the best state, regardless of the victory of the team, and strives to contribute to his intelligence. The effect of the game has the effect of the guests, and the burden of the guests naturally occurs, and the audience can get the sincerity of everyone.

"Ace to Ace 7" was filled with a sad atmosphere at night, and the show group buried 4 tear bombs with heart -if Hua Chenyu used songs to express his heart, the ace family regained the soul, Jia Ling, Bai Kainan's same frame and the same frame and Bai Kainan. The same frame of the same frame of Pu Liya and He Shengming caused memories and killing, and the audience was also touched after watching the show.

01 Ace family chorus warm tears

The program "Ace to Ace" can achieve this achievement today. The trump family has played a vital role. Shen Teng, Jia Ling, Guan Xiaotong and Hua Chenyu have continuously merged into a family. The audience laughs.

Jia Ling and Shen Teng supported this family like two people. Not only should they take care of the guests' feelings, they will also get their children from time to time, throw the burdens to them, so that each member of the family can shine Essence Guan Xiaotong and Hua Chenyu are constantly growing. Each program is carefully preparing for stage performances. They have also become the talent of this show.

Four people of the Ace family have long regarded each other as their families. They stood on the stage together and paid tribute to all friends who like the trump family with a song "So many people in this world". Along with everyone's singing, the scenes on the stage of the scenes of the same frame of the scenes were released. The lyrics of this song also perfectly fit the four people in the Ace family. All meetings are beautiful.

Thanks to the Ace family, I will regain the initial group soul again at night.

02 Brilliance Yu expresses his heart with songs

"Ace to Ace" show also witnessed Hua Chenyu's growth and transformation. The first stage was completely in the state, and he couldn't connect with the burden. With the advancement of the show, Hua Chenyu has made a piece with everyone, contributed to laughter from time to time, discovered a lot of talents, and his acting skills have also been improved. Every time he is undercover, he can successfully deceive the other guests.

Hua Chenyu is also the contradiction and controversy of this show. His stage performance evaluation is obviously differentiated. Those who do not like him always hold a magnifying glass to pick the problem.

In the most difficult period, Hua Chenyu still gave him a chance to the "Ace to Ace", and the family members also gave great encouragement. On the night of ending, Hua Chenyu expressed his heart to the family who liked him in the form of a skewed song.

Hua Chenyu named this song "Singing You into a Song", "Millet", "One Once", "Herosteriners", "Our 18 years old", which symbolizes 4 members of the Ace family. With the picture of film and television works, full of movement, Hua Chenyu's approach was really poke this time.

03 Jia Ling Bai Kai Nanhe talks about cross talk

"Ace to Ace 7" ended on the night, and the show team also invited Jia Ling's old partner Bai Kainan. Two people met through the cross talk, boarded the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, and also scattered on the stage of "The Big Coffee Show".

In Jia Ling's words, Bai Kainan has already been his brother. No matter how the outside world comes on, the relationship between the two has always been very good.

Bai Kainan also said that many of his minds like to talk to Jia Ling. One time before the Spring Festival Gala was replaced by a security guard, he was very aggrieved at that time, and Jia Ling warmly comforted him and helped him go through the difficulties.

Jia Ling and Bai Kainan recalled the experience of the previous partner of the cross talk, and the two also talked about cross talk on the scene. After a lapse of 12 years, they cooperated again in the cross talk "The Head", and the large memories killed the scene. Although the two did not perform on the same stage for a long time, the tacit understanding was still there, and the familiar lines sounded in the ears, and instantly pulled the person back to the stage of the year. 04 Tong Liya He Shengming quotes memories killing

In 2011, "Palace Lock Heart Jade" was very popular, and starring Yang Mi, Feng Shaofeng, Tong Liya, He Shengming, etc. also became a treasure actor in the hearts of many people. In this drama, Li Suyan played by Li Liya loves the four brother played by He Shengming. Although he has been regarded as a tool person, he was willing to guard the Si Ge in silence and assist him to complete the great cause. Essence

11 years later, the male and female protagonists in the play have different development trajectories in the entertainment industry. Tong Liya's career has made a high progress, and He Shengming has always been lucky. The two were in the same frame again after many years, and the pictures in many dramas appeared in front of them one by one.

The two also satisfied the wishes of many netizens. The classic poster of "Palace Lock Heart Jade" 11 years ago was restored at the scene.

Xiao Bian just brushed "Gong Lock Heart Jade" a few days ago, which is really a classic of domestic dramas. At that time, many supporting roles and friendship guests in the play now become a hot star. I really admire it. Director's casting vision.

This kind of "Ace to Ace" is difficult to pick out the problem, earn enough tears in the audience, and also gives us more expectations for the next season's show.